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  1. Everything has been sorted. Could this topic be deleted/locked?
  2. I've seen them, there not exactly not smile though are they? They wouldn't post a picture of someone looking miserable. :3
  3. Hi, No, I didn't know that there was a limit as I've just installed it onto my computers/laptop. The reason I have used them is that I originally got them for my Laptop which then decided it didn't like running the game, which is far enough as it wasn't a very high end one and so I decided to try it on another Laptop, which failed too, I then decided to install it on my Desktop which I hardly used (until now) and was terrible to see, and I could play with ultimate lag with everything turned down. I then updated my Graphics card and I could max the game out. Recently, I got Railworks 3 and that installed the .net stuff all over again and so messed up Aerosoft Launcher I had a play around and thought it was time for my PC to have a clean, so formatted it and this was the outcome. I sent the emails via the Aerosoft Launcher is that not enough, what else should I send? And when I said about priority I meant that there should be a certain time through the day where they go through all the reactivation emails, because people want to enjoy their games - that is what I mean by customer service. Also, I wouldn't be like this if I had an automated response telling me that Aerosoft has my email and will be dealt with within 1-2 (or however many) working days. However, there wasn't anything like that, and so this is why I'm unhappy, what happens if they don't have my messages because the Launcher didn't send them properly? I've sent them a few messages as I wasn't sure and so what happens if my messages have been marked as spam by some disgruntled employee? How am I supposed to prove I am a genuine customer, isn't all my login details, serial number and all the other stuff you need enough? Do I need my fingerprint (that will no doubt be next for DRM)
  4. You can't tell me what to do, if I don't want to do my profile I don't have to! I prefer to have my privacy! Yes, they don't say a time-scale however they shouldn't be allowed be able to block people out of their products that they have bought, yes have anti-piracy measures, but if people are going to be pirate the game then they will find a way around the DRM. What they should do with the Anti-Piracy is have it that after a certain amount of activations they let you know that you have used a suspicious amount and then ask you why, they should then be able to check your IP and see where abouts these activations are coming from. If it is a different place each time then they shouldn't allow anymore activations until some other security check has been made and then limit the amount. This is insane that I can't play my games, the reason I had to reformat my PC was because the Aerosoft Launcher required .net framework 3.5.1 (or whatever) and I have .net framework 4, but Aerosofts Launcher doesn't like that version and so I had to reformat my PC as I realised it would just be quicker to do then wait for Aerosoft to contact me on a fix. I do apologise if I come across as being harsh, but I'm pretty stressed due to private matters. Money is tight and so its very hard for me to be able to buy all this to find it won't work. They shouldn't be moving other peoples emails out of the way, simply because they are angry because they can't use something they paid for. No wonder people pirate games when they can't play others because of DRM! I haven't downloaded anything illegal in my life and want to keep it that way, but companies requiring a constant internet connection so that it can keep tabs on you is ludacris! I'm not threatening them, I was writing what Trading Standards told me! I do apologise for my attitude towards you, however, as you can no doubt see I'm pretty stressed.
  5. Yes, however today is Monday and is a working day in which they can send emails! I sent the emails via the launcher and so it should be the correct address. I am not a child either, I just expect to be able to use products that I have paid for with my hard earned money!
  6. Hi, I have used my 3 activations for my WoS 3 as I have had it used on multiple comuter, I sent an email yesterday and haven't received a reply. And so when I still had not received a reply by 4 o'clock today I decided that I should phone trading standards and see what they say. The kind lady told me to keep sending messages as even if it is to stop piracy they shouldn't be stopping you from playing. And so I have sent multiple messages to Aerosoft and to think you should have a search facility in your email and everybody that needs an activation gets them after a quick review! I then phoned the lady back at 7 (half an hour after she told me to ring) and she told me that if the problem still isn't resolved then we will see what we can do as after all you have paid. And I asked her whether court would have to be an option as you (Aerosoft) are refusing me access to my games that I have rightfully bought and she said that it would be a possibilty if we don't have any progress made! I haven't even received a message saying that you (Aerosoft) are experiencing a large amount of emails, which any good company would do! Here is my original thread in the WoS3 forums but never saw this one and this forum seems to be most common amongst Aerosoft employees! http://forum.aerosoft.com/index.php/topic/49116-i-want-to-play-my-game/ Thanks for your help! Jason
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