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  1. Could this be an overal MSFS 2020 problem? I had the same issue with the CRJ yesterday after a 2 hours flight. When descending suddenly everything comes back alive. However, i've had this with the FBW A320 too.
  2. Well.... the 737 and A320 are frequent guests there (in real live) How can I change that? In the airport.txt?
  3. Good day, I wanted to start my flight from Rio de Janeiro airport Santos-Dumont SBRJ. The airport wasn't found in the FMC. Is there a way to upload this airport? Maybe there are more airports missing? Pim
  4. Goodday, I find it useful to have a Pause on TOD. Is that possible with the CRJ? Thanks, Pim
  5. I guess you didn't understand what i was trying to say. Or my English is bad My opinion is that the behavior after 1.20 is still too limited, compared to other aircrafts (climbingperformance) And about the 315 knots.... I didn't say that i refer to something, it's just what my experience is with other planes... They are ABLE to do it, but this Airbus not. Rest is ok.
  6. Well.... what can i say about the new update... I'm (still) not happy with 1.20, ok ok ok, it's getting to M0.78, but when climbing N1 70-80% and 2500ft p/m? If i'm climbing i want to set my speed to 315 and i want to climb full climb power!! Not with a maximum of 2500ft p/m. The plane is just too "easy" to fly. Anyone having the same feeling?
  7. Just use the 'regular' A320/A321 payload model from Fspax. This will load the aircraft normally. Also set in Airbus Connect everything to 0 (Pax, fuel, cargo) Let me know if that worked.
  8. Yeah, most of the other planes (pmdg, wilco, airsimmer etc) will go to the limit, with this plane it's like flying an overloaded plane. I want to hear that roar when i push the throtle to the limit.
  9. Hi guys, Excellent job on this plane! After installing the update, i still can't go any faster than m. 0.70. Hope someone has a solution for that. Pim
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