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  1. Hi, Only issue I am having at the moment is the beacon is not visible - with power and switch cycled. Thanks Scott
  2. Ok, so I researched some of the other threads and I assume it’s connected to wide view aspect and how Chaseplane interprets it either on or off (mine is off atm). will do some tests. scott
  3. Hi, just got this fantastic aircraft - great job. V10. i understand the concept of the VF using Chaspelane and the CL but the views tend to zoom in a bit too much and so you sometimes miss seeing what your are supposed to see when the item gets called. For instance transponder it will switch to the pedestal view but it cuts off half the console and you cannot see the tpdr. Am I supposed to set views up first in Chaseplane? thanks scott
  4. Any updates? It appears that dynamic lighting is not working on taxiways or runways. In other words any aircraft with dynamic landing lights does not illuminate the ground. Scott
  5. It appears my apron lighting is totally different, also see the second picture (looking at the front of the CRJ) the dynamic apron lights have "switched off". I did have the old version of EHBK but I have uninstalled it. I have also just uninstalled and reinstalled the 4.4 version of Beek again. Scott
  6. Hi Guys thanks for looking into it. Two pictures one on the taxiway with all LL of the CRJ on and the aircraft a 'different' location. Thanks Scott
  7. Hi, P3Dv4.4 latest Maastricht version. ORBX global no pta or reshade. if I load any aircraft with dynamic landing lights, PMDG, Maddog, CRJ, or the default act they do not shine on any of the apron or runway surfaces. If I load the Majestic DH8D I can see the landing lights ( I believe they are not dynamic?) They are all working at other airports - any help would be great? Also is there a dirt surface on the taxiway from the cargo apron? Thanks Scott
  8. Nice... What happened to the Frontier one(s)? Do they still operate them? Scott
  9. Christoph, I did a check with ScanAFD and the only Afcad file is the one in the Aerosoft Luxembourg Airports folder of the Addon folder, I am getting the result in the attached picture, aprons and runways are fine its the taxiways connecting the runway with the main taxiway - so entering and leaving the runway. As Shaun says it is not a big problem I was just wondering why I am getting it. Thanks Scott
  10. Christoph, Thanks I will check and get back to you. Scott
  11. Dear All, Have just purchased ELLX for FS2004. The taxiways joining the runways and aprons are being treated as dirt with the associated bouncing. I have searched the forums but couldnt find if there is a fix - If I have missed it I apologise, could sombody please let me know. Regards Scott
  12. I have the same results as Andreas. Having only just purchased the Airbus X on Saturday - and having tweaked and modded as best I can find in the forums. It has very bad control issues - I find it hard to believe that it has been passed by RW Airbus pilots and up to Patch 1.21? It flounders around the sky like a beached whale - the FBW does not hold pitch or bank in a turn, it is like the control inputs are stored and then accelerated, as it does not respond then all of sudden goes + 20degrees up or left or down.. I understand the Airbus auto-flight orientation but this does not
  13. Hi team, In the process of purchasing Andras - is there a control tower? Not that I wish to curtail the fun and enjoyment of flying - but just wondering? As an ATC I must admit It usually one of the first things I look for at any airfield (real or virtual!) Scott
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