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  1. Actual difference between the i5 and i7 is undetectable in FSX. There are three differences between the two chips 1) The i7 has Hyperthreading which is not used in FSX so is useless, unless you want it for run your rig for other programs 2) The i7 has a very slight more cahe available, but again in FSX is likely to be undetectable and 3) the main difference, the price! For things that are either undetectable or not used you'll pay a fair chunk of money, that's why the i5 is such a popular processor for FSX. IMO I would not bother with the i5 3.1Ghz when for just a few dollars more you can get the 3.3Ghz chip. This is by far the most popular and you can easily OC it to 4.5Ghz. When overclocked to this kind of speed, with a reasonable GPU your rig will rock! As for a GPU, I would highly recommend the GTX560 an excellent card. If money is a priority then you could investigate an ATI card although not as popular and much cheaper, they are nevertheless the choice of many simmers. Remember, FSX is more CPU dependent than GPU, so don't sacrifice your budget on a CPU in favour of a graphics card. If you want the best out of FSX, you need to look at your new rig with the intention of an OC, so bear this in mind with regards to a good quality air cooler and PSU.
  2. That is a good bit of kit, although, it is important to get named brand RAM and a good PSU. 750w would be OK, but an 850 would be better and be 'future upgrade' proof too. Having 8gb or 80gb, won't make any difference to running FSX, as it is a 32bit program and as such it is restricted to using no more than 4Gb. I have no direct opinion on the GTX550ti, but I guess as it is part of the 5xx sries cards then it has a good thoroughbred. it may be that a 560Ti may be preferable, I suggest you do some research between the two. Get yourself a good cooler. It's unnecesssary to splash out on a fancy water cooler as the SB i5s run reasonably cooler than their predecessors. The Hyper 212 plus is an excellent choice and extremely well priced. As for framerates, well that depends on internal FSX settings and cfg tweaks, not least whether you intend to OC. The processor will easily go to 4.5Ghz with no problem at all, providing you are careful. It could also go as far as 5Ghz, although that may be pushing it a little. As for framerates, I have been doing a lot of testing recently and have some framerates I can share:- All scenery with REX. Settings all maxed, except autogen set at normal. Shadows on ground unticked, airplane casts shadow on itself unticked, bloom unticked, sun flare unticked, cloud coverage medium, water settings High x 2, AA and AF set through Inspector. OC from 3.3 to 4.6Ghz with Bojote's tweaks, incl RejectThreshold and PoolSize. All framerates are taken from in the VC sat on end of runway. Orbx AUS, Canberra, NGX: 28 UTX & GEX, UKScenery, Heathrow, NGX: 23 UTX & GEX, UKScenery, Bristol, NGX: 28 UTX & GEX, UK Scenery, Manchester, NGX: 27 Orbx PNW, Anacortes, Realair Duke: 27 Orbx PNW, Skagit Regional, Realair Duke: 28 Orbx PNW, Default Tahoma, NGX: 25 Bear in mind that framerates can vary at airports depending on the settings you choose in the airport's CP. The one thing that is just as important, if not more so, is the smoothness in FSX. As you can see, my framerates and smoothness is more than acceptable. I lock my frames to 30 and during flying they generally never drop below that in fair weather.
  3. I agree with Andrew, I fail to see any benefit of having two sims. At the end of the day, you will simply fly the one sim that you feel gives you the best experience. As for choosing, well that's obviously a subjective choice based on whatever information you gather and the advice you receive on the forums. However, from the feedback I have read from quite a few guys who have already tested XP10, it satisfies my need to stay with FSX. I cannot imagine for one single minute that any sim, no matter where, at this moment in time, can be of better graphical qualities than the areas I fly and the addons I fly with, ie. OrbX and PMDG! Sure, FSX is buggy, we all know that and a pain in the arse at the best of times, but maybe, just maybe it's these aspects of FSX that gives the whole simming experience some degree of interest. If it's coding that worries you, then don't forget Prepar3D, that is a platform I will be considering sometime in the future and of course, let's not forget MS Flight...
  4. OK, the reason why I asked to see your present specs is it may have been possible to upgrade, but although you could OC your CPU, IMO you need to consider a new rig if you really want to run some of today's addons from some of the major players. As for your budget, I'm unsure about the price of components in dollars, but in UK, you could build yourself a good rig for about $1200, based around an i5 2500k. However, unsure what OS you have, but you need to running Win7 64bit. The big question is, will you be building your own rig?
