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  1. Hi, Apologies if this has been asked before, but the search did not return a recent result. The coupled VNAV functionality has always worked perfectly until this last January 2022 update. Realistic or not, I use this function and am grateful for it, though this doesn't mean that I cannot fly / operate the aircraft manually. Is it me, or did the last update break this function in the CRJ as the VNAV lamps no longer illuminate? Thanks, Fabio
  2. You are most welcome! Thank you for all that you - and the Aerosoft team - do for the flightsim community. Fabio
  3. Hi, It has occurred to me that the Aerosoft CRJ for MSFS has been an absolute stalwart of my MSFS installation since, well, pretty much the beginning of MSFS. It was the first serious entirely third party airliner to be developed for this platform, and was released very early on in the life-cycle of MSFS. Whilst it has benefitted from one or two updates often neceassry after sim and world updates, the product has fared extraordinarily well during all of this time. In fact, whilst other developers are still prepping their wares, not one has been released in all of this time. So, kudos to Aerosoft for this not insignificasnt achievement! Thanks, Fabio
  4. Hello Aerosoft! The latest build of the AS Airbus Pro (A318/319) has, for me, seemed to have fixed the long lasting glitch that caused insufferably low FPS at any given point during a flight. That made the AS Airbus Pro unflyable for me since pretty much the beginning, so I am very grateful to you for your efforts, and ask, only out of curiousity, what may have been the cause? With renewed enthusiasm, and a great deal of thanks! Fabio
  5. Thank you, I’ll try the workaround, and I’ll look out for the update when it’s released.
  6. As an alternative, you can monitor your flight AND pause the sim as required on your smart phone or tablet using the following MSFS Mobile Companion App. Interestingly, I too have been using IWillBeBack, though sure that there are other programs, but it gets the job done.
  7. I don’t understand those who take their high horses onto higher ground looking down at those who ask politely seeking answers. I’ve been into flight simulation since the mid-1980’s, and I’m definitely not not new to the role of customer, or, for that matter, to the demands of service delivery. Regarding developers; I've seen a thing or two, heard a thing or two, and experienced a thing or two. Seeking assurance and clarity is a natural phenomenon, part of human nature, and not something to be quashed or throttled. Have a good Sunday too.
  8. I’m not attacking, and I’ve not been impolite. I am a customer, I have concerns, and thus I am asking for clarification. MK used the words “to such a degree”, which suggests some “inter modular” functionality, plus they give a glimmer of hope. it’s good to read that AS is proud of the aforementioned WASM coding, and hopefully this ground breaking wizardry will yield results with respect to internal data exchanges. So, with respect to my question, is it anticipated that radar functionality make an appearance?
  9. That’s not quite what MK alludes to in the FAQ section: At this moment we do not have access to the weather system to such a degree that a working weather radar is possible. Since the CRJ’s radar system is actually rather a big deal, and assuming that AS is in dialogue with Asobo about these back-end features, please could AS clarify whether some form of radar will see the light of day? As an addendum, with the spectacular real weather features and depiction within MSFS, a working terrain/weather radar is surely a must-have. Even default aircraft have this facility.
  10. May I please ask how you had mapped your commands - FSUIPC, Axis&Ohs, SPAD, etc? I ask because I am having terrible issues with the automation systems, specifically the aircraft not always adhering to altitude constraints, not following VS, etc. However, IAS climbs, cruise, and descents are perfect, until I am overhead in the NDB outbound leg. I use FSUIPC7 to assign throttles, reversers, park brakes, and spoilers. I have Saitek panels but on these I literally only use the gear and flaps, but to action these commands, I have tried the latest Logitech drivers as well as Lorby Axis&Ohs. I have not found a combination that provides reliable use of the CRJ’s AP, MCP, or CDU command set. I have tried the same approach into EIDL RW21 LOC/DME six or seven times, but the aircraft fails me. In contrast, I tried the same in XP11 flying the CRJ200 and again in P3D4 flying the AS/DA CRJ700, and I succeeded first time on both other platforms. No surprise, it’s an approach that I fly regularly (similar to RW27/09 EISG) as I like testing approaches in less than ideal conditions. something is dreadfully amiss here, some interaction with peripherals probably, and I wish we could find the actual cause. This aircraft deserves better, as do we. Fabio
  11. I'd also like to know as I cannot find a mention of this elsewhere.
  12. My last flight was into EIDL, self positioning on the outbound leg CFL NDB to then establish inbound on the LOC/DME, and it was near perfect until the NDB outbound leg. I needed to use VS mode to fine tune my descent and I needed heading mode to establish, but the aircraft lost altitude hold and it began to climb, it made no sense of my VS commands, so I ended up disconnecting the AP to fly and land visually. It wasn’t as easy as all that because by the time you get the mouse wheel on point and adjust the VS, the aircraft has climbed, slowed, turned, and so on. The OP mentioned that he has hardware controls, and has found an issue with the deicing systems; is it the pitot static system or anti-ice at fault here? I too have a variety of hardware (that said, I use flight controllers, throttles, flaps and gear levers) as I much prefer interacting with the fabulous VCs that have been hand crafted for us to use and enjoy. I’m wondering though whether there is something odd about external hardware and the CRJ systems. Obviously I can’t switch mine off completely but I can and will remove as much of it as possible from the equation. Fabio
  13. I have the same issues with alt capture and vs mode which seems to not be selectable with no (blue?) VS indicator on the VS scale of the PFD and the thumb wheel on the glare-shield seemingly non functional. climb in IAS mode seemed fine. Also, just as a test, I swapped between VNAV and non-VNAV modes in trying to get VS mode to work, but without success.
  14. FPS is not the reason; it is solely an easy answer to a difficult problem. My system delivers more than enough FPS, and yet I still experience this horrible behaviour. If you look at my thread mentioned above, you can see in the videos that the FPS is fine, but suddenly it drops to very low levels with the Aerosoft Airbus, and this can occur even when flying over water with few clouds. No other aircraft exhibit this tendency, even airliners of greater complexity in heavier weather. Aerosoft are unable or unwilling to reach out with ideas, and simply answer that it is a FPS related issue followed soon after by thread closure or user censure when users tire of progressing their own posts. There is a possibility that Windows or some other system influence is momentarily and adversely affecting the aircraft or its systems, and whilst I have asked Aerosoft if there is a way of checking logs for any such interaction, they say not. It’s a classic case of “if it wasn’t for the customer, we’d be able to get on with our work”. Additionally, my system is well within the minimum requirements: i7 9700K o/c 4.8Ghz 32Gb 3200 RAM W10 SSD / 2x 2Tb 7200 RPM GTX1080 P3D4 XP11 MSFS 2020
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