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  1. Thanks FlyAgi.. But would be cool to see an SAM integration too
  2. After reading up on all linked pages my question is this: Could sceneries such as ENTC be patched with a custom made ortho mesh that would not cover ENDU? Or does a mesh produced by ortho cover the same geographical area as the ortho itself. We made an patched mesh file just for ENKB "made by Didier" (ortho4xp), but that had to be then rendered with ortho4xp to generate the fix. While the mesh was fixed, not all want to use ortho. I guess you could mask out everyting you wouldn't need, but that seems like a ton of extra work. So basically what are the options, wait for a tool by XP or try patching it with ortho mesh and not use an mesh by Andras. Do we really not have any other choices but to wait for a tool by XP to arrive? Cheers Tom
  3. Any chance will get an update to this scenery so that the new terminal is complete? This is from the scenery now, as you can see the gates, gate identifications etc. are not implemented. The transit between the old and the new is missing/not complete New terminal was opened RL in 2017 - Two years ago
  4. Thanks. figured as much. I for one think airport should not have any push static push back trucks or tugs unless it is part of the ground movement and in working order. That is if you call them to you.. Some people tend to use such things as Betterpushback plugin, me included. I for one do not want anything blocking its path. even if ironic it does travel through buildings.. Thanks for being on top, I do not own Faro Island yet, so I have not checked that one for the same issue, but I read people have gotten it with it too. Might want to check it out. Have a nice day Matthias, happy to assist.
  5. Hi.. Just found a bug in your scenery When installed, there pops up a red pushback tractor on every default airport in X-Plane at first I could not for the love of the game figure out what caused it. So I needed to fix it. Here is my progress: First I deleted the custom scenery folder and the result was this Then I ran the X-Plane updater and voila the tractors (tug) were gone I then needed to figure out which packages caused it, since I had only default airports and payware airports installed before, no libraries. Reading on Facebook, I noticed some others had issues with Faro Islands package and Svalbard X, since I did not have the first I suspected the last. So I tried that first. Installed ENSB and MESH and yes, the tractor emerges (this is from ENAL) Ok, so I now found the bug that causes these tractors (tugs) to show in every default airports. Inside ENSB, open the library.txt and find this section and remove the text highlighted in blue. Problem solved, truck gone If it was a push back tractor on ENSB, it is gone now I would suggest adding a default X-Plane library object or a custom model if you absolutely need to have this tractor tug in this scenery. I for one Is happy to see it go Note! I checked all other airports included in the package, and it seems the ENSB takes priority over them all, at least no tug present in them. So safe to use.. Thank you for an excellent scenery, that will for sure be used Cheers Tom Knudsen
  6. And that is why it is so easily converted
  7. Though not as trafficated as ENTC with only 242.000 pax in 2017 vs 2.104.861 at ENTC (which is a way larger city), it is still a important airport for both military and domestic travels in this region. While not everybody takes time to report, the fact is that there is an issue that cannot be fixed in this payware scenery and people need to be aware. The correct way is that the thirdparty vendor list this detail in their readme or on the product page as a known bug. That way the end user is informed in a responsible fashion. From Alpilot's response, too bad he quit doing mesh.. Deep, cut-out canyons around narrow rivers In some very rare cases, the river smoothing / flattening algorithm goes haywire. Yes, riverbeds need to be take care of via some algorithms as the original DEM (elevation) data is rarely optimal along narrow valleys OR the OSM river vector data is not perfectly in sync with the DEM data. An algorithm tries to “correct” these issues, but in some – rare – extreme cases it can be too aggressive in the wrong place. This is very, very hard to take care of thus I accept it “as is”.
  8. Thanks Marten Here is what you can try out: 1. Create a new ENDU scenery folder and make sure it stays above ENTC mesh 2. Download the latest gateway version of ENDU into the new scenery folder through WED 3. Activate "always flatten" in the airport options Will try this, but if it does not work I think the best solution is then to remove Aerosoft ENTC for good. Not worth having an FSX converted airport present in XP if neighbouring mesh/airport is ruined. Better then to make the airport from scratch again and edit the default dsf tile. But I think it is important that people know about this problem, just in case they are thinking about buying it, it is in the end a payware product. Fingers crossed though..
  9. Hi, that much I have figured out too.. I will talk to Andras to see if he can fix it. I believe I have narrowed the bug down to "river elevations" or perhaps the tag "streams" The coverage is way larger than just ENDU, it also cover the entire +69_018 tile I have checked ENEV and ENAN which are the nearby airports, but it seems to be only ENDU that have the actual airport effected, again of course due the fact that there is a "river" or a "stream" coming down towards the airport boundary. The cracks can be seen all over the tile as seen in these two images. Red arrow = Rivers or Streams
  10. Hi guys. There is a major issue with the accompanying mesh in the package Aerosoft - Tromsø ENTC While is looks good at the airport, it destroys the terrain at neighbouring airport ENDU, have not check other airports Rivers and airport seems to be diggin in creating cracks. Perhaps some elevation data is wrong or flattening is in place. Removing the mesh fixes the problem, but also flatten ENTC, it works but I bet not as intended. ENDU is situated as the closest airport to ENTC, but still a distance away from it. Please have a look!! Using X-Plane 11.32r2 and Windows 10 No other mesh or ortho is installed, pure vanilla. This is a before and after image showing mesh at ENDU with and without (ENTC Mesh) folder installed in XP ENDU Without "Aerosoft - ENTC Tromso - Mesh" ENDU With "Aerosoft - ENTC Tromso - Mesh"
  11. After 50 hours of testing different approaches into ENGM the problem is no long valid. Seems to me it could be narrowed down to one of two tings. Zibo bug Navigraph bug Either which, the problem is not there now, at least I have not had any misalignment issues. I have tested both 19R/L and 01L/R and the plane flies it perfectly using latest AIRAC Hopefully this will continue
  12. Hi Mario, sorry for the late response, been working. I believe the default X-Plane 737 is not able to fly RNAV Z approach hence the Zibo Mod. I did try the IXEG 737-300 and it too was not able to align for the ILS doing an RNAV Z or Y approach. Doing a normal ILS CAT3 the only way I managed to land was when I set the inbound course to 016 which is 3 degrees from the real one.. So I tested it again after removing the Aerosoft ENGM and using 1. Default and 2. Freeware airport by tdg On both occasions I managed to fly and RNAV approach perfectly. PS.. I have no issues with this on Aerosoft ENBR scenery. Only ENGM, but I have heard this is not uncommon and reported airports I have heard is Here are some feedbacks This is of course just a few I would love for others to try and fly this using Zibo airplane, IXEG or any other. I would love to figure this thing out. My logic states that when problem eliminates by changing the scenery, it is there to begin with. Hope you figure it out, but my money is on misalignment..
  13. Try using a 737 with RNAV, VNAV and LNAV capability. I suggest the excellent 737-800 Zibo modification Then I suggest flying the ENVA/27 UTUN1W UTUNA M609 BELGU BELG3L ENGM/01L route using the latest NAVDATA from Navigraph. Good luck.
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