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  1. That appears to have solved the problem. Thank you both very much, I am very grateful to you. Oisin
  2. Hi Guenseli, Many thanks for the reply. How can I check if it is? How can I deactivate it and revert to DX9? Oisin
  3. I recently transitioned from Vista to Windows 7 64 Bit. This is probably a Windows 7 problem, but I can't seem to find a solution anywhere. The sceneries work perfectly during the day, however, once I switch to dawn, dusk or night, huge tracks of texture files simply fail to appear. This problem is not confined to Aerosoft scenery, but affects all of my add on scenery. I have an Alienware Aurora, with Intel i7 4.1Ghz, 16GB of RAM and nVidia 560GTX Ti 1.25GB. FSX is installed C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Games. Here are some comparison photographs to illustrate what I mean... Any information would be much appreciated. With kind regards, Oisin
  4. @Shaun: Yes, I accept that "waiting all day" is a slight exaggeration, however, in the context of your business, wherein you offer instantaneous downloads for your products, and where an e-mail can travel around the world in less than a 5th of a second, waiting hours, for a reply when I was assured that this issue was resolved by SimWare seems like "waiting all day". Obviously, I accept that you have other customers to deal with, but where you obviously have an exclusive distribution agreement with SimWare and other internet based vendors, then there is an onus upon you to act swiftly to resolve their issues so as not to damage their business. Notwithstanding the fact, that neither Aerosoft nor SimWare are behind the door when it comes to charging someone's credit card, which is done all in a matter of seconds and not three business days. I remind you that you are acting in the course of a business and I am a consumer. My grievance was with Simware, for which they have apologised. However, SimWare made arrangements with you to redistribute this software to me and that remains a matter between yourselves, a matter I was not involved with nor had any control over. However, once you decided to assist your re-seller, you took on the responcibilty to resolve the matter speedily as you effectively stepped into their shoes. In that context, you transposed the crosshairs of consumer ire to yourselves. Consequently, as a business, from which you no doubt make money from, particularly where the product in question is your own, kindly don't act as if you are doing me a favour. If anyone should be thanking you it should be SimWare. Certainly, the Sale of Goods Acts 1893 - 1995 in the UK, The Sale of Goods and Supply of Services Act 1980 in Ireland along with the whole raft of similar domestic legislation in France, Germany and the rest of the EU support this. Furthermore, there are a number of distance selling Directives coming from Brussels in next few months which will no doubt strengthen this argument. And as a lawyer, I can tell you, the "you should have more patience" argument wouldn't cut any ice in any Court, anywhere in the European Union, particularly when your legal nexus with SimWare is taken into account. @Mathijs I have never before expressed my annoyance with a vendor on their forum. This is the first time. However, my reason for doing so was because of my sheer frustration at the seemingly endless delay of having this matter resolved. If you consider the ordering process on your website:-Once the credit card information is received and payment is processed, an e-mail with all the information a customer needs to download and enjoy the product is sent before you have time to move the mouse to open your Microsoft Outlook. It's simple, easy and incredibly fast. However, when you compare the seconds it takes to order something to the lenght of delay I experienced to have something resolved, there is a world of difference when the two are compared side by side. I have had a very lenghty and enjoyable relationship with Aerosoft over the last number of years. I hold your software in the highest regard. It was not my intention to damage the reputation of this software publisher, but you have to understand my frustration. I don't accept that I was impolite nor do I accept that I should thank you for reasons already outlined above. You undertook to resolve the matter on SimWare's behalf and therefore you effectively became their agent. If I have offended you or your staff, then I apologise. However, I respectfully suggest you re-examine your policy of acting as agent to resolve matters on behalf of your re-sellers. Where problems arise with payments being accepted and products not delivered as promised, I respectfully suggest you make their resolution a priority.
  5. I'm well aware of that Andy B. I've been waiting three working days, (irrespective of the time stamps on my above posts) to get this sorted. Thanks for the patrionising advice anyway. Aerosoft finally sanctioned the replacement.
  6. COME ON AEROSOFT SHOP. How much longer do I have to wait? It can't be that hard to sanction this replacement! Oisin McAsey
  7. Simware came back to me yesterday with an e-mail requesting I download German Airports 3 from the Aerosoft website. Therefore, all is forgiven SimWare. COULD SOMEONE IN THE AEROSOFT SHOP PLEASE SANCTION MY REVIEW/PRESS PURCHASE PLEASE FOR GERMAN AIRPORTS 3? I've been waiting all day. Many thanks, Oisin McAsey
  8. Anyone taking advantage of the Simware sale should be careful. I just bought German Airports 3 (€29.99) but the link gave me German Airfields 3 instead. Now I'll have to wait until Monday before it's sorted out.
  9. I just purchased AES 2.07 and installed it. However there are a number of Airports it doesn't recognise.. 1.UK2000 Heathrow Xtreme v2 2.UK2000 Manchester Xtreme 3.UK2000 Gatwick Xtreme 4.Aerosoft Faro These airports have been installed but it while Manchester and Heathrow are in the AES Help list, it states that they are not recognised in the Scenery Library. With respect to Gatwick and Faro, it doesn't list them at all. Can anyone help me? Kind regards, Oisin
  10. Fellas, Can you please make fixing the nose diving autoflight system a priority. On every approach under manual control something takes control of the aircraft and pitches the nose down. It seems the aircraft is trying to "end it all" short the runway threshold. This is a very fine, reasonably priced, commerical add on for Flight Sim X, particularly the model, engine sounds and lighting effects, but it is an unflyable aircraft while this problem lingers. We can live with all of the other bugs and peculiarities until such time as you and your team have time to fix them. But this is a "I want my money back" defective product flaw that makes Aerosoft Airbus X very frustrating to fly. So please give this a priority. Oisin
  11. Yes. Aer Lingus A320 and A321, please.
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