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  1. You are Rendering at 5120x2880 .... which means your Render Scale is set to 200 .... Set that to 100 and you will see a large improvement on your FPS and Main Thread...
  2. When Karen's make up crap and "lie" I enjoy pointing it out... You are not holding anyone accountable .. you are just annoying and crying like an entitled brat.. I have no hurt feelings... Just holding you accountable to your own statements ... oh the Irony...
  3. Once in a while? You are here every other day with posts...June.. 2nd, 3rd, 5th, 7th, 8th, 9th and 13th.... and all you do is complain to the manager..... for what the price of a couple decent pizzas?
  4. I use SPAD.neXt and it works fine... @Crabby uses AAO and I think he also has no issues with setting these values... you probably need to make sure you have the correct LVARs that you are controlling
  5. WASM Planes can not sync back to the sim flight plan.
  6. The issue Is that you probably navigating the spad screens via the spad gui editing pages... You need to hold the MENU key on the unit. That will switch to the menu screen where you press the LSK 1 key to switch to the CDU 1 page. I have used this for hours now as have numerous users in the spad discord. It works...
  7. Ugh ... No it is not incorrect. AP was disabled ... the only modes enabled were ALT HOLD and FMS1 (NAV MODE). Re-engage AP .. it is not going to climb up to 25,000 Feet just because that is in the ALT Pre-Select. and the ALTS is not going to show in this case as they have not turned the ALTS since getting into this state... (which we did not see in the video...) Climb profile is 250 to 10K, 290 to Mach Change over (around 27K to 28.5K) when you switch to .74 but some have found better to switch to .76/.77 So yes at 220 knots it is a good chance that they were behind the power/drag curve and thus not able to climb.. Much longer video with how the situation was entered and how it progress is needed.
  8. All that video shows is that you enabled the AP at 22300 feet with it in ALT HOLD mode... You gave it no instruction on how to climb back up to your Preselected Altitude of 25000.
  9. that is correct... maybe look at using Addon Linker so that you can create configurations that will move things in and out of the community for you before you boot the sim... Yes Ottawa Flying club is where we keep our C24R.
  10. Do you have the "your controlls" add on installed? That thing will cause major issues with this thing
  11. I run the current Hardware Firmware and it is not an Issue... Spad runs fine with it. SPAD has it's own integration with the device so that we can use it with MSFS (and P3D/XP) on the WTCJ4 / FBW A32NX / AS CRJ and the PMDG 737 ....
  12. No it is not infected with Malware ... your Antivirus is giving a false Positive... There are many False positives with regards to that and other Antivirus applications.
  13. I have been using it with MSFS for a long time now ... SPAD.neXt allows me to use it with the WT CJ4 / AS CRJ / FBW A320 / BAE 146 and now with the PMDG 737... I posted video links in the other MSFS thread here.
  14. Also make sure you have done the steps in the first video that covers getting the SDK broadcast working.. Les
  15. works via SPAD.neXt just fine currently
  16. The issue is that you most likely for got to flip the two switches for the Reversers on the pedestal to the left of the throttles...
  17. I am pretty sure that the normal K:Events for Trim actually work with the CRJ and the LVAR is just for the position of the switch...
  18. No the issue is that you are not controlling the AP LVARs. So what is happening is that you change the Actual Sim HDG setting which under the hood is what the CRJ "drives" the sim ap under the hood in. So you move the Bug and then the CRJ "jumps" it back to the setting that it is using for the NAV mode. You need to be controlling the L:VARs not the Sim A:VARS or the K:events which are what the sim default bindings are using.
  19. CRJ has a custom AP that uses LVARs... You can not bind most things in the CRJ with standard bindings... You have to use SPAD.neXt / AAO / FSUIPC or Mobiflight.
  20. I am sure this has been stated about 15K times ..... There is no working Weather Radar in the SDK for WASM Planes... Talking to WT is not going to help .. nor is FBW unless the help you want is for them to tell you to re-write your plane to be like their mods..
  21. It is ... Also Working Title published their Framework they did for the NXi and the GFC 700 AP that is built into it. The Massive change what adding the ability to decouple the AP A:Vars from the actual AP (Autopilot Avionics Managed) That sticks the AP in a PITCH and ROLL Mode then you can take in all the K:Events for the AP to Your custom AP run the math there and then tell the Sim A:Vars what state to be in but without that putting the AP into those modes. The FD is now kind of backwards to how the real one works in that it is being driven not doing the driving.. But really the User experience is not aware.
  22. fly a Nav Radial or an ILS where you manually enter the freq so require to dial the radial manually
  23. The WT G1000Nxi puts the the Stock AP into Pitch and Roll Mode and then it does all of it's own calculations to drive it.... That said there are people that complain about "hunting" and "oscillations" in NAV/GPS modes ... and they have a hard time recreating them OR find that there is something with controllers that keep sending in information.. ie dirty axis... Now that said .. there implementation is refined and obviously improved over how they did the CJ4 which used HDG and VS mode under the hood. They spent a lot of time implementing a system in the G1000 that including big changes in SU5 where they disconnected the AP modes from the AP functions. That allowed them to put the AP into a fixed Pitch and Roll mode while "lying" to the sim and telling it which MODE they had the GFC700 in. They also implemented the K Event capture that powered the ability to get to a system where sending the stock AP events could be ignored by the sim AP which would stay in Pitch and Roll while telling the sim Vars that it was in other modes... So long story short -- all of the custom AP systems have to work with the Sim AP in some manner ... Had Aerosoft not spent time on the CRJ until a year later maybe we would be in a more comparable place with all of the NEW capabilities... Some times being the first to market is not always the best thing....
  24. If the parking brake message is staying on even after you raise the parking brake ... then it is the age old culprit of the Chocks in the EFB still being present. Even when you spawn ready for taxi on a runway the chocks will still be on... and that does also result in the parking brake message / the chocks keep the Brake on permanently....
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