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  1. For some reason, my Fuel Planner stopped working this morning. It is not calculating distances between airports. I removed all the files from .. C:\Users\melia\Documents\Aerosoft\General\A3XX Fuel Planner\loadsheets, and the settings file, no joy. I'm on the latest build. If I enter the distance manually, it works. So where does it calculate the distance from? It must look it up somewhere? *** EDIT its OK its working. I had to allow it through the firewall. Never had to before, I wonder what changed? Gotta love Microsoft for all these stealth updates!
  2. Hi.... I'm pretty sure this is to do with shaders, but this is the only aircraft/repaint I get this with.... how do I fix it? Without having to install a 3rd party shader tool. I've included some other screenshots too.... using the same graphics and HDR settings.
  3. I THINK I've worked this out..... in the OPTIONS page in the EFB.... for selection of the Chart package - Navigraph or NavdataPro... it appears that NavdataPro requires you to log in (even if you already are). IF you log in it will generate a new token, which doesn't match the one at NDP3 in the registry, and P3D will crash with a checksum error. Solution..... when you first install, use options to login. the CLOSE P3D. When you re-open, DO NOT log in again, go straight to the charts page in the EFB, and it will work - or it does for me anyway. EDIT.... or rather, it works at first, but start clicking about and changing a taxi chart to a SID, and it falls over in a big heap again. At the moment I'm not using it.
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