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  1. If Aerosoft could update their tablet and include a performance calculation tab that would be great
  2. Thanks for your analysis I understand now. Also I used simbrief - so it put me that FL with that weight. 😕
  3. My TOW as 30315 kg So I watched my stream and I guess it started here: https://www.twitch.tv/videos/1187678890?t=01h06m52s The plane suffered of some rudder mouvement, lost some altitude and speed started to decrease.
  4. Hi, Suddenly I couldn't maintain my speed and almost stalled. Nothing was wrong as per my opinion. And my throttle was even on TOGA at some point. I tried to lower my FL to 370 but same issue, ended up to request my descent early to finally get back with a normal speed as lower I was going. Any idea?
  5. Always been like this. Taxi light of this CRJ doesn't light anything...
  6. Hi, Does Aerosoft communicate on their next update date? Any ETA? Some sort of Planning? Or anything related to their work progresss? What's the communication policy in place? And is COM2 transmit will finally works?
  7. Oh I see now! The course shouldn't be set automatically as per the chart? But I also might have rotate the knob inadvertly... I'll check on my next flight.
  8. Hi, Despite the plane capturing correctly the ILS on this screenshot the green needle is not aligned at all: https://gyazo.com/a8d0bd66f9e99e453e2412cd756874da So this is just a visual bug. Anyone else experiencing this? It's EDDB airport and I'm using navigraph data. I also had this issue on other airports
  9. That's crazy, what's Aerosoft official answer?
  10. I think I got it, I never turn it off I thought it would turn off automatically When GPU is disconnected.
  11. You can see it here: https://www.twitch.tv/tbo64/v/1137020136?sr=a&t=9040s
  12. Hi, When I arrive on stand I experience the following behavior: - Blocks on wheels - GPU is connected - I get "green" available light but I can't switch it on / push on active. Nothing happens. - I need to switch off APU first but I loose all electrical - Only then I can switch on the electrical and everything is coming back, but sounds odd? Or is it normal? Thanks
  13. I did a new flight today and texture was correct this time without changing anything. Weird.
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