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  1. you're not the only one, there's another few threads about this it seems like some people are seeing much worse frames than others. i have similar issue.. my system is very old ... 650GT, FX-se, 3.5ghz i7 i do not expect very good frames, but my settings are already fairly conservative allowing me to have flyable fps with other complex planes like the pmdg etc. with the q400 under identical circumstances i get 25-30. for some reason with the CRJ i am often getting as low as single digit fps in the cockpit, fluctuating from around 6-12fps. my external view fps fluctuate from 12-50ish range. one weird thing i notice is that frames are pretty good (mid 20s to 30s) immediately after loading but after a minute or so they nosedive and get stuttery. it also seems like they got lower after i started working in the FMS, as if the fps drop was related somehow to adding a flightplan but i can't really confirm that yet. i'm still experimenting a bit, but so far for me it is kind of unflyable which is what led me to the forums. one person in the other thread mentioned turning off terrain and weather radar but this didn't seem to make a difference for me. i'm using a pretty standard array of addons.. in this case ftx global/vector (with many features deactivated)/openLC and active sky2016, and chaseplane. also have Utlive but deactivating that didn't seem to make a difference. hope some other folks have ideas!! cheers,-andy crosby
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