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  1. why is the 777-300 shown in the template list but not in PFPX? Cheers OK never mind I found it,
  2. are there any plans to make an IFR capable Aircraft with the same quality and features? That would be so awsome. I gave 3 aircraft atm that are GA and can do IFR including the Duke Turbine from realair the Lancair from Orbx and a IFR aircraft of the same quality as the Katana would be a dream come true =)
  3. EDIT, PS I added it manualy by copy and past from another aircraft, its working now. is it possible to add a 2D popup gauge for the 530W like my other aircraft. I have it installed with the config you gave us with the Katana but its just the 3D version. Sometimes its hard to read as its not as sharp as I would like and its not nearly as sharp and clear as the 2D window. I thought about using the Reality XP config program to add the 2D gauge but as this aircraft has a strange panel setup I dont want to mess with it incase I screw it up I realise its a 3rd party gauge and not part of the Katana package but it would be great to have the popup to make filling in flightplans easier. Thanks
  4. The CHT did come down after a while, there was no damage when I checked the engine after flight. I will keep an eye on it and let you know.
  5. im having the Carb heat = CHT issue last flight, CHT went off the scale and would not come back down no matter what I do. I had to use the reset tool. Im using the beta 1.0.1 patch. Is there a fix for this yet? I notice the beta patch was from back in april and was wondering if there is any progress.
  6. I can say without a pause that this aircraft is giving me the most joy ive ever had in a flightsim!. I can hardly get my head around just how much fun it is to run this little machine. Ive been looking for the best GA aircraft for my ORBX flying and somehow missed this little gem untill just 48 hours ago, when I was pointed in this direction from a forum post. I fly the A2A accusim aircraft as I love the persistant saves and the ancient systems, but now I have a GA aircraft that I can use when I just want to develop my VFR skills. I really do think this aircraft is going to be first out of the hanger when ever I feel the urge to go exploring. I spent a few circuits getting the trim tabs just how I like them and passed my second hour in the air without blowing anything up or getting killed. I cant wait for the weekend when I have some more time to get to know all the systems. I fell inlove with the stall warning horn (thats a strange thing to say but when I first heard it I was thinking what on earth was that!) and all the sounds in general are first rate. I just wish I could work out what im doing wrong with the carb heat, my engine shot back to idle and would not respond. Thinking it might be ice I put the carb on a bit and then the CHT went off the scale and wont come down =( Thanks all!
  7. Thanks for the heads up =). Installed update a few mins ago, its working great!
  8. What is the current version of the Katana? On the aerosoft launcher it says im on version 1.00 but it seems like there is a service pack from what i read on the forum, how do I get the service pack? The aerosoft launcher wont let me connect to the server for some reason it says "The aerosoft server is currently not available. Please Check your internet settings" But I dont know what to do. Can I get the SP without the launcher? Thanks in advance
  9. I got this aircraft last night and agree, this has to be the best GA aircraft ive ever had for FSX. I have so much to learn about living with this aircraft!, Its going to be awsome touring PNW with it . Cant wait to see what they make next.
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