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  1. This is possibly in the wrong sub forum, so please move it as necessary. I should add that I have assumed that it is a fuel exhaustion problem insofar as the aircraft shut down into a C&D state, and this may after all be incorrect. If it was fuel exhaustion then the batteries would power systems for a short while unless they too closed down before I noticed. Anyway, something happened during two flights using accelerated time at 4x speed.
  2. Twice I have had the A319 on 4x sim speed for lengthy flights, and twice I have run out of fuel in so doing. Is it possible that fuel burn during accelerated flight is incorrect?
  3. Fab10

    Wing Flex & WXR?

    Thank you, I appreciate the answers. Looks terrific, and is on my wish list.
  4. Hi, I applaud the release of another detailed steam gauge classic airliner in P3D4. Whilst I already have a relatively decent DC-8 product, I find myself eyeing this model with great interest. May I please ask two questions, with the usual sincere apologies if the answers are present elsewhere? 1. Has wingflex been modelled in the DC-8? 2. The product info suggests that the multi-level radar is able to map terrain, but without mention of WX, so is it WX, terrain, or both? I have Googled for answers as well as having searched the forum and product page. The excellent promotional video shows the realistic radar scan in action, but it is over mountainous terrain with benign weather. I just don’t want you to think I haven’t researched as best as I can. :-) Thanks in advance, Fabio
  5. Will do, thanks. The flight went very nicely, pleased with V1.05.
  6. It appears that if the APU is ON, then the figures will reset, but if the APU is OFF, one can adjust the figures.
  7. APU yes, though I had no issues with prior iterations. If I change the values in "Dave", they simply pop back to where they were after a second or two.
  8. Hi, I have V1.05 installed, and the update is appreciated. I find that I cannot enter passenger, cargo, or fuel values in the tablet any longer, for they keep resetting.(must now use the CRJ's Manager utility; x64). Fabio
  9. Version 1.0.0


    Binter Canarias CRJ700 With thanks to Idem30 for his exceptional Aerosoft CRJ900 in the colours of Binter Canarias. It was Idem30's original Binter Canarias CRJ900 repaint that I subsequently modified in order to create this Binter Canarias livery for Aerosoft CRJ700. All original artwork credit please should go to Idem30, with but a few necessary touch up's by me for the CRJ700 refit. Enjoy!
  10. So, I lately discovered that I had missed an iteration of the CRJ, and with this installed, the STAR and approach display properly and as expected. I trust that this comes as news to you as well, otherwise I'd again be disappointed.
  11. Have you any news? It cannot be right that an RNAV approach amongst mountains at high altitude would be displayed in such a hit or miss, imagine the law suits; it'd be interesting to know what Bombardier would say regarding this, or pilots of CRJ900's. Anyway, the v-speeds in the attached photo are incorrect, I would think, with V2 being slower than V1. Maybe not, but it would be a first for me. Thanks, Fabio
  12. Thanks for looking into it. As you say, alternatives are available to pilots, in this case VOR instrument approaches. Hand flying is an option, though I suspect they’d be following flight director cues. Also, I suspect that pilots might not smile, rather more of a grimace is my guess! :-)
  13. Thanks for moving this post for me, I had considered posting this with this sub-forum, but it's not always obvious which is best. That said, have you any thoughts on this? When you first create a route, looking at the ND with EFIS in route format already shows several lines radiating out from the closest waypoint (my route from SPQT has no SID's so it would be a left turn after TO onto track). The company route was created using SimBrief, but amended as the IAF was given as LITOT which is to the south of SPZO, so for me CEMIL to the North East of SPZO was a better choice. For the record, I tried entering the route manually, plus I restarted the aircraft as well as scenario several times just in case there was a problem with the Company Route. Thanks, Fabio
  14. Hi, I am having difficulties with programming RNAV approaches into the FMC using a route from SPQT Iquitos to SPZO Cusco; the RNAV approach fixes and altitudes legs appear fine in the FMC but the ND fails to depict the route properly, There appears to be a number of different traces visible on the ND radiating outwards from the current waypoint; I don't know whether these represent the different IAF's of the various RNAV routes into Cusco (see JPG). However, it is confusing to look at, and the aircraft unsurprisingly doesn't follow the expected path as depicted in the FMC flight plan (it seems to get lost and track elsewhere). Solely for information, the NGX displays the route in both CDU and ND correctly, and it flies the horizontal profile just fine (vertical too though obviously this is not applicable to the CRJ). I have not attempted other RNAV approaches in this particular aeroplane before. I am using the latest CRJ version and Navigraph 1801. You don't actually need to fly the route to see the problem: SPQT DCT OSORA UL300 ETEBA CEMIL DCT SPZO All help and advice is welcome. Thanks, Fabio
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