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  1. Hi, Truly sorry for my recent absence here. Life and other Aerosoft products I had to work on took much more time than I expected. I will be in India from tomorrow for a week and after that quite a few small updates will come, just as I promised and as we talked about it with Ole back in January. In the meantime this is a small update, simply overwrite the single .bgl in your AF folder: af_obj_2.zip regards Andras
  2. Hi, Can you give me a rough idea on which markings you have in mind? A small drawing can make wonders with my mind... regards Andras
  3. Ian, because of the elevation difference, it is not possible. Sorry. regards Andras
  4. In two days... sorry for the extended holydays. regards Andras
  5. Uses an effect named: wake_l_2 regards Andras
  6. Best seasonal wishes and greeting for all! P.S. when the ice melts on the lake, you will definitely see a couple of changes... Andras
  7. Hi, Something is definitely wrong with your system. The number of autogen stuff can cause framerate loss, but not crashes. Try to tweak your fsx.cfg at http://www.venetubo.com/fsx.html and do something re the computer, because the source must be there. regards Andras
  8. Hi, Constructive criticism is my favorite and a rare thing, so keep those coming please. Could be so many things that I'd lie if I said I know anything about it, unless it happens at a regular given place in front of me. Could be the number of animations and their relation to memory (video memory to be precise). If you use FSUIPC, Pete Dowson came up with a fantastic solution in it for g3d.dll errors often happening at relatively dense scenery areas, so it might be a good idea to try it out. If you look around on the net you will find a lot of talk and info about it. Do you use the Highmemfix=1 line in your fsx.cfg? Are you using a rightly tweaked cfg? Can you give some info about your config? regards Andras
  9. Hi Ian, It's not necessarily bad, actually promising. regards Andras
  10. Hi Moshe, Hmmm... that's odd. It happens if someone is using the Germany3 area which doesn't have a winter season. Do you use that? regards Andras
  11. Hi Everyone, I'd just like to ask if any of you experienced any framerate gain or loss with the 1.20 update? I changed some things (not really visible to you), so I have to know how it does apart from my own design PC. thanks and regards Andras
  12. Hi, The developer (me in this case) would have no problem with an FS9 update whatsoever. The problem is the photo-realistic bitmap, which already has it's max resolution in FS9. The new FSX version is almost 3 times higher in resolution and this is something you cannot do for FS9. Thus the FS9 update would have no real meaning, apart from adding the "SkyCourt". But I will add that soon. regards Andras
  13. Hi, Thanks, I see, but it sounds even more confusing to me. Where does the yellow car come from? Is it a part of the scenery or something else? Is it static? Is it one of the moving vehicles I did, or it comes from somewhere else? Please help me... regards Andras
  14. Hi Folks, I wish I knew where those lines come from, but I do not. This case is the typical test-devil case, where it is very to do anything until I can reproduce it here. This may happen if one has the 'Aircraft casts shadow on itself' option turned on. But I will try to reproduce it and will investigate as much as I can. regards Andras
  15. Please send me a shot showing the problem to andrasfield@gmail.com and I will correct it immediately. Andras
  16. Matt, frankly I have no idea (specially that I've never ever done a scenery for Xplane...) but seems Mathijs brought up the possibility, so as he says it might be on their table. regards Andras
  17. Hey, don't give up so soon. I have no idea if I'm entitled to do this, perhaps Mathijs will cut my head off, but this is what he privately wrote me a few days ago: quote: And yes if you like to do it, Andras Field USA is most certainly still on the list, possibly as a X-Plane 10 / FSX project. Thus, the door seems to be open and I just feel if we don't let 'this' AF die now, in other words, perhaps it is better if this one takes a right move towards being alive, which would definitely be the entrance fee for the possible US version (and perhaps an Asian one later, which I'd even like to do more... as I know and have real-life experience about some awesome locations at the feet of the Himalayas to truly fit the concept...) regards Andras
