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  1. Well, if it's still open for discussion I'd like to put in a vote for "Yes please!". I have the Steam version with a number of add-ons already, would be a shame if I had to buy Railworks again. Is there any chance Aerosoft will develop Dutch scenery as well for Railworks?
  2. Yeah, I also feel a bit cheated. In my opinion, it's OK to discount products that have been released at least 3 or 6 months earlier... but not one day. Don't forget that many people here are loyal Aerosoft customers who almost buy things because they believe in the Aerosoft quality. I can understand Aerosoft cannot do refunds, but it would be a nice gesture if they would give "my" 6 Euro to their orphanage project.
  3. To me it's flyable but there seems to be a problem when I zoom in on the FMS - suddenly FSX gets stuck, stays like that for up to 10 seconds, and only then it continues again - but at a lower framerate. Only when I switch views the framerate becomes normal again. Still I managed a greaser yesterday at Innsbrück. Yay!
  4. Well, technically it has been said that there may be an advanced version in the future, but no promises - it depends on what people want. Personally speaking I would love to see it. As good as the Bus is already, I think it's still too much like the default FSX aircraft, as far as procedures go. All normal procedures can be taught with a good manual (like PMDG did with their TRS for the 747).
  5. Descending to Vienna, I got an "ice detected" warning so I turned on wing and engine anti-ice. The "Window and probe anti-ice" button had a nice text "Auto" next to it so (initially) I didn't use it. However, a minute or so later the speed indicator suddenly indicated an airspeed of exactly zero knots* - and Alpha Floor protection kicked in. Then I did turn on the "Window and probe anti-ice", the blue "ON" light came on, but even after a few minutes the airspeed indicator was still showing zero knots. What should I have done different in this case? * BTW - isn't this checked by the GPS in real life? That seems a bit strange to me IMHO)
  6. Really a cursed thing, an Airbus 320 in Flight simulator: - AntiCyclone did a brilliant Airbus for FS2002 - the first fully interactive Virtual Cockpit. They don't exist anymore - (very late edit) Of course there was the Phoenix Simulations Airbus family... - PMDG and DreamFleet announced Airbuses / Airbusses / Airbi - and after awhile nothing was heard from it - We all know about the problems with "The Other" Airbus - Microsoft included one in FSX - and MSFS ceased to exist. At least future versions - ...and now Aerosoft experiences "The Curse" themselves. It's jinxed. Jinxed I tell you!
  7. Hi Matthijs, with all the claims of how easy it is to fly I'd expect we'd see an Ikea-style manual!
  8. Perhaps it's an idea, after this Airbus has been released, that some (real-world) pilots create a tutorial on the real use of SIDs and STARs and vectoring? In different situations: How to interpret a real STAR, what to do when ATC gives vector instructions; using radio navigation or the FMC - maybe based on real life experiences or online flying? That way everyone's happy: don't want to fly these, then don't. If you do want to try but don't have real-life experience, it will be a perfect opportunity to learn this type of flying. I think there are many sim-pilots like me: able to understand the approach and landing charts, but I have to pause the sim regularly and interpret what is expected of me next. Using MS ATC is a bit better but I can't imagine it's very realistic (approach at an angle of 30° of the runway heading, often 10,000 feet above what is needed to make a 3° glideslope to the runway ). If I could be taught how to interpret these charts more fluidly and 'on the go' I'd be a happy simmer indeed!
  9. I've said it before, and I'll say it again: it looks great. Looking forward to fly it. It *will* be able to land at Cuzco, right? Will the AES config file already be included in the installer BTW*? * in case this is already answered in Matthijs' feature list on page 1, sorry, that site is blocked by the "lovely" Chinese government so I can't download it.
  10. [innocent whistle]I wouldn't mind if you also came out with the Caravelle... We can do with a bit more 1950/60s (and/or non-Boeing) airliners...[/innocent whistle]
  11. I'll try it, Shaun... thanks. Meanwhile I had a normal flight again that went wrong an earlier time. Don't know if it had anything to do with it but I put the scenery resolution back a bit.
  12. A strange error happened to me recently a few times... I'm flying (over Europe), then suddenly I get a popup message "Failed to read from file" and FSX freezes. The messagebox only has an OK button; when I click it FSX closes and I'm back at the desktop. Any idea what this could be? It happened when I was flying towards Andras Field, but also twice today at Gibraltar.
  13. Hi saprintz, the answer that hasn't been heard yet is whether PBD waypoints will be possible. These are important in a lot of SIDs and STARs - especially in a 'not at all unrealistically' situation. ...and if these are not possible in the original release of the 'bus then it may be an item for the Advanced Version. I guess with the Aerosoft Airbus looking so promising already, and it being one of the few modern Airbusses that will appear for FSX, most people really hope Aerosoft will go the extra kilometer and make this the ultimate Airbus. I know I wouldn't mind that (but hey, I love procedures and buttons). Having said that, I look forward to the Airbus as it is announced currently.
  14. I look forward to trying them out this weekend. Thanks!
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