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  1. Hi guys Firstly, loving the Airbus Pro range - especially since my TM Airbus hardware arrived! One question though... the APU spool up sound (ASC_APU_Start.wav) doesn't play on the 318/19/20/21. I have checked the file is present in the 318/9 base\sound_ASC folder and the 320/321 base\sound_ASC and not corrupted. The spool DOWN sound, in the same folder works OK, and in the A330, both work OK. I know some say it is because the single aisle buses are not installed in the default folder, where the 333 is... but how can that be the cause, if the spool down wav plays OK? In fact, all sounds play OK except the spool up sound. Any ideas? UPDATE: I copied the WAV files from the A330 folders to the A318/319 and 320/321 folders. At first they worked great.... then stopped working again - same scenery, same liveries. Very odd!
  2. For some reason, my Fuel Planner stopped working this morning. It is not calculating distances between airports. I removed all the files from .. C:\Users\melia\Documents\Aerosoft\General\A3XX Fuel Planner\loadsheets, and the settings file, no joy. I'm on the latest build. If I enter the distance manually, it works. So where does it calculate the distance from? It must look it up somewhere? *** EDIT its OK its working. I had to allow it through the firewall. Never had to before, I wonder what changed? Gotta love Microsoft for all these stealth updates!
  3. Hi.... I'm pretty sure this is to do with shaders, but this is the only aircraft/repaint I get this with.... how do I fix it? Without having to install a 3rd party shader tool. I've included some other screenshots too.... using the same graphics and HDR settings.
  4. I THINK I've worked this out..... in the OPTIONS page in the EFB.... for selection of the Chart package - Navigraph or NavdataPro... it appears that NavdataPro requires you to log in (even if you already are). IF you log in it will generate a new token, which doesn't match the one at NDP3 in the registry, and P3D will crash with a checksum error. Solution..... when you first install, use options to login. the CLOSE P3D. When you re-open, DO NOT log in again, go straight to the charts page in the EFB, and it will work - or it does for me anyway. EDIT.... or rather, it works at first, but start clicking about and changing a taxi chart to a SID, and it falls over in a big heap again. At the moment I'm not using it.
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