  18. Hi Folks, All right, I start at the end of Ole's post: yes, I personally would truly welcome if you (plural) stayed. Mentioning the advantages of this in the limelight of the project are almost endless... would be great! Some detail of my humble thoughts: 1. As you right;y said, some things truly need to be suggested. If no board, leadership, who's gonna do that? 2. If further updates or other things come, who keeps the contact with Aerosoft (or me, although I'm not Aerosoft...)? 3. True, we talked about the hotel, but somehow I forgot about it. Usually I immediately do things forced upon me, ideas tend to escape my memory... 4. There are ways to increase the plots. (similar new houses, bit far from present locations, etc) 5. New hangars can be also added anytime. 6. If amphib folks would be active, we could add a few houses on the water, a la Venice style. 7. If I wanted to blow new life into the field, I'd definitely ask inactive people to sell or rent out their places. 8. I have no idea about the online capabilities, but I could always do a detailed bar to exchange gossips, if Teamspeak works there (a la 2nd life...) 9. I'd definitely try to encourage Aerosoft to be more active and help AF in different ways (different if the board does that, compared to single or common user expressed wishes): Like: 1. More adds of new products on the field 2. More discounts to AF members and even preview capabilities (planes, etc) 3. Even interesting scenery objects from other projects could be showcased on the Field 4. Adding AES to the field 5. Developing relatively simple stand-alone add-ons to bring more life or interactivity (just as an idea: a nearby village could also be terraformed and populated and then a train, ship, ferry or something would bring the user to the field, etc) 6. Many other ideas can be worked out... Thus, apart from the properly moderated forum, if the board stayed, there are a lot of possible new ventures one could pursue... regards Andras
  19. Well, good question. I don't have the faintest idea actually. The reason is simple, as I - unfortunately - had no time to follow what had been going on here, I have no clue on what would any board member do, specially if only a bunch of users are interested. Actually I thought some users might eventually sell their plot, for which some coordination is needed for sure. Or: in case there was interest, we could do a kind of hotel for instance, in which folks could 'stay' for short periods, etc. (technically there would be several different ways to increase the number of houses, plots, but in case no interest - no use to bring up those.) It's truly a pity that just when I'd have to take some care of the field, things started going slow. Thanks! But the 'my baby' part is a bit of an exaggeration, as you folks have dealt with it much more than I actually did... I might just be the godfather... regards Andras
  20. Hi Folks, I've no idea what is happening here lately, simply didn't have the time to follow. Thus I'd only like to comment on one decision of yours, namely that the remaining plots need to be sold. Please don't do that. Those plots were 'designed' in the beginning just by thinking if there was space and need. In case the boards quits - which is a sad development viewed from my angle - there should be no more changes whatsoever, because in case there is nobody to handle and overview those changes, it remains on my shoulders without any actual help from you, and I don't have the insight anymore. So if I may suggest - if no board, no sales! Regarding the AF-USA that was mentioned here, I think Aerosoft didn't give up the idea. But in case THIS European is going slowly and contentedly, they will not push or pursue it. I could do it and wish to do it although... regards Andras
  21. It was my birthday only... Sorry folks... Andras
  22. Tobus, Just came across with your original post and I'm truly curious: what else would you expect apart from "their sign in the front yard"? So ultimately: what else could I have done to further personalize a house? Andras
  23. Zakk, Winter is coming in the next update. Andras
  24. No, it's not related to the latest. 1.11 only has 3 new users and some very unimportant tiny changes only. Nothing else has changed. What matters regarding frames is the additional season since 1.0, specially for those with less good machines and badly configured ones. If want to see the difference just copy the two terrain_photo files (andras_photo.bgl and andras_photo_large.bgl) from any pre-1.1 update and see the difference. One other thing that also may eat some frames are the night-lit buoys, but quite a few users requested that, in spite my warning about frames. Andras
  25. Just my two cents: I doubt the PNW area is a nice idea. Would be perhaps nice for those who have that particular scenery package, but for those NOT having it, would cause so much compatibility headaches and technical problems, that I'd definitely go for an "untouched area' regardless wherever that might be. Andras
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