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  1. Hey, I remember waiting forever to fly the CRJ9 & CRJ10, I took a break from the CRJ7 after being annoyed with the controls interface in sim. After finally getting the CRJ "expansion" I was confronted with the fact that the people who make the software for my hardware still haven't bothered to put any updates into the drivers/bindings, so I guess I need to go buy Axis And Oh's because why make the software work with your products, that's silly.... After grabbing AAO and throwing in a few different templates to look for one that fixed my biggest annoyance, I've found that every one of them works with the rotary knobs for Heading, Speed, VS, etc.......but none of them seem to work for setting altitude, which is the biggest annoyance with the CRJ in sim. Adjusting the speed isn't that bad with mouse and I don't really use it that much anyways, heading can be centered, but adjusting the altitude is a huge PITA and it would be soooo much easier to just spin the rotary knob. Did Aerosoft kill something in all of these CRJ templates? Am I missing something? Really confused that everything else works from setting different modes with all the buttons, selecting which rotary I want to spin on the FCP, and even adjusting those modes with the right knob, but altitude just refuses to move. Feeling really frustrated that I can't figure this out and further disappointed with Aerosoft holding the Honeycomb software bag 😕
  2. Bless your soul sweet savior! I seriously spent my entire flight last night looking all over the back of the cockpit thinking there must be something I'm missing or that I was misremembering being able to turn it off. I inevitably end up doing most of my flights at night and having that dome light on was hell. Thank you so much!
  3. Heyo, I quit flying the CRJ back in Oct after the CRJ900 was delayed, finally came back to fly some bigboi CRJ and now I'm literally losing my mind trying to find the knob for this god forsaken thing. I remember spending days trying to figure it out before, so I figured I'd shortcut and try asking other CRJ pilots this time.
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