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  1. Hi, When I do a DCT the TOD infos are just gone... It is showing normally if I don't do any direct in my FPL during my flight. I tried to search for similar issues but couldn't find it. Anyone else? Thanks
  2. Another picture that might help
  3. Hi, Why the values on the right here are empty? Thank you
  4. Thanks for this thread I think I forgot to enable "throttle hardware has reverser axis" in the EFB
  5. Hi, I did the throttle calibration on the tablet and I have the thrustmaster Quadrant Airbus. In my understanding from other topics reverser works if thrust are reduced which should be the case when I go full reverse with the dented. Do we actually see visually the reverse deployed on the CRJ? Because I don't see them in my landings and how do I check inside cockcpit it's deployed? Thanks
  6. Yet another month and still no update. Crazy but tired to discuss all over it again. The customers talked. Try to change your mind and release updates. Now.
  7. They get more money releasing new products than updating previous ones. It's a fact, and it's all about money. We all know that.
  8. Free projects (A32NX) gets more update than paid one... Always wondered why.
  9. Hi, It seems I can't add new waypoints or holding points once I passed the ones that I previously entered. This is an issue if I do a go around and have to hold somewhere I can't put the point, or anything else If I decide to go somewhere else. Is this an expected behavior?
  10. I confirm the Lens Distortion set to OFF I had a much better experience with clicking and rotating knobs. I think it fixed the issue! Thanks
  11. Hi, Because we can't continue to answer on this topic: I have tested and the issue persist and it's not related to the "legacy" settings. That beeing said I noticed the issue happens more often when I see the cockpit from a larger view. If I zoom it and get closer I can easely click and use the knob as expected. I have a 39" in 4K I'm wondering if it's related to my screen. Thank you,
  12. Aha I feel dumb if this was it because I knew about this. I didn't flew crj for a while I think this is reason. I'll check again at my next flight. Thanks! 🤣🙏
  13. I'm not sure, But I also have the feeling the cursor is a bit offset for some other buttons. I have to click not exactly right on the button.
  14. Hi, Do you also experience the same thing? Knobs are not responsive when pressed. I have to repeat it multiple times until it get pressed: See video: https://gyazo.com/86056210fd2760bc7d5127c00fcfbb41 Thank you
  15. Hi guys, Does the CRJ has CPDLC IRL? If it does in IRL, could we see an update to support it? Thank you
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