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  1. Thanks for putting a smile on my face , let me know if u need beta-testers.
  2. Hi there, I've searched thru this topic to find a release date and the last one I found was easter 2010 So do you already got a little more exact date? - Alexander
  3. Is the boxed version released, or did aerosoft disappoint me again? - Alexander
  4. Hi there, I'm maybe want a lesson but, does it require to have fsx deluxe according you are using shared cockpit. Thanks - Alexander
  5. About rule 4, I also want to fly my citation, but if this rule is deleted it means I could also fly my l-39 Albatros. And believe me that is a hell of a sound. - Alexander Lips
  6. niceee, next thursday I'm landing in Faro for my vacation. Any wished photos? - Alexander Lips
  7. Hi there, I think before Aerosoft can manage a server the best way is to use the standard online from fsx. I would I could do it but I have a slow internet connection so it'll not work. Is there somebody with a good connection willing to host 24/7? It could take some time before Matthijs and the rest manages something. Also I think we must have a lock on the server? - Alexander Lips
  8. Nice, so I can use it on my Nokia N-gage
  9. @ Mathijs It's a training device for the firemen
  10. Can't find a release date in this topic, do you guys know one already?
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