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  1. Yes they said flight dynamics are great. And it will make pmdg run for their money but aerosoft is using 2005 microsoft fly-by wire system?! :S
  2. Ertan i dont even think u bought the product... you know what im saying?
  3. Yes sorry about the fps.. The problem is fsx default fly-by-wire. In same altitue default a321 is flying like f-18. So i hope aerosoft can fix this with their product
  4. Check your Dll.xml file and make sure GPSModule.dll is in the right adress. You can find it on that path AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\FSX
  5. Hello i checked GPWS Sound files and found radio alt callouts are from 400 to 10. And these sounds are in really bad quality u can hear engine sound from the back ground.. I have a good quality gpws sounds from 1000 to 10 if you want in please pm me :)/ Sorry for my english.
  6. My girlfriend broke up with me.She said i always talk about that airbus project she thinks i like Airbus More than her... What a stupid reason -.- Mathijis is it gonna be just 1 nightlightning system in the cockpit?I would love to see the knob background lights(orange) in the cockpit. Thank you i cant wait for this baby.
  7. So There is just 1 nightlightning in the cockpit? http://www.airliners.net/photo/Jetstar-Airways/Airbus-A320-232/0931462/L/&sid=a502a8e073fe7a21c0b3d95b065f0178 I would love to see this in Airbus X Thank you.
  8. Hello in all pictures There is one lighting system that i saw in cockpit. Can't we adjust them? Sorry for my english.
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