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  1. My parents used to say to me in the past "He always has an excuse" 🙂 Oliver is directly involved in this already open Case with the dummy.bgl File . I am a Customer and need help . He knows about this Problem . That has nothing to do with "i have to search for my self for this Problem. Do you search for an Problem when 2 AS People tells u something about "buggy V5" and "I cant check as I do not use P3Dv5 (far too buggy) nor do I use AI Traffic tools. But the crash might also be caused by incompatible AI aircraft file and or zero byte files. You can check this." ?
  2. Oliver , I told you in this Post that the SODE Jetways crashed my Sim . Why dont you tell me that there is an Post open because of the exact same problem . You are involved in this Post . Why you dont give me the Tipp with deleting the dummy bgl File as in this Post described . This is not the help i need . Sorry !!!!!!
  3. Many Thanks Markus , Seems that Aerosoft can not or dont want to help me . And i search the whole Day on my Computer for Problems .
  4. You talk abaout Hijack and give me a "Warning" only because i try to find out what the Problem on my site is , and mopperle talk about buggy V5 Sim and that my AI Traffic is the Reason and no one give me an hint that there is already a Post open that the Error is in an ( maybe ) corrupt bgl File in the EDDM Scener Folder . Many Thanks . Nice Forum .
  5. Ok , What Parameters must the EXIT values in the aircraft.cfg have that they work with the STRG+J Jetways in EDDM ? I try now every kind of settings , but the default Jetways stays to far down from the Exit . Thanks
  6. You mean the aircraft.cfg ? Right The funny thing is that the AI Traffic has no Problems with the Gates . But also the AS Airbus and the FSlabs Airbus have these Problems . Means AS Airbus is wrong configured for an AS Airport ? Please dont tell me that only on EDDM ( all other Airports have no Problems witth this Planes ) has an Problem with the aircraft.cfg of these Planes .
  7. Hello , Why all of the default Jetways in EDDM are on the wrong Position to the Front Door of the Plane ? Too deep and awy to right . The Simwings SODE Jetways for EDDM crash my Sim . Is there soon an Update available ? Michael .
  8. When i dont use the SODE Files , it looks like this ? What is the Problem to dock the STRG+J Jetways to the right Position ?!?!?!? Now i can choose between the Sim crash to Desktop at 77 % with SODE Files and AI Traffic Detection enabled or Aerosoft default Jetways that dont find the right Aircraft Door , Nice Work again AS .
  9. Onesmore , i can use every Time on the Day . Everytime the Same behaviour. I drop all the traffic.bgl Files from AIG Manager to another place . Means i have no traffic.bgl Files active . The Error occurs. I use the same time , the same Plane , the same Parking Position . One time it works , the next time it hangs on 77 % and then CTD. Second Point is that it is not only in EDDm , also on other Airtports . perhaps in LOWS it hangs on 74 % . When i set SODE on EDDM to off . Then EDDM and all other Airports works back normal .
  10. The Error comes on different Times a day . I recheck all AI Planes . No Errors found .
  11. What is the best Way to find out which File cause this Problem ? Why only the SODE Files from EDDM causes this Problem and all other Airports runs fine with my AI Traffic ? Thanks
  12. Very sad that u cant reproduce this . How should i check this ? Thanks Michael
  13. Can u check if you have the following : - SODE Files from Simwings installed AND In SODE Platform Manager under Tools the Option "Enable AI Traffic Detection" set to True . This is the Problem Please set In SODE Platform Manager under Tools the Option "Enable AI Traffic Detection" set to False and Test again .
  14. Hi , Investigate and find out more . The Problem only persist with this SODE Files when in SODE Platform Manager the Option "Enable AI Traffic Detection" is set to True . But when i set the EDDM SODE Files with the Batch Job to "off" then i can set the SODE Setting to "True" and all other Airports works normal . Please can u check this . Thanks . Michael
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