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  1. Gents, Does Aerosoft publish an annual (financial) report? If so, would it be possible for us to take a look at it? Regards, Pat
  2. Ja genau! Das würde ich auch mal gerne wissen: ich bin gespannt!
  3. Dear all, I will be buying myself a new computer in the very near future, and simultaniously, I will (finally) be switching to another simulator. FS2004 gave me years of fun, but because my previous system was not that high-end, I was not able change to FSX any earlier. The system that I am going to buy consists out of the following: Intel I7 2600K ATi Radeon HD 6850 ASUS P8Z68 Motherboard Corsair 800W Power supply 8GB Internal memory DDR3 Win. 7 64 bits Anyway, I could use a piece of advice on my new simulator. Which one should I install: FSX or X-plane 10? I already have qui
  4. Awesome work! What a great thing to hear and see that Eastern Europe/Russia gets the attention it deserves! Great preview shots, I am all excited!
  5. I (and many other users of this scenery) still deem it necessary that this scenery receives an elaborate patch to solve the last nagging issues. Any news on this?
  6. This is certainly looking good! Magnificent work!
  7. You are right, what a magnificent airport. This developer has done great work, maybe he'll work for Aerosoft some day.
  8. Gents, I've bought the boxed version last week, and I'm experiencing a big problem. The problem is known I presure, it's the very low 1 fps at night. I know there was a fix posted, but I can't download this file anymore, as the moderator deleted the thread it was posted in. I'm using FS2004, and running a "staggering" Intel Core E2140 processor. I am aware that this is one of the worst processors ever, but I simply don't have money to buy a new one. And on another note, this old processor can run EHAM during daytime at around 12fps in the PMDG 737, so it's not my processor causing thi
  9. This is very good news! Looking forward to the result!
  10. We love you Aerosoft, woho!! We love you Aerosoft, woho!! We love you Aerosoft, woho!! Oh Aerosoft, we love you!!
  11. Finally! Eastern Europe gets some attention! Great work, I'll be interested to see how this one turns out.
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