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  1. Thanks for the replies. Found them there!
  2. Hi Mathijs, I did - the Lightning F3 and F6 appear there but can't see anything for the T5. I can, of course, see the manuals etc. from within the sim (Shift + 3). Howard
  3. Sorry to sound a bit dim but can anyone point me to where the manuals are installed for the Lightning T5 in P3Dv3? It would appear that they go in a folder titles 'aerosoft' in the P3Dv3 folder but, while I have the aircraft installed and running, there's no sign of the manuals there. Can't locate them in the start menu of Windows 10 either. Thanks for your time.
  4. Hi Mathijs, Yes, it is the one you used. The news on the pilot tonight is better, I hear.
  5. I suspect I reflect the views of those of many of us who did download Flight and used it for quite some time. I got to level 20, completed virtually everything and then got bored. MS has since released lots of similar planes, all without cockpits and still Flight has no helicopters, no jets, no airliners, no AI aircraft and very little scope as far as scenery goes. If you only download the basic game I'm sure you'd get fed up with the limited scope for flying (one part of Hawaii) pretty quickly. It's not a sim, it's a game and I'm sure that's the reason why a lot of Aerosoft customers won't like it, or buy it. As for me, well I may purchase the Alaska add-on but as far as I can gather even the new aircraft that comes with this scenery doesn't have a cockpit. It's hard to believe that there are lots of people out there wanting loads of warbirds without cockpits so I do wonder if MS has anyone looking seriously into what its customers want! MS: If you are bothering to read this, get your finger out and start work on FS11 - you know it makes sense!
  6. Very sad to report that a Bronco has crashed today at Kemble. The pilot has been airlifted to hospital with burns and the plane is a wreck. I do know which plane and I suspect I do know the name of the pilot but out of respect for him and his family I won't say more until the news is better, except that I hope he makes a swift recovery. You can see more here:
  7. Thanks for that ddeuce - another nice colour scheme! BTW I think the Alpha channel on this one might need some attention as the original German markings seem to be seeping through in a few places (see below). Happy New Year to you and here's hoping for more great products from Aerosoft in 2012!
  8. Thanks for that ddeuce. Another nice scheme for my library!
  9. Hi Mathijs, Just a quick query: Would it be possible to provide the paint kit as layered .psd files?
  10. I can see them clearly now - thanks. That repaint's looking good.
  11. hjcurtis

    My Attitude

    Couldn't agree more. I think the point is that one can be polite with criticism, no-one objects to that. Keep up the good work - this is a superb add-on!!
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