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  1. Nice to see you have the rig all up and running Chris. I see you're running unlimited..mmm. OK if it works for you, but try locking at 30fps, you'll free up resources for scenery loading etc and take away the demand for high fames from the CPU
  2. Here's my submission guys. The NGX setting up an approach for Heathrow X ...
  3. Hi Chris, everything is now OK After deleting installer, reinstalling Stuttgart and then reinstalling launcher, things now seem to be OK. Thanks to Mathij's help and also Shaun and of course yourself. Cheers...
  4. Hi Chris, did a complete uninstall. Checked for any remnanats in the scenery and texture folders, none there. Rebooted, installed and the scenery files are the same as before, with the .blob extensions? The texture folder has all the files with the BMP extension. There is also another folder in there called Default, which house 4 trees BMP files.
  5. Chris, I have already done this... with no success.
  6. No Chris, do you mean the affected files will have an entry such as bgl.bgl?
  7. Hi Shaun, something is definitely amiss for some reason. What are the blob. extensions that appeared in the entries and are why AES files missing? Anyway, can you suggest a way forward. I am happy to uninstall and try from scratch, however, this I have already tried...
  8. Hi Chris, I don't believe this.... I've made the suggested changes and deleted the .blob extensions, but still no change
  9. Hi Chris, I did a scan of the drive and came up with all entries relevant to Aerosoft except for several which related to navdata associated with PMDG and Ifly. I thought it might be easier if I attached a pic of the scenery folder...
  10. Hi Shaun, Chris... I followed the procedure you suggest with the link Shaun, but with no success I'm afraid. Chris, I checked the scenery cfg file, there is indeed another entry, pointing to the addon scenery folder. However, I have tried turning the entry off with FALSE and also deleting the entry, but again with no joy. Here are a couple of pics. Note the incorrect mesh too...
  11. Hi Shaun, yes, it shows as being activated. It sounds as though I misunderstood you Chris, I thought you suggested I added the scenery manually? Should I not have done this? No afcads or freeware Stuttgart sceneries. I will check it out later this afternoon, thanks...
  12. Hi Chris, unless I'm not doing something wrong, I'm afraid I have had no joy. The address seems to be OK. I deleted stuttgart from the library, then manually added the 'German airports 1 - Stuttgart X' folder to the addon scenery folder. And then added it in the library. Still no good...
  13. Thanks for the quick reply Chris, appreciated. I have to work today but will be back in FSX this evening. I will check out your suggestion and see how I get on. I'll keep you updated later. Thanks...
  14. OK, now this is a strange one. Last week I had a problem with FSX where I could not start it. This followed a BSOD. Anyway, to cut a long story short, I deleted FSX and everything from it's own drive and then installed a previous backup that I had made about two months earlier. Unfortunately during that time I had made a few purchases one of which was Stuttgart. All the addons have loaded fine, with no problems, except for Stuttgart. For some reason it simply does not exist within FSX. It loaded correctly, it shows in the Aerosoft launcer, it shows in the library, it is at the top of the library list, but when I load a flight at Stuttgart I am surrounded by a default airport! I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling twice now but with no success. Help as always very much appreciated, thanks guys.
  15. What a lucky bugger you are and what a great set of pics. Well done.
  16. Daniel, you are a very talented guy! Although personally the exterior repaint isn't to my taste, I am absolutely crazy about the interior. I'd be really interested in seeing the finished product. I think it would be awesome to have a retro, customised Katana.
  17. Hey guys, I've looked all over the place for the sound file. Can anyone suggest where I should look, thanks. EDIT : Sorry should have read all the thread! Found the file, thanks.
  18. Mathijs, could I ask if there any reasons why the sound file could not be longer in duration?
  19. You've got me going now Chris. I'm thinking of building a new machine myself!
  20. What mode are you flying in? Realsitic? If so, then there may have been some previous damage that the plane has received and is preventing the startup. Try starting it in simple mode.
  21. Good advice from Andrew. However, I know how frustrating it can be when trying to get information about a new addon. The problem with your question is that it has been asked a million times! So I will try and answer it as best I can, with as much objectivity as possible. So please remember these are my own experiences and opinions. Having flown both and own both aircraft I can say unequivically, in my view, the PMDG is a far more immersive aircraft. There are a number of main differences that I have noted. The first difference, which is immediately apparent is the resolution of both the exterior and the VC. The PMDG is far superior and I mean far superior to the iFLY. When viewing the plane from outside, the plane is a 3D model, by that I mean you can see through the windows and as you pan across the plane the interior will move accordingly. The reflection from the sun is extraordinarily realistic on the exterior. In the VC, in different lighting you can become suddenly aware of the shadows and dust marks on the instrument displays. The amount of detail in this plane is superb and by far the most immersive addon I have in my hanger of about twenty planes.These things are not present on the iFLY to this degree. Certainly the resolution is far lower on the iFLY and the external resolution was a massive disappointment to me. The windows for example are 2D giving the impression of having been 'painted' onto the fuselage. In the PMDG the overall resolution is similar to the Airbus x. I cannot over emphasise the importance of detail in the VC and it is this that has helped take the simming world by storm. IMO the sound effects are superior. The iFLY does have some good sounds, but again IMO the PMDG wins. In the PMDG all the switches, knobs and buttons work, even a switch to turn on the air for the footwell! The handling, well, what can I say. It is simply awesome! I didn't think there would be that much of a difference between the two aircraft, but there is. If like me you enjoy manual approaches and landings, then the difference will be noticeable. The immersion factor should not be something that's overlooked either. I find once in the cockpit of the PMDG, it has a feel about it that immediately makes me smile. Why, you can only guess, I just know since it's release the rest of my aircraft have hardly been flown!! As for performance, on my rig and that's all I can go by, the smoothness was slighly better on the iFLY and there was also 10% improvement with the iFLY. If you simply want the finest of aircraft then IMO it has to be the PMDG. If on the other hand you are looking for something that is not quite so immersive, a little lighter on your pocket, the resolution is not a big factor and you can get a few extra frames then the iFLY could be for you. It is a superb aircraft and one that the designers should be highly proud of. Their support is second to none. It's quick, helpful and very friendly, so if you choose the iFLY then you will not have made a mistake by any stretch of the imagination, simply bought yourself a Porsche rather than a Ferrari!
  22. Great to hear you're almost there Chris. I will be watching you with a keen eye
  23. Mmm, I agree with Carlos and Mathjis... to a point. The Katana is simply an awesome little guy which offers the owner great fun and a flying experience that IMO is almost unparralleled in GA simming. The PMDG does this also, but as quite rightly has been said, requires a standard of knowledge that only few are prepared to learn correctly. I am one of the guys who have no knowledge whatsoever of flying 'proper' big aircraft in FSX, so my learning curve has been virtical! Because of my need to learn, my actual flying hours has dropped enormously, because I'm spending most of my time flying test flights and short hops rather than any constructive flying in the Katana or one of my other GAs. However, if I can get the balance right and not try to learn all I can in an unrealistic time, then I have found a degree of interest in FSX that is taking me to another level. So, if at any time FSX gets a little boring, then discovering the PMDG 737 NGX will offer a challenge to those who want to take themsleves to the next level in simming
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