  5. Hi Vortex, the question really is dependent upon your present system. Can you plaese post what rig you currently have...
  6. Hiya, have you not read earlier in th thread?
  7. How about, I thump my head against the side of this darn aircraft...
  8. Hi Derreck, can you post a screen shot please...
  9. Ok, can't check this out as away from home, but is it aileron trim tabs reconfigured?
  10. I'll have to dip out of this one... I don't have any mean machines
  11. Hi Shaun, with most airports, as I'm sure you are aware, have a control panel to customise the frame heavy aspects of the scenery. Orbx has a whole load of boxes you can untick, each one eases the load on the system. The same is true of all the other Aerosoft airports I own, except Madrid. It sounds like I may have bought an airport that is unsuitable, which is more than a little annoying. To be frank, I'm always amazed at why developers will design an airport that delivers a slideshow even when running a rig like mine! IMHO these days, it's paramount for developers to allow customers to tune their scenery to their particular computer specs. Anyway, I appreciate your comments Shaun, have a good day.
  12. Thanks Shaun, but to be honest I think it's a little unsatisfactory to have to run my rig at sparse autogen to get any reasonable frames at this airport. Is there any reason with an airport that is so performance intensive that there is no control panel as with other Mega X airports?
  13. Thanks Chris, Fabian. It appears I should have moved MTX down below all the addon sceneries and above propeller objects in the scenery library. Now that is done all is well... thanks for your help fellas, much appreciated.
  14. Hi Chris, sorry, but what exactly am I looking to delete in which folder, ther LEMD folder of the My Traffic X folder? Do I have to check this at all the airports?
  15. I have another problem fellas.... For some reason I have just rceently noticed that when starting at a gate at Madrid x, the aircraft is not ligned up with the jetway or any of the parking bays that I choose. Also all the AI traffic is the same. When taxiing along to the runway, all the AI traffic, including the arrows showing me the way to the runway are all off to the side, so all the AI trafffic has one wheel in the grass while taxiing! I thought it may be a Madrid problem, but I also find issues at Nice and Santorini!!?? The only thing I have recently installed is My Traffic X Pro. Any ideas would be gratefully received, thanks.
  16. Hi Shaun, nope, autogen is always set at normal when I fly the NGX. Typical framerates from within the VC are about 8-12 around the terminal through to about 16-20 sat on the runway. All AI is turned off except for airline AI which is at 35% running My Traffic X Pro... It all seems so much heavier than other x airports, ie Innsbruck, which is actually very good and Stuttgart, it's even worse than Charles de Gaulle.... I guess if it is what it is then so be it. But if there was a way within the bgls or somehting that I could change to help with performance then it would be a bonus.
  17. rocky

    best airport...

    I agree, IMO Madeira is fantastic and great value. This week I have just got myself Corfu and have to say that too is superb!
  18. Hi guys, I have just added Madrid x to my wonderful collection of airports. However, while I appreciate the size of the scenery, I am nevertheless a bit disappointed with the performance. In fact it has the biggest framerate hit of all my airports. Unlike other airports there does not appear to be a control panel to allow me to manage the performance by unticking things. Is this something that will be addressed in a patch? If so, when is this likely to arrive? If not, then is there anything I can do personally within the scnerey folder (or other) to help make this great scenerey a bit more framerate friendly? Thanks fellas...
  19. Hey Jason, just for future reference. You need to know that Shaun, Mathjis and the guys are extremely helpful and go out of their way to be of assistance to customers. If they did no not reply as soon as you think they should it's without doubt for a very good reason. Cheers, good simming
  20. While I have every regard for Simon's knowledge, I cannot help but feel my time on this forum is coming to a sad end. Not because of this guy's pseudo intellectual bullying or his determination to only portray himself as an arsehole rather than someone to be admired, but Aerosoft's and it seems Mathjis', continued support of him. I am getting very tired of reading his bloody, rude and arrogant replies to people. I am also getting tired of hearing that I can simply 'look the other way.' I haven't joined a forum not to read posts and replies, I have joined a forum to engage with other guys who share a common interest, regardless of their lack of knowledge or intellect. I suggest Simon does himself a favour and starts to be as tolerant of other people's shortcomings as he would be of his own. If Aerosoft is not careful, they will become known more for their support of arrogant and rude people rather than their publishing of high quality addons..
  21. One little bit of advice Harpi... take your time and don't rush things.
  22. Congratulations fellas. Here's to another 20 years
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