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  1. Translating... AES doesn't connect with FSX 1. I run the airport scenery 2. I run FSX 3. I run the AES to configure the airplane and I got error I have windows 7 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Deberias ser mas especifico y decirnos que error te sale
  2. Hello Shaun, thanks for your reply, I have the FS with 30 or 35% AI Traffic and using a HDE Clouds (freeware pack with clouds textures made by Pablo Diaz)
  3. Hello guys, I bought the Vienna 2.0 scenery for FS9 a few months ago, and installed it, and when run FS9 in LOWW airport I got between 7-9 FPS, after that, I installed the version 2.1 update but still got the 7-9 FPS My machine details Intel Core2Duo E7500 2.8 GHz Geforce 9500GT 1GB Biostar P4M900-M7 FE 2 x RAM 2 GB 2 x HDD Western Digital 320GB 7200 Windows XP Professional SP3 Microsoft Flight Simulator 9 (updated to 9.1) Thanks
  4. Excellent, thank you very much I thought LatinVFR issue was already solved, but looks like I was wrong
  5. The AES is a very good addon, I hope it keep going A suggestion from me, AES could use the cars/trucks/stairs made by the scenery developer (only for the sceneries that have these cars and trucks) and make them move to the aircraft like the jetways instead of using the AES trucks/stairs, I think it would give a bit more of realism to the environment, I don't know what you think
  6. Already used the F8 key but nothing, the only change I can see is the message "AES active - No more info available yet" in the AES men, the same thing happens in other airports sceneries
  7. Hello guys, I have a problem when start FS9 in SBGL with the AES ready, and is that the passway can't move to the aircraft, only the stairs and baggage truck can move, the aircraft I'm using is the SMS A330-200, parked in the Gate 44 in Tropicalsim SBGL The most rare thing is when I switch to another aircraft, like the Project Opensky 737-700, the passway can move normally, I have both intelliscene.cfg files installed, one for the A330 and the other for the 737 downloaded from avsim and flightsim websites, but still nothing with the A330 Any suggestion about why is this happening and how to fix it, please?
  8. Please consider the TropicalSim Azorean islands (Santa Maria LPAZ and Pico LPPI) and Taxi2Gate Varadero MUVR for AES 2.12 and the new LatinVFR project Key West comming soon for this AES version or for the next versions
  9. Hello Shaun, thank for your reply Sorry but I'm very lost, I didn't knew that there is an update for LTAI, can you please tell me where can I download it? since I bought the Holiday Airport pack from Simmarket store and I didn't received no notification about an update Thank you
  10. Hello guys, today I installed the LTAI Antalya from Aerosoft Holiday Airports package http://secure.simmar...s_4844%29.phtml anyway, when I landed in this wonderful scenery I founded a not very likely surprise, when set the FS camera to watch the aircraft and the ground I got 8.3 (and sometimes 7.5) fps Here my hardware details Intel Core2Duo E7500 2.8 GHz Geforce 9500GT 1GB Biostar P4M900-M7 FE 2x RAM 2 GB 2 x HDD Western Digital 320GB 7200 And my software specifications Windows XP Professional SP3 Microsoft Flight Simulator 9 (updated to 9.1)
  11. Hello guys, thanks for the explanation and sorry for reviving this old thread In my case, I'm making an scenery but it doesn't have jetways, it only have the terminal, hangars, tower, appron, taxiways and runway, the basic stuff Well, in that case, what would be necessary for make an scenery without jetways compatible with AES? Thank you
  12. Why keep the AES 2.10 when you can update to AES 2.11? Download it here, this version have more airports compatible for FS9 and FSX
  13. Hello Oliver, is there a chance to make this sceneries compatibles with AES? TAXI2GATE - VARADERO MUVR FS2004 http://secure.simmarket.com/taxi2gate-varadero-muvr-fs2004-%28es_5448%29.phtml TAXI2GATE - MEXICO CITY INTERNATIONAL MMMX V2 FSX http://secure.simmarket.com/taxi2gate-mexico-city-international-mmmx-v2-fsx-%28es_5394%29.phtml VIRTUALCOL - COLOMBIA VIRTUAL XTREME EDITION 2011 (not all the sceneries, just some of them, like Bogota, Medellin and Cartagena) http://secure.simmarket.com/virtualcol-colombia-virtual-xtreme-edition-2011-%28es_4994%29.phtml Thank you and have a good day
  14. Oliver, you're my hero Thank you very much
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