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  1. Would be nice, that somebody can make a repaint of this airbus. Thanks. http://www.luftfahrtclubbraunschweig.de/picdb/Swen-E-Johannes-Volkswagen-Air-Services-Airbus-A319CJ-VP-CVX-BWE-Braunschweig-Wolfsburg-11734.html
  2. OK Björn, thanks for your sunday support. I love the old one.
  3. Thank you very much and go ahead with your great work. I love your Bus. Did you record an engine sound, too? What equip in airbus cockpit can create this high frequ noise?
  4. Hello Björn, your new avionic sound steals my nerves. There is a high frequency sound in it. Its like be an old apu is running. I went crazy, so i hear that sound all time long and i can't belive that this real. Please rescue my ears from that high freq noise.
  5. I have the same problems. Its with TFlightStick from Aerosoft or with Saitek Quadrant Throttel. So i make this steps: Throttel to FLX or what you want and hit F4. Thats a workaround. Its not so nice, cause why i have a throttel? It work and i reach my power now, but now i get no power for climb. Using FSX SP2 only...
  6. This Thread is for low FPS... So i have change in ND.xml the frequenzy to 6. Its now more better. ND is not so smooth but i can life with it.
  7. No, i dont know about this feature. How can i do it?
  8. Again, i reinstalled all and make a fresh new install. I use SP2 no Acc-pack so if ND is refresh frames go down.
  9. With SquawkWin it dont work, too. I hope there is a way to change it with a fix. All other addons work fine.
  10. Problem is not solved with V1.21 extremly short bad frames on turning on taxiway. I dont have this problem before V1.20. On standard aiports i have 50 fps or more, if i taxi with this bird and turn the bird in other directions its stucking extremly... Frames go down to 15fps or less so i dont have this problem with other addons.
  11. Speedtape on Captainsite is well now, but not on Copilotsite. Yes, well done. My frames are now drop in to deepest forest... In ManagedMode magenta speed triangle on right hand site of speedtape is missing. FMGS Block orange 0000 is overwriten with blue 00 SpeedVectors N1 show up full speed on any mode airbus dive into hell on manual landing SET MDA to 1100 i get minimums on 700, posible that it only works with qnh 1013? The issue is still there.
  12. Don't say "look on you tube!" Send us the link to that video, then we can explain you why it is. Andrew is right!
  13. Don't have Acc.. Pack only SP2 and have with fresh installed Version V1.11 same problems like V1.0.
  14. I have installed V1.11 with clean fresh install. (Before i deinstalled all with stepbystep guide)
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