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  1. Daan, With the current release you can assign textures only to an airport or a region, so whatever aircraft you fly you get the same textures on an airport. In a future release we can assign textures to airlines but how that will work is unknown at this stage. Keep in mind that AES works only on the aircraft you're flying, a random assignment of textures I don't expect but you never know what Oliver will come up with .
  2. Oliver, I installed the FSX GG-textures from Alex for the catering trucks in the XXXX-file name convention. On most of the airports they are used and show up except in EHAM (Aerosoft/DFS) where the default aerosoft textures are used. Testing the textures in EDDN gives all catering textures in GG-colors. Any idea what's wrong? Rob
  3. Thanks for your quick response. I think your right, EDDL (default) same effect. Could something be done about that, weather is ok without snow? I checked with the default fair weather in FSX which has 15 degrees celsius, still these snow effects. I have Antartica installed, can that have something to do with it ? Rob
  4. Hi, I installed over the weekend FSX on my new PC. At the moment only FSX and Aerosoft scenery is installed with fresh downloads from my shop-account. On a number of GAP airports (GAP2-2012 and GAP3) I have dirt and smoke showing up when taxiing on taxiways and on the runway. This happens at EDDV, EDDP, EDDH,, EDDW and EDDT. The other airports EDDG, EDDK and EDLW are ok as well as EDDM (non-GAP). I hope someone can help me with this. Regards, Rob
  5. I'm must be doing something wrong but when I go to updates on the Aerosoft site and select Mega Airport Frankfurt I can only see Service pack 1 and a fix for static aircraft. Tried to register but get the message that the product is already registered. I have the installation file for version 2.0 (I think it was a free upgrade from MAF2005 as my order-history shows that I bought it in 2007). B.t.w. just noticed that Aerosoft Launcher also did not recognize MAF being installed. Any help would be appreciated. Rob
  6. Hi Jeepee, Start menu; all programs; Aerosoft/Luxembourg Airport 2004/Airport Config Tool, after you start the tool select Program/Configure Airport Rob
  7. Hallo Rolf, Thanks for your feedback, as I said the developer (Christoph) might have had a reason for this. Scotts minor problem is/was also my problem, after line-up clearance it takes an unrealistic amount of trust to get the plane moving as well as when vacating the runway in the areas where the taxi-link has width zero. I'm looking forward to hear some feedback from Christoph. Regards, Rob
  8. Hi, I noticed the following mistake on the B-terminal. The ground markings don't align with the gate markings. see pictures Rob
  9. The problem is in the AFCAD. All links between the runway and the main taxi-way have a width of zero which means your wheels are in the dirt. Changing them to 36,58 meters (width in rest of the AFCAD) will solve your problem. Make first a backup of your AFCAD, the developer might have had a reason for this and the change can create another problem but I haven't found one yet. Rob
  10. The door is out of reach of the gate. Most likely the default aircraft position in FS9 is not the right position for the A330 in AES. Use the AES-menu to move the aircraft to the right position. Otherwise check the door position of the A330 in the configurator.
  11. Could be a wrong AFCAD active compared to the wind direction (use the AFCAD-tool to align) or a user plane on runway 09/27
  12. Good catch, lowering the setting on my ATI-card doubled the FPS
  13. You can try this post from the FAQ section. http://www.forum.aerosoft.com/index.php?showtopic=16315
  14. that's not what I meant. Open your Afcad in Afcad2. Double click the parking spot you want to assign to a parking area in stead of a gate to open the parking definition. Change gate into parking (or N Parking, NE Parking, etc). See attached file where Gate 614 is changed in Parking 614. Taxi to parking (or North parking, NorthEast parking, etc) is now offered as option, draw back is that ATC clears you to taxi to parking without mentioning the position. Rob
  15. No, you have to assign the parking spot to another identification area in the parking definition in AFCAD2, use in stead of Gate; Parking or in case you want several parking areas N Parking or SE Parking.
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