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  1. Good Evening, Is this not working or am I doing something wrong? Thanks
  2. Good Afternoon Is it not possible to have the aircraft load as C&D by default? When I reset to C&D and save the flight - reload and its back to batteries (and a bunch of other unwanted stuff) on. I am trying to achieve no mouse/keyboard flight and its difficult when I can't get there from a dead A/C. Otherwise there are zero issues with this plane.
  3. Its either Jazz or a slow painful death. Been a JZA flyer since 2004 and PMDG 1900
  4. "See images HC-Alpha-1, 2 and 3 for my setup" - where are these images. Both profiles seem empty?
  5. It says MSFS, the files say P3D and it says for FSX? Which one?
  6. Touche - I've only been reading, writing English for 57 years - I'll get it right one day. Any chance of a sticky listing all the "current" Lvars and Events? Hunting around for a current list can be frustrating Thanks Jon
  7. There was no list attached to the video? Thanks
  8. If you ask in English (I know you can speak it) we may be able to help you. I have been flying this plane for years and know it well. Cheers Jon
  9. Thanks for this it works like a charm. 1 question though as I have now discovered Stream Deck: Where did you get the values you put in some of the commands ie 73946 (just an example)? Nearly all the complicated buttons ie the APU power have several conditions or variables? Thank you Jon
  10. Do yourself the biggest favour and get a Stream Deck or 2. You'll never look back.
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