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  1. Ok, kinda enlighting. But I've seen that the Aerosoft CRJ does it though?
  2. Damn, I thought that because of the A330 and the A330 also having similarities in code to the A320 AFAIK... Oh well.. Anyway, would be a super nice feature, I think I'm not the only one that would like it Think I also saw it mentioned a few times around the forum as well. Have a nice evening
  3. Would be a shame if this is not going to be done. Seeing as it was said that the A320s are supposed to be at the same level as the A330. The blinds are not really important, but at least unsyncing the NDs would be great, also the VOR/ADF switches. I don't think that should be that much work, or? But nice to hear that you are going to bring the Airbusses and the CRJ to the new Flightsim.
  4. Hi Mathijs, does this also include that the smaller busses will get independent ND's for example? thats something I keep missing. What would also be nice in the smaller busses, but really only a neat detail, would be to make the side window blinds operatable like in the A330. Any answer to this? I'm on the verge of rebuying the A320s for P3Dv4 right now and this is kind of a deciding factor. Regards
  5. Hi Mathijs, I wrote to that e-mail. Looking forward to the plans
  6. Hi, I've gotten pretty accomodated with the CRJ after coming from Boeings and Airbusses as pretty much everyone does. What I don't exactly understand/have the confidence in is, how do you tune the Radios for a standard ILS approach? I do not mean that I don't know how to do it, but rather the procedure behind it. With all my flights the aircraft pretty much did it automatically, but whats the procedure behind it? For example in the 737 I set the ILS frequency on NAV1 and CRS1 the Course, but on NAV2/CRS2 I tune the suitable settings in case of a missed approach. Now in the CRJ I do tune the fr
  7. Hi all, in december I bought the A330 for my P3Dv4. I've used the Airbus X Extended back in FSX and the A320/21 and A318/19 back in P3Dv3. Now, what I like about the A330 is that the ND's are finally not synced anymore, lights are dimmable and so on. Is this taken over to the current A320 family as well? I think a few weeks ago I read something about a changelog of Version 1.3(?) for the Aerosoft A320 family and it said "A330 features rolled back onto the A320 family". So, is this it? I'd really love to get back into flying the A320 family again, but I don't see a reason to buy the fslabs one
  8. No problem Mathijs, really enjoying the A330 I think other versions or even the A340 would sell great as well
  9. Hi, i dont know if this has been reported, but when you turn the nose wheel light from taxi to takeoff and then back into taxi the light itself remains in the takeoff brightness. You need to further turn it off again and then to taxi, to get it back to taxi brightness.
  10. So you simply put in a SID and then changed it again? That will probably work. My problem is that when the complete flightplan is inserted from start to finish, the SID does not get replaced, no, it gets attached to the end of the flightplan. And I don't think that it has got something to do with a single flightplan, as I've said that I've encountered this from EDDL-EDDS and EDDT-EDDL. My sim is the current P3D v4.5 Version, CRJ is the current experimental version. Livery was the D-ACKI. If you wanna have a go, heres the flightplan I used. FLIGHT PLAN ROUTE N0364F220 BRAN2L BRANE Y
  11. Hi, lets take Tegel for example. I was on the ground and planned with the BRANE2L and later was assigned BRANE2N by the VATSIM controller. Nothing too unusual, at least for me, I then went into the DEP/ARR Page of the FMS, selected the BRANE2N and thought everything is good. When I look onto the leg page however, the Brane2N SID gets placed behind the last waypoint of the route (think it was DOMUX, flew from EDDT-EDDL). Same also happened at EDDL though, I then tried to delete my whole flightplan wie DELETE in the LEGS page, but thereafter I couldn't enter the route into the FPLN Page anymore,
  12. Hi all, how do I change the SID when the ATC assigns me a different one from what is entered in the FMS? like when I have a SID assigned and then want to change it to another one it always gets added behind the last waypoint of the FPL, which is wrong. Whats the procedure on that?
  13. Hey folks, been enjoying the A330 for a few flight now and everything worked pretty fine. Now, since yesterday/today the Airbus is a bit troubling. First of all, when I load a flight at a Gate the Aircraft spawns with like 200kts, to spawn at the gate correctly I then have to select it again and load it again. Second thing is, every few seconds I get an audio bug, where the fire warning alarm goes off for a fracture of a second. Nothing visual, just the sound. Comparable to when I would press the fire warning test button in the overhead for a split second. This is since yesterday. Currently I'
  14. I just wanted to report that this issue is still existing, didn't matter if I included that one EDDT file as it is also occuring at EDDF and EDDS as well. But it seems to be noticed now by some developers, and fixes are coming out. Your move, Aerosoft
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