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  1. awesome - I've been trying to setup my goflight hardware with spad and through the guesswork of LVARs I have some working but not much lol - i'm basically just trying each command at a time and seeing if any work! Look forward to this.
  2. I'm about to fumble my way through assigning simconnect and lvars for the CRJ release in MSFS 2020 Before I spend hours trial and error (i'm new at this so i'm slow - it took me an entire afternoon to setup the FBW a320 lol) - I thought i'd see if anyone had successfully setup their MCP or simliar autopilot for the CRJ I can use as a cheat-sheet for the right LVARs so I don't have to sort through the list of all of them to see which ones and which values work?
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