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  1. Oh thank you very much, so the release date 12 of june i think, is the date where i can upgrade the Airbus X for 16 euros ? is that correct
  2. I have searched the forum, but i cant find any links to a possible upgrade or update ? you where in the forum i need to go to find a link or anything ? Thanks Thomas
  3. Hello! I have the original Airbus X for FSX, but i would love to upgrade it to the advanced airbus X, where the autopilot and computer systems should be more advanced? Does anyone know how to get the update/upgrade ? it would be sad if i needed to buy the whole add-on once more ! Just want the upgrade if its possible :-) THOMAS
  4. Thanks mate, but its really the REG code there is the problem RIGHT NOW, but i've red the link and i might come in handy at a time... So thank you very much for the help !!!
  5. Okay, thanks you very much I've checked the reg code and it is as it should be, but it will no be accepted, wich is because i've used it before Thanks anyway, i will send a mail to Aerosoft
  6. Hello, yesterday i bought Santorini X on The scenery was great!! I was so satisfied, and the money was well used.... But one of my other games yesterday suddenly would not work, so i had to set my PC back to another time! After that, i did not check if something had happened to the Santorini X scenery... So i tried to see if it was there today, and it wasn't. So first i tried to "Repair" the scenery with the install wizard. But nothing happened. So i tried to remove it, really dumb of me but the Scenery did not work anyways. And now the registration code does not work anymore when i tried to re install it, is there anyway that i can get a new Registration code or something, i don't wanna lose my money!! Please help! Cheers from Copenhagen
  7. Okay, i think we solved the problem... Thanks for Everything, Isaiah and Shaun...
  8. Hmm, tried to follow your advice... It reached ca. 800MB of 1.9GB and it then said <"The file could not be loaded, please contact download server"> Well, i am convinced that it is not the Internet connection thers a problem with, so don't know what to do now.... But thanks for your help anyways...
  9. Okay mate, thanks for the advice, i will take a look at it....
  10. Hihi thanks.... Tried every server, the Kb/s just stops at fx 1.4GB or 1.7GB but never reached 1.9GB Okay mate, will try to send them a message... Thanks, glad that you help me...
  11. Hey all, i am new on this Forum, but i need some help. Well i downloaded Mallorca X for FSX from the download showed up as two files that i needed to download.... One of the file downloads did fine, had no problems with that, but the second wich was the biggest on 1.9 GB, didnt get so far, tried to download the same file several times, but the download would never reach 1.9 GB, the closest was 1.7 GB, but then the download just came to a complete stop-... Please help me, if you can.... Don't wanna waste my money... Sorry for my bad English xD
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