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  1. Great lighting !!! Shouldn't there be a 'gap' (no lights) in RWY27/TWY intersection and in 09-27 and 13-31 intersection? Sam
  2. Intel E8500 Core2 Duo @ 3.1 Ghz 2GB of Ram W7/32Bit HD 250GB - 4 Partiitions FS2004 + FSX I Intent to go to a i5 or i7-2600K - 8GB Ram - - NV560 - 1 SSD + ! 7200Rpm HD or 2x7200 in RAID + 1 HD or more for storage but I don't know when
  3. SLKVP


    I just realized that I have to register Aerosoft Online products bought on simmarket.
  4. SLKVP


    Hi Looks like simmarket is not updated yet. Looking into "My Products" under "Update Available" column there is nothing yet. I understand that you may need to solve the SP2 and the upload. Regards Sam
  5. Oli, Thanks for the info. The second set of shots looks even more impressive and flood lighting looks much better. Edit: Is there any preview of the new "dark" forward panel ? P.S.: I found this. Just for info
  6. Very Impressive!!! This light-shade effect makes me skeptic of, how it will 'show' after the gauges have been added. I like 'darker' versions without flood light. Sam
  7. Chris, Thanks for the good news. Sam
  8. Hi B4-200 pilots A replacement set of main panel VC (Darker) textures is available at Simcheck Download Page Enjoy! Sam
  9. SLKVP

    ILS issues

    Tested YSSY RWY 34R, no problems here selected V/L before capturing LOC and APPR being below G/S A/P and A/T disconnected at 200ft RA Regards Sam
  10. For those who complain about fs projects release date , I would suggest to install FSX SDK and try to program some gauges in XML. Though this is not very 'indicative' since they will have to learn something new (XML coding for FSX gauges) and not only apply their knowledge, it might help them to understand some aspects of add-on development. I understand that expecting, such a 'juicy' airplane is difficult to wait, I have no intention to 'accuse' anybody, but to make some people mor aware of development in a constructive way. Sam
  11. Mathijs, Trying to make an estimation.... 20 PC x €1500 = €30.000 + €30.000 for good Hardware (MIP - Overheads -CDUs) + good €50.000 Motion = €110.000 estimated in "Home Cockpit" budget just for Hardware Projection systems MIGHT COST €150.000+ (yous said that there is a very nice visual system) and I have seen motion systems costing €250.000 so we can talk for about 500.000 (€ 0.5 M) And, here is my point: from .5M to 3M could be the licensing of software ???? Now each PC might have certified cards, so that each PC might cost 4.000 * 20 =120.000 Even if hardware costs nearly 1M euro, could the remaining 2M euro be software cost ? PS: It is a little off topic wrt Airbus X but I could resist to ask.....
  12. Screen-shots are amazing realistic. I like the concept of the project with regard to usability/functionality though I have been long time virtual pilot of well known complex aircraft simulations.
  13. Regarding sounds, I like [extended] Nose Gear rumble sound Nose wheel retract - stopping pads sound (does ? it exist in 320? ) nose touchdown sounds louder than main toucdown- from several av dvds look to me like to be more realistic NO-LOOPING (fade-in/fade out) reverse sounds - in FS keeping reverse longer than .wav length it loops if there is a fade in/out sounds unrealistic as long as sounds are not "contained" in a gauge but taken from sound.cfg I have never seen reverse sound that is triggered by trottle position or change of throttle position. I keep cutting off fade in/out part of reverse sound for personal only use) in order to avoid reverser sound loops Gear extend/retract sound synchronized with corresponding lights. mix of Sound of air hitting the "windshield" vs engine sound - I have been in a 737 cockpit - eng heard in higher power settings I don;t know about 320
  14. Hi Ctrl+Q lowers 2D pilots' viewpoint Ctrl+Shift+Q raises 2D pilots' viewpoint Does it help ? Sam
  15. Steve, this was a question !!!!
  16. I confirm Could be this fixed by simply editing aircraft.cfg so we remove the default behavior ? Regs Sam
  17. Mathijs - If I remember well, this was not in the initial plan, so those GPSU wouldn't conflict with AES. Why to "overload" the *.MDL file with more polygons? Unless there is a 'trick' I'm not aware of. Rgrds Sam
  18. A fictional LTU 320 or 321 from 90s era ?? well this is A330 Sam
  19. 1. 2. 3. 4. Each video at its end links to the next. I hope you enjoy and you found them useful. Links also found at http://simchecksoftw...php?topic=126.0
  20. Looking at the VC video, operating the SPD and HDG knobs, there is a push - pull usage - OK I know that this a feature of modern airbuses. I noticed that those knobs when pushed or pulled, 'stick' at that position and do not return to a "middle spring loaded" position. Is this a 3D modeling design implementation (NO PROBLEM with that) or is the real bus' autopilot constructed a such? Regards Sam P.S.: Get back on subject.
  21. Another one !!!! A300B4-200 Take off It is not perfect but... anyway...
  22. This is an essential clarification as of how FS Airplane simulation is viewed, implemented and marketed. It is the first time I notice its importance. Sam
  23. I agree with Stewart's words. I'm greatly impressed !!!! Sam
  24. Andy I don't have any go flight modules, but If you have a registered FSUIPC, then this trick might work for you. If you use something similar to "map" click-to-key, then map key-to-goflight module switch. I haven't tried but I remembered somebody mentioning something similar. Sam
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