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  1. Hi Oliver Thanks for your prompt reply. I am glad to say that reinstalling Heathrow has rectified the problem. Regards Nixon
  2. 2020-7-11_20-54-15-698.pdf Hi I have just purchased London Heathrow Professional to replace UK2000's Heathrow Xtreme which I deselected in P3DV4.5. Tonight I loaded FSLabs A320 at Gate 309 and when I attempted to have GSX refuel the plane I got the message shown on the attached screen shoot. I shut down P3D and completely deleted UK2000's Heathrow Xtreme and rebooted my computer. I again reloaded FSLabs A320 at the same gate. This time I successfully got GSX to come and refuel the plane. I then decided that I wished to take off from 27R so I shut down P3D and rebooted my computer. I changed the EGLL config to "Take off North/landing South" and again loaded the FSlabs A320 at Gate 309. To my surprise when I tried to get GSX to refuel I again received the same message as on the attached screenshot. I once again shut down P3D and rebooted my computer. I then finally loaded the A320 but this time at Gate 311 only to again fail to get GSX to refuel the plane. I have posted this here on the Aerosoft forum as the message I received says that the missing file is an Aerosoft one. I would appreciate any advice on how to rectify this problem Regards Nixon Thomas
  3. Thanks Oliver for your reply Regards Nixon
  4. Hi I have just purchased Heathrow Professional for P3DV4.5 to replace UK2000's Heathrow Xtreme. To my surprise and delight I noticed in the manual that there are three different runway settings. The meaning off "Take off north/landing south and take off south/landing north" is self evident. Would I be right in assuming that "Take off both/landing both" means that the selection of runways is based on the time of the day? If not could someone enlighten me on exactly what it means? Thanks and regards Nixon Thomas
  5. Hi I have just landed on 25R (new runway) and there were cars crossing the runway and also the taxiway leading back into the main airport area. They acted as if they were driving on the roads that were there before the construction of the new runway. Is there a way that I can remove them. Thanks for the update. Nixon
  6. Nixon


    Thanks Matt After posting the above I remembered how I found the update last time. I blame old age! Nixon
  7. Nixon


    Hi I have the boxed edition of Madeira for FSX. A little while ago I downloaded a patch to make it into V 1.2. I have since reinstalled Windows and FSX. I have just installed Madeira,but I can't find the update. My Aerosoft launcher says that my boxed version is up to date. I know I should have backed up the update before my hard drive was reformatted but I forgot about the update until I came to install the boxed product. Is the update still available and if so where can I download it? Thanks in anticipation. Nixon
  8. Just tried with the default Cessna and it was ok. Then closed FSX and tried with the Turbine Duke and it was ok repeated with the NGX and it too was ok. So it must have been a temporary glitch. Sorry to have wasted your time. Regards Nick
  9. I have just reformatted my hard drive and am having problems at Weeze. This has happened with both PMDG's 737NGX and Real Air Turbine Duke. Am running FSX in full screen mode and have the following problems 1. Pressing the Alt key does not bring up the top menu. 2 Right clicking does not bring up the drop down change view menu. 3. I can't open the FSX ATC window. This only occurs at this airport. You help would be appreciated. Thanks Nixon
  10. Nixon


    I have just reformatted my hard drive. Before hand I backed up my Aerosoft downloaded scenery. Unfortunately I didn't back up Weeze. How can I redownload Weeze? I have my original invoice and will of course be more than happy to provide that information. Thanks Nick Thomas
  11. Nixon


    Hi Shaun Thanks for your prompt reply. Everything is now sorted. I had the right version of Aerosoft Launcher and the product was activated but I had missed that there was an update. Installed the update and the FSX building has now gone. Regards Nick
  12. Nixon


    Hi Shaun This is my first attempt at taking a screen shot and posting it. http://s1230.photobucket.com/albums/ee482/Nixon57/
  13. Nixon


    Yes I have and all the scenery is there plus the extra bit! Regards Nick
  14. Nixon


    Hi I have just installed Corfu X. On turning onto the apron and to the right hand of the main terminal(in front of what looks like scrub land) there is part of the FSX standard terminal building still present. I have checked your promo video and this building is not present. Can you please tell me how to remove it. Thanks Nick
  15. Hi I have the CD version of Budapest. I see there is an update now available. Do I have to pay the full price for the update? Thanks Nixon
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