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  1. Do you mean the plane itself will come with that livery? Or will it be 3rd party like the 700 was?
  2. That's more than good enough for me! I'm really looking to having the glide slope issue fixed, although I have managed to make it work a couple of times. Of course I guess that could have been luck, too. In fact, literally everything I've heard about what's coming in the patch is something I'm looking forward to. I appreciate you getting back to me...
  3. Indeed, I think that may be part of the problem. If you look at the chart, I'm WAY out of the envelope, but if you look at the text part, it says I'm fine, and my quick mental math agreed. All that said, I'm getting better with this amazing b1rd, and having less and less issues every time I fly. Still having issues with the AP tracking the glideslope, but I understand that's a known bug that's set to be fixed in the next patch. I'm just hoping we see that soon, because it's MICROSOFT, not Aerosoft that can really slow it down, as from what I've been able to ascertain, they take their sweet
  4. Ain't that the truth. And pretty much everywhere, it's my no means unique to the Aerosoft forums...
  5. The trend seems to be reversing, but some of the downvotes I've received in my short time here I just don't understand. It's not going to scare me off, though, I'm loving the CRJ more and more, and looking forward to the expansion packs and whatever else our friends at Aerosoft might have in mind for future b1rds.
  6. @BobbyFuzzy Thanks, I think I've got it setup right, now. I guess we won't find out until the next update comes down the pike. I super appreciate everybody's help on this, and at the very least I'm good to go for now! We'll see what happens when the next cycle comes out. Freaking FAA and their every 28 days crap, they can't just set this up for once or twice a year??
  7. The good news! I fixed it. The bad news! It was a very manual process that perhaps one of you gentlemen who are smarter than me can help to fix. I somehow have my data mapping wrong, but very close. The proper data is ending up in the "Aerosoft CRJ Professional" folder (several layers deep) that you can see in the screen snip below. So I just copied it and pasted it to THIS directory, which is where it's supposed to live. And that worked. I'm now showing the correct date range in the MCDU when the plane is powered up enough to run it. (Which is just battery on, A
  8. One workaround I've done that seems to help is to level out my plane, and firewall the throttle to get my speed back up, and then continue on and it seems to help, but that only is helpful if I'm trying to climb. Perhaps if we're already at cruise and start to get behind the power curve like that, just firewalling the throttle and pointing the nose down, even if it angers the boys and girls at ATC, can help. And in fact, I've done that a time or two, and once I've recovered my speed, it seems to be OK after that. But you have to watch that you don't lose too much altitude, as there is a roc
  9. It is showing as "read-only", so I'm going to change that, and try running the update again. If that's a standard thing, I'm surprised more people aren't running into this. However, it was only a lucky fluke that I even noticed (and I'm a computer nerd and real world pilot, though I've damn sure never flown a CRJ, or anything remotely close to it. Just your average Cessna's, a Piper from time to time, and I do have one whole hour in a C310, but all of that even was more decades ago than I'd care to admit.) It could actually be a pretty widespread problem and just most people are
  10. @BobbyFuzzy OK, I have an update, and unfortunately it's not good news. I followed your instructions to the letter, and the in-sim screen hasn't changed, plus the cycle_info.txt file is completely unchanged right down to the 3/24/21 date on it, so it seems it hasn't changed since the day I bought the CRJ, or maybe even before. I didn't even think I bought the CRJ that long ago, but time goes quick, so it's entirely possible that I did and it just doesn't feel that way. In any event, I am now officially stumped. Thoughts? KKT
  11. Interesting, apparently this board auto-translates, because what I posted in German, I see in English. That's actually pretty cool.
  12. Looks very interesting. Am definitely going to definitely spend some time figuring her out and if I want to buy it or not, but just a very first pass at the website makes me think it's better than what I'm already using. I'm also going to send you a PM so we can talk about it off line, and you can do thing like ask me if I've bought it yet 47 times LOL...
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