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  1. All i can say not much has changed at BER just some new taxiways and some new remote stands 25L/07R opens on the 4th off November
  2. Should these files get rid off the Morse code from Atarot airport
  3. Is this a updated version of EZWM as we had WM before
  4. Nobody does not want fictional repaints we want paints of airlines that we dont have
  5. Could someone make the Monarch A320 A321 fleet please Kind regards Nick
  6. Thanks for the repaint would it be posibal to make repaints for the fleet please
  7. Any chance of a update please with new tail see photo above
  8. Can you update the tail on this please to have to new tail logo
  9. I thought the sim-wings forum was german only so i thought i better post there. I take it you dont no what is going on
  10. In English please this is not the German forum
  11. Hi Aerosoft sorry to make a new topic what is the situation on Malaga and the canary islands scenery from sim wings I really cant wait for Malaga and the Canary islands I remember last year Malaga could not be made due to a new runway being built. But that runway is now finished and will open very soon. Does anyone no what sim wings next project is would really appreciate what is going on with them. Malaga and the Canary islands are going to be such big sellers
  12. Does any one no if there will be a FS2004 version
  13. What is simwings next project after PANC FS9 version
  14. Can any one give me a update to the Canary islands do you think we will have one airport like tenerife by Xmas many thanks Nick
  15. I cant wait for a AS Malaga update for FS9/FSX with Malaga my life will be completed minus the Canary Islands but we can all wait
  16. Hi guys got some info here about Malaga the new runway is completed and is now due to open next march so here is a link with some info http://news.malagaairport.eu/2011/09/malaga-airport-new-runway-opens-next.html Malaga Airport New Runway Opens Next March Construction has now been completed on the second runway at Malaga Airport. It is due to open next March when final testing has taken place and it is expected to double the capacity of the airport and ensure future growth. The new runway has an additional 340m, is wider and has deeper foundations which means it can be used by all the latest generation planes which are heavier and larger. A new 4.1 km tunnel has been constructed for the local train line to go under the new runway and a new access road to the south of the airport to the Autovia del Mediterráneo will open at the start of next year.
  17. I would love to see a Beijing by Simwings for FS9/FSX. that would be amazing i will be flying BAW38
  18. Sorry to go of the subject any one no what simwings next Project will be after PANC FS9
  19. Can we expect a FS9 version at any time please
  20. Does any one no when they will announce the Canary islands and will it be for FS9 and FSX
  21. Thank you i hope to have the Canary islands for xmas then
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