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  1. Thank you very much, Aerosoft is it really the BEST shop - for me!!! Happy new year and continue!!! Olda
  2. Dear Shan, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year for your and all at AEROSOFT. You are my best popular shop. Olda

  3. Olda

    FSC 8

    If you think update FSC from Navigraf - AIRAC, I update FSC monthly. Then are change data as intersectiones etc, but no taxiway . At Schipol is it same - taxiway W5 is it at FSC W3.
  4. Olda

    FSC 8

    I have FS Commander version 8,6. I think, that is several mistakes. For example airport Vienna - Tampa. On chart exist taxiway L, but on FSC is not. Can I repair something at FS Commander? Similar problem exist at Amsterdam. Thanks Olda
  5. Olda

    Viena X

    I´m sorry, but my problem with Vienna X was at my PC. I change Windows XP for Windows and all is it all right. Thanks all for tips. Olda
  6. Olda

    Viena X

    But another airports are good. But I think, I have problems with PC. I reinstal Windows and all FSX and addons. Later I say, what is result.
  7. Olda

    Viena X

    Yes I have : EGLL, EDDH, EDDF, EHAM, LHBP, LFPG, LEMD. All airports are good.
  8. Olda

    Viena X

    Here is this picture. Olda
  9. Olda

    Viena X

    I am sorry, but I don´t put my picture. But I can say, taxiways have not centrlines and exact margin and scenery is it smudged.
  10. Olda

    Viena X

    I baught download version of Airport Viena X. But I have good scenery. I think, that there are missing centr lines. There is a picture: Can you help me?
  11. I baught airport EBBR for FSX and on the taxiway W3 between taxiway F4 and F5 is alxays crash! Where is problem, please?
  12. I wrote on your e-mail adress. Thank you very mutch. Olda
  13. Thank you Sauhn, now I know, that my problems are from installer 2a(on CD version). Now exist installer 2b, but this is only for download version. I wrote on Wilco support forum, but you don´t answer me. I wait a few days. Thanks Olda
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