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  1. Finnally figured out what the heck was going on.....phuu So in my struggle to be more organized, I have a 12 terrabyte hd that serves as a storage for orthos. I shortcut those into X-Plane which is on another disk. This is pretty streight forward and easy to do.. The case here is that Kroatia and Serbia occupy the same tile There is actually two sets of +43+016 tiles, in each folder So it basically does not matter how many time I generated and replaced the folder in Kroatia, as Bosina had higher priority in scenery_library So I removed the folder in Bosnia and voila the scenery was finally pretty and gorgeous. Just as I wanted. Thanks to you @flyagi for trying to help me and guide me.. Just look at this beauty
  2. Still nothing I am very sad to say.. Now I matched your settings, choosed viewfinder mesh (changed these two And tile completed looked like this (should be fine) Log said So what the heck is happening.. Seems it does not matter what I do.. Even tried to add the origianl mesh folder back in, but then it just removes the underlaying ortho
  3. Just did a test using your method, no success. Buildings are still floating mid-air.. I have no other mesh installed, even removed the included mesh and did the batch build, all boxes ticked. Ok, let's see if we can fix this, perhaps something is wrong at my end.. Example of the finish ortho with patch copied to root. As you can see there is no patch build in the log Here is the folder structure And here is the config file which I have used to create all of europe Any idea why it don't read the patch?
  4. Very int. So basically into the root folder, will give it a go now.. Thanks
  5. Did try your approach @FlyAgi to no success. Still floating buildings. Folder was left in the Patches folder and tile generated as normal. Mesh folder was removed Buildings still is elevated.
  6. Yes, correct.. But it you delete the mesh, or the mesh has higher priority in the layer stack, the buildings are elevated in sim. The only way this can be fixed is by removing the orthophoto tile, which is not something I want to do just to get some buildings aligned on the surface Will try your suggestion now and see how that goes. Question, why is the folder called +40+010 and the subfolder (which should be correct for the area) called +43+016?
  7. Yea, that did not work. Just put the patch file into the Patches folder and genereted the tile. Did not work Will try your suggestion now. Ps.. Should I then remove the orginal "mesh" file when patch is completed?
  8. Thank you, must have missed it. I take it you put the patch in the Patches folder and build the tiles as normal?
  9. I would like to re-open this issue as it seems to have been a factor since the start. After a long time of trail and error I have figured out that the main issue is the mesh layering in X-Plane This is only applicable to those that use Ortho4XP scenery Case: If you have Orthophoto scenery i.e. Bing, etc.. And you install Aerosoft Split, the scenery removes the underlaying orthophoto tile. This is with basic layer structure according the manual, as you can see the underlaying ortho is missing showing default textures. SCENERY_PACK Custom Scenery/Aerosoft - LDSP Split - 00 - Seasons/ SCENERY_PACK Custom Scenery/Aerosoft - LDSP Split - 01 - Roads/ SCENERY_PACK Custom Scenery/Aerosoft - LDSP Split - 02 - Airport/ SCENERY_PACK Custom Scenery/Aerosoft - LDSP Split - 03 - Mesh/ When you move this line SCENERY_PACK Custom Scenery/Aerosoft - LDSP Split - 03 - Mesh/ below the ortho tiles aka down to the bottom of scenery_library.ini - the ortho works perfectly and blends good with the scenery However, there is mesh elevation errors due to it. Buildings are elevated to the extent that the scenery is basically useless with Orthophoto So my question is this, how can this be fixed? Is it possible to include an elevation patch to allow us to make a ortho based on the original custom elevation such as you can do with i.e. Bergen XP "+60+005.txt.elevation" Or is it a shorter more quickly fix for this issue that is very annoying. I have seen this case in Alta XP too, but with Tromsø XP and Bergen XP you could at least make an custom tile with correct elevation and delete the included one. Please help as I am pretty much stuck with an non working scenery as I do not want to relinguish my Ortho4XP tiles generated for the entire Europe. Thanks in advance guys. Cheers Tom Knudsen @Marten
  10. Never mind guys.. All my bad This was for some reason activated at my end. So now Excellent scenery btw, well done and congrats.
  11. When ever one start up Split XP, the ground is winter.. SAM Season is not activated or installed, so this is pure scenery issue. How can I remove it? If I remove the seasonal folder, only the trees are white, which looks strange This affects only the scenery, not default scenery Cheers guys Tom
  12. It works perfectly as is For the record =1.0 was the correct value with index of 0. Even for the announciator LED lights.
  13. Dear all Proud owner of the new Honeycomb Bravo throttle which fits very nicely with my Alpha. I use X-Plane and mainly two airplanes, the Zibo Mod and Toliss Airbus.. Now I have not configured Toliss yet (kinda waiting for the Airbus edition of the levers) but I have started to configure the Zibo. While I got all of the buttons working, and I have lights on i.e gear, some announcements etc. But I cannot seem to figure out the LED for IAS, HDG, ALT button lights So I post this questions here: Here you can see the dataref for Auto Pilot button is applied, but in terms of Index and Value I am not sure. Logic tells me that =1.0 is the correct or =1 This becuse the lights should be off when the button is not active (0) and (1) if the button is activated. I have binded this to Command A on Zibo as shown below but I have used >=1 (which seems to work) But for the LED lights, it does not. As seen below I've added 0 (should be off) and >=1 as (should be on) Now, question is this: Which should I use? >=1 =1 =1.0 Or does it not matter and should index be 0 or nothing? Datarefs used: Button CMD A = laminar/B738/buttons/autopilot/cmd_a Light laminar/B738/autopilot/cmd_a_status Please help
  14. Thanks for the feedback Heinz In retrospect, this should have been tested before release, that way we could had an working product upon purchase. In same context, the circling lights which is mentioned in the other post as well. Anyway, thanks again Heinz, will just have to wait for the fix Cheers Tom
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