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  1. This is "The Automatic Retraction System" (not sure if it is fully deployed on the Airbus X.) While in CONF 1+F as the aircraft accelerates towards VMAX CONF 1+1F the Automatic Retraction System retracts the flaps to 0 degree. (CONF 1). VMAX displayed on the PFD changes from VMAX CONF 1+F to VMAX CONF 1. As the aircraft accelerate to S speed, the flap lever can be selected to 0, provided the target speed is Green Dot or greater. F and S speeds are minimum speeds for flaps and slats retraction and not the speeds at which the selection must be made. If IAS decreases below, the flaps will not e
  2. We noticed the option to switch the FAC on the Airbus X , however it seems like switching FAC 1 & 2 off does not make any difference on the protection of the aircraft. I also would like to ask what happened to the Airbus stall warning sound? Regard
  3. For those having FPS issue, make sure you do not have any windows open behind FSX or even touching the FSX window while in window mode. It might sound funny but you'll notice a big difference. Regards
  4. I did hear from MacPhat that they had contacted Mathijs and had received a NO from him because he did not want other companies making revenues out of the Aerosoft product, a comment I felt was very short sighted as Aerosoft do use the airbus brand to generate revenues. Furthermore having a company like MacPhat making HD repaint for the Airbus X would only make it more desirable to the buying public. Regards
  5. I need to spend a bit more time with it but first impression on manual land is; >aircraft very heavy on the last 500ft or so, >manual stick input erratic, >aircraft fail to react between commands, (managed-selected) (selected-managed) >there seems to be a problem between throttle position and thrust, this doesn't seem right I haven't had the time to really dig into these issues in detail and prepare a log, but I will. Autoland still not tested yet, I want to get the manual stuff right first. Regards D
  6. Practically you do have options for all system callout on the 320 setup. I think it is 2 digital voice and 2 human voice. (I am not the right person to give you specifics on that but I could find out), so theoretically you could have a digital voice option on a new setup. This is customer specific. Airbus do not impose on options, only will recommend. I for one prefer a digital voice, I guess I got accustomed by only hearing a digital voice in recurrent training, again this is pure preference on what people want and feel good about with their Airbus X. Regards D
  7. Guys, I am not sure to understand what you are talking about when you mention, New set and Old set? The Zip file I posted contains actual Digital callouts from the full motion simulator. I only included the ones Airbus X have included in their program. Unfortunately this airbus set only call for retard, 5, 20, 30, 40, 50, 100, 200, 300, 400, 500, 1000, 2000. What are you actually looking for? Regards D
  8. The ones I posted earlier are taken from the actual simulator digital voice. Can't get any close than that. Regards D
  9. Digital callouts from the simulator. This one only calls retard, 5, 20, 30, 40, 50, 100, 200, 300, 400, 500, 1000, 2000. I zipped the ones in use on the AirbusX Regards D A320_pack.zip
  10. Hi Mathijs Fantastic list of additions. Please revise the callout and system sound pack. Also a revise on the load manager UI, also it would be good to have it a bit more precise and functional. Regards D
  11. You do understand that autothrust works in two modes, open (controlling thrust) and speed (controlling speed). Open mode can be either climb or idle thrust. Most of the time you are going to have a problem it is in open mode. If you are having problem with thrust doing something other than what you think it should you can try: -turn off flight directors (if hand flying), this should cause autothrust to go to speed mode -select vertical speed (if in open climb or descent), this will cause authothrust to go to speed mode -select speed select (if managed speed), this will force the commanded
  12. You don't turn the fly by wire off unless it fails, (and in Aerosoft's case it will never happen). We were fairly disappointed by the feel on this product. Some other dev team (in our opinion) achieved a better transition between each stick input on the 320. (I am not sure how else I can describe that). As an example, a relation between a left and center input on the stick is not "Airbus like" enough, the whole stick input on the Airbus X just doesn't respond close enough to the real 320 sim (I know it's a big ask and may I say it will vary on the stick you are using and the settings you hav
  13. I do find it mind blowing to be reading some people talking how great the sound pack is on the Airbus X. Yes external sounds and cabin sounds are great but to us who fly the full motion simulator (ok, once every six months but still) ECAM, CALLOUT, TCAS and Warning sounds are just awful and far from being realistic. We had to swap them ourselves. Not mentioning a lot of CALLOUT are missing. We knew the depth of the Airbus X systems so we have to queries about that, but one thing we really thought was a shocker is the glass cockpit display, jagged lines display all over. Awful really. We did fi
  14. Re: Sounds, sure. I'll pack them up and PM you with a link. Also bear in mind Airbus X has missing CALLOUT (which is a shame, we are not sure why some are missing.) No callout above 400ft. Then the 300ft, 10, 5 are missing. Also the TICK TICK TICK is also badly recorded so we need to get hold of that one. Maybe Aerosoft can explain? Regards D By the way, I know I am bitching about little things and I'd like to say we are impressed by the Descent/Climb rate attitude of Airbus X. Well done on that one guys.
  15. Nose dive it is. Nothing to do with the Airbus transition flare you'd find on the real aircraft. In fact I not sure at all the Airbus has this function implemented. Regards D
  16. Call us thick. The BAT 1 & 2 can't seem to be able to be switch to ON without having the CHIME going mental in the back. We are obvioulsy not getting it.
  17. Same here. We tried 3 different manual approach and the aircraft just veer to the left with a sharp bank angle and a nose dive, then of course hell break lose, warning sounds, GPWS, TOGA, Alpha Floor etc.. Also we noticed no callout before 400ft.. is that normal? Regards D PS: Not impressed with the quality of the recorded callout sounds, we will change those with the real simulator callout when we get the time. Same story for the TCAS sounds, I know they were kindly recorded by a member but it just doesn't sound like an Airbus to me. We have noticed an anomaly with the BAT but I got
  18. Great News Shaun, Fantastic. Regards D
  19. Besides the usual arguments related to the delay, it would be nice to hear from Mathijs. Regards D
  20. Is there still a problem with the Airbus X release today Shaun? Regards D
  21. I guess we all missed our departure slot due to some technical problems, but as in real life situation, you wouldn't want to get in the air with a malfunction, patience and it will be released, Regards D
  22. I guess we all missed our departure slot due to some technical problems, but as in real life situation, you wouldn't want to get in the air with a malfunction, patience and it will be released, Regards D
  23. Thanks for the update Mathijs, hope you get it resolved soon, Regards D
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