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  1. Okay, I got a mail from simmarket support. The FS2004 scenery is the: AS_EDDF2008 ...and the fsx is: AS_MEGAAIRPORTFRANKFURTX_FSX That also explaines why I can't update, from 1.05, because that is the latest version.
  2. Oliver, the Flight1 registry tool didn't help, it's the same. In my order history on simmarket shows two fsx downloads, which I think is odd.
  3. Hi Aerosoft. I just bought the MEGA AIRPORT FRANKFURT X on simmarket and i have two questions. 1. Doesn't the package includes the scenery for fs2004 as well? I'm using FSX, but on simmarket it says requirements for both versions, so I assume when installing the add-on, it figures out to install on fsx or fs2004 automatically right? 2. When installing the update v201, it says it can't locate flight simulator and when I choose the location my self it says: Did you select the FSX folder. I hope you can help me out. - Paul.
  4. Hi Aerosoft. Would you please be kind and make an update to make EVERYTHING available and work in the MCDU? The airbus X is the most perfect/realistic airbus for fsx, it is a lovely aircraft. BUT it irritates me so bad that I can't put in runways and sid/stars when I fly online, which I'm used to do in the wilco airbus. Why haven't you decided to put in those functions in the first place? It don't make any sense. So, please, make an update. I really wan't to use the airbus more, but the missing functions in the mcdu makes me use it less, which is sad since I've paid for the thing.
  5. Well, then why in the world would Aerosoft design the FMC with the RWY in it, when you can't use it. It's like putting a keyhole in a door and not being able to unlock it.
  6. I'm flying online, so it's critically important that I can choose the departure and arrival runways incl. the SID and STARS. What I don't understand is, why have aerosoft chosen to write RWY in the FMC if you're not able to choose it, it is just grayed out.
  7. Thanks for the reply Robert. It's nice to hear an upgrade would be available in the future. Let's hope for the best. I want total realism, as far as you can go in a simulator.
  8. I'm a bit disappointed. Don't get me the wrong way, because I think Airbus X is one of the most beautiful models I have ever seen for FSX. But what I understood about complexity when I read the review before I bought it, is a cockpit where everything works just like the real deal. I have flown the Airbus product from Wilco for quite a bit now where I was used to setup the FMC manually, for the departure and arrival runway, flex temp and almost everything else. Now I have sadly, in some way, spend 37.95 € on a plane just to find out that it isn't that complex as I have thought and hoped it
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