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  1. How can we apply to be a tester? I am not a real world pilot but have truly enjoyed all variants of the CRJ following real world procedures these past few months. I normally would not ask but something Fenix's CEO said to someone in their discord who was appauled as to why a certain non-real world pilot was a beta tester got me thinking. He said to them, "Are every single one of our customers pilots?". It's fine if the answer is no but I'm happy to at least try and do my part to help move the process along.
  2. I also fly from the cockpit during 95% of my flights. If this was strictly a visual issue I would be inclined to agree with you. However, this issue affects the movement of the aircraft on the ground. This is especially a problem during the takeoff roll with a crosswind and using rudder inputs to correct. The nosewheel should not be moving (not just visually moving but actually moving and affecting the direction of the plane) 80° with use of the rudder. Of course I know not everything can be modeled in a desktop simulator which has limitations but this can now be modeled correctly due to the new axis provided by MSFS. Different people have different elements of realism they want in a simulator so if you would like to keep this unrealistic behavior and continue operating in an unrealistic manner that is up to you. Who am I to judge? Some of us would actually like to see this added bit of realism be implemented which Hans is already working on. Thank you for your input. Have a great evening!!
  3. Crabby since you have assigned a separate device for your tiller, when you move only your rudder with your rudder pedals does the nosewheel move with the full range of the rudder inputs?
  4. Yes, the nosewheel axis works fine. But when moving only the rudder, the nosewheel also moves with the full range of the rudder.
  5. With Sim Update 9 MSFS finally has a native designated axis for the Nose Wheel axis. My question is, how do you decouple the nosewheel from the rudder when moving the rudder? Is this something that we can do in settings or do we need to wait for an update from Aerosoft? Thanks in advance!
  6. Anyone know what is going on here? Functionality was not impacted but it’s quite an eyesore. Happened in the CRJ7.
  7. I currently use my rudder pedals for nose wheel steering but I want to separate it and use another device, sidestick, specifically for a tiller.
  8. Does anyone know if there is a way to set an axis for the tiller using Axis and Ohs? I know there isn’t a native axis in msfs. I want to use the twist axis on my TCA sidestick while using my Alpha/Bravo. Thanks!
  9. Anyone here use Aviaworx external cdu for the crj? I havent seen much recent news on it. Very unfortunate for any msfs devs, but as we all know anything older than a month could be broken by one of Asobo's "updates". Though I didnt see any bad news about it either. As a user of WebFMC in x plane and now FBW32NX having external cdu capability I want to go ahead and get this for the crj. If you do have it, ever notice any problems with performace or repetitive ctds potentially associated? Thanks
  10. I hope it’s not like that, but you can’t please everyone. Also, for one month’s $2 you not only get the crj sound pack but access to download many others. It’s super worth it in my opinion.
  11. Have you heard of FTSim+ ? He makes sound packs for a bunch of different planes in X Plane and MSFS (including the Aerosoft CRJ). Here’s his sample video for the crj sounds. I love it, I also have his sound packs for the Toliss 321 and FF767. In order to get them you need to become a patreon of his ($2 per month). You dont need to keep it past a month though, but he is active with updates and answers questions. If you do decide to get it, follow the installation correctly reply to this if you end up needing help, but the install guide explains well. Happy New Year and Happy Flying.
  12. @Crabby and @SimWare Finally was able to test your suggestions and you both were 100% correct about it being a profile problem, but it was a profile I had set in the Honeycomb Configurator for use with the FF767 in X-plane. I have since created a new blank profile in the configurator for use with the crj and everything now works with none of the issues I had before. Thanks so much!
  13. @FltsimFlyboy Thanks for the awesome template. Finally bit the bullet and bought AAO. Everything works fine, just have one problem with the inc and dec for heading. Each single notch of movement on the hardware moves it 12 degrees in the sim. Is there any way to make this lower? I tried searching through the forum but couldnt find anything.
  14. If you actually read my question instead being as useless as ever as you usually are, it clearly says “without buying Axis and Ohs”. No one on this forum expects anything helpful from you.
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