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  1. Hi Ole, Mathijs agreed. So here's the link to the pics: http://forum.aerosoft.com/index.php?/topic/56184-theres-a-neo-kid-in-town/
  2. I had the honour to made some test flights with the new Airbus X Extended as Neo-Version (with Sharklets) and also have the honour to show you some exclusives shots:
  3. also been in the air over Andras, but have to ask Mathijs first if I'm allowed to post some pics (it's the Airbus X Extended )
  4. Happy Birthday to us and thanks alot to Andras for still supporting us! http://m.youtube.com/watch?v=-EScc9B55vc
  5. i've clicked on the wrong button!! I wanted to give +1 but i hit the down-arrow. I'm really sorry! I LOVE your idea! How can i reject this rating? :-S [Post edited by Admin] Using expletives like that is not necessary, please refrain from using them.
  6. Will you provide the towers to the community for download? Please!!!!! I'm missing them in NYC!
  7. awesome pics dude! especially like 3 + 4 + 6
  8. Hallo Klaus, klicke mal mit der rechten Maustaste unten rechts neben der Uhr auf den Laustprecher, dann auf Wiedergabegeräte und dort dann das Standardgerät definieren Sitze zwar gerade nicht am PC, aber so sollte es klappen Gruß, Andreas
  9. Here's my picture for this month 737 NGX Approaching Newark (KEWR) at sunset right above Manhatten and Central Park thanks for watching!
  10. I understand that Viktor has made a fault by posting a request at the wrong place, but: why do some vote him negative!? It has been his first post! And even if it would be his 500th post ...
  11. for me it depends very much on the schedule. But for now count me in
  12. Hi Ian, great pictures! You wanted to shoot me at the second picture, isn't it? ;-) The Guy landing at Pic 8 should be me, also. I also enjoyed the trip and agree with you: We should do it regularly
  13. Thanks guys, have been great fun to fly with you. Here my pics: Matt's landing:
  14. I do have problems with my headset. so I use teamspeak on my iPhone, but I only can listen! :-S
  15. I will be online in half an hour which route will we fly? a direct to or somehow through the valleys? I woud suggest this route:
  16. Yeah, have been online from 22:00 AF Time. No Problems with gamespy.
  17. Hello Ole, I think that Andreas Ave in Andras Field could lead to some irritations. I prefer "Welge Avenue". As I taxied last weekend with my new PA46T Malibu to RWY26 to fly some circuits, a voice in my head that sounded like a navigation system said "in 100 yards turn right into Welge Avenue". And I thought to myself in a proud way: sounds realy cool!
  18. madsammyk and I flew from LOWI to EAFS. Will have dinner now, but I keep the Session open
  19. Session: EAFS (Section: Fly Ins) Password: eafs
  20. I will be online in ca. 10 Minutes on Gamespy. If there is no session I'll host one and tell you the login
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