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  1. May I please ask how you had mapped your commands - FSUIPC, Axis&Ohs, SPAD, etc? I ask because I am having terrible issues with the automation systems, specifically the aircraft not always adhering to altitude constraints, not following VS, etc. However, IAS climbs, cruise, and descents are perfect, until I am overhead in the NDB outbound leg. I use FSUIPC7 to assign throttles, reversers, park brakes, and spoilers. I have Saitek panels but on these I literally only use the gear and flaps, but to action these commands, I have tried the latest Logitech drivers as well as Lorb
  2. I'd also like to know as I cannot find a mention of this elsewhere.
  3. My last flight was into EIDL, self positioning on the outbound leg CFL NDB to then establish inbound on the LOC/DME, and it was near perfect until the NDB outbound leg. I needed to use VS mode to fine tune my descent and I needed heading mode to establish, but the aircraft lost altitude hold and it began to climb, it made no sense of my VS commands, so I ended up disconnecting the AP to fly and land visually. It wasn’t as easy as all that because by the time you get the mouse wheel on point and adjust the VS, the aircraft has climbed, slowed, turned, and so on. The OP mentione
  4. I have the same issues with alt capture and vs mode which seems to not be selectable with no (blue?) VS indicator on the VS scale of the PFD and the thumb wheel on the glare-shield seemingly non functional. climb in IAS mode seemed fine. Also, just as a test, I swapped between VNAV and non-VNAV modes in trying to get VS mode to work, but without success.
  5. FPS is not the reason; it is solely an easy answer to a difficult problem. My system delivers more than enough FPS, and yet I still experience this horrible behaviour. If you look at my thread mentioned above, you can see in the videos that the FPS is fine, but suddenly it drops to very low levels with the Aerosoft Airbus, and this can occur even when flying over water with few clouds. No other aircraft exhibit this tendency, even airliners of greater complexity in heavier weather. Aerosoft are unable or unwilling to reach out with ideas, and simply answer that it
  6. Aerosoft; Quoting Secondator from above, "Like Masterhawk said, the way that the aircraft is coded on it's core is unique to other aircraft. This method has its pros and cons just like any method has, and one of the cons is that in order to keep the sim and the FBW code in sync you must have at least 18 fps at all times." How come I was seeing 55-80 FPS (approx. 65 FPS average) in a cloudless sky over a not-so densely populated Aeonian Sea, with the bucking bronco issue still occurring? Whilst it may be clear to you, it is not at all clear to me; please expl
  7. Aerosoft; There are two of us working on this issue, but neither of us represent Aerosoft; doesn't this ring any alarm bells with your customer services? You may think that you have answered this post, but from my point of view, you haven't even tried. Anyway, we are still unable to pinpoint the issue, though we feel that something external is affecting the AAP. We have tried without any weather, with either ASP4 or FSGRW P4 running, minimal P3D4 settings, h/w ECAM refresh on/off, base scenery (Global), and so on. Once again flying over the channel climbing to cruise with F
  8. Hi, ORBX yes, but for weather I use ASP4. I never had this with any of the Airbus versions prior to their Professional release. May I send you a PM? Fabio
  9. I cannot understand why in the first video that I uploaded, I am climbing out with level wings over the English channel in fair weather, when all of a sudden the issue takes hold. How is this FPS related? I agree that something interacting with the Aerosoft Airbus Pro (and ONLY this aircraft), and the cause may well be system based, but I still need you to help me with it. Is there a combination of programs that maybe don’t work together, for instance Windows Defender and some Aerosoft API or process? Has there been any stipulation from yourselves about what can or can’t be
  10. And so we have gone full circle, insofar as this is how I began my post certain in the knowledge that FPS would bear the primary blame (or cause, if you like)... You can see from my videos that I do not have FPS issues, yet there exists some interaction between the Airbus and my system that is disrupting my enjoyment of this costly add-on. You have dealt with this for a week or two in my post, but from my perspective, I've not flown this aircraft properly since mid-2018. I truly wish you'd see past this defence and try to help your customers figure out the r
  11. And even after a PC rebuild. Literally, throughout the life cycle of the Pro version A318/319.
  12. I’m not so sure as it happens without weather as well as with ASP4 and FSGRW. Also, my ASP4 settings exactly match those of “masterhawk”. I’ve only seen this with the Aerosoft Airbus Pro 64-bit version, and it has happened on all iterations of this product using fresh downloads and installs too.
  13. So, without AV running, and excludes set to all FS folders (I changed from entire drives to root folders of all things FS), but the issue is still present. Thoughts? Thanks, Fabio
  14. Yes, previously I had folders excluded, but I am trialling excluding all of my flightsim drives. However, as this phenomenon doesn't occur in other aircraft, I don't think it will be an AV issue (unless Aerosofdt files are the cause). So, I will disconnect from the internet and I will disable my AV, and then I'll report back ASAP. Thanks, Fabio
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