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  1. Ok, I think i want to end this discussion here . One Problem different opinions here . Fact is for me ( maybe not for others ) that i dont want to use the A320 with this kind of Livery Textures. And youre right - this is now my Problem . Thanks for your explanations. If you want you can close this Post now .
  2. No - it's an Aerosoft problem - why the A318-321 Series is till now not an PBR Model ?!? I think Aerosoft don't miss it to make the PBR ability and now from v5 Aerosoft runs in an Problem. And the others with PBR Models not. What is this for an logic to say the others are the Problem , when I miss something in my work and others not !?
  3. But onesmore , Why all other planes works and you told me that is an LM problem ?!? It is an Aerosoft problem in my eyes. Aerosofts own 330 works fine. Please do something to change this otherwise I have to look where I become 160 Euros for the other A320 which have no problems with LM . Maybe the Aerosoft A320 Developers find an temporary fix for this. But the main Question is, why Aerosoft gives the A320 Series neither in v4 nor in v5 PBR ability .
  4. Sorry - But you never had an PBR Model for the A318-321 Buses ?!?! Or i am wrong ?
  5. Means , now with v5 after 4 years with an nice A320 model I have to live with an very sad Livery Texture Problem ? Nice answer
  6. I sent u my Graphic CArd Settings . Can u give me an hint where i can search for an Solution ? Thanks
  7. Hi Mathijs , That is a very unsatisfactory answer for me , because : 1. Why your own Product A330 works fine and your A318-321 Series not ? 2. Why other Developers has no Problems with the Decision of LM , and they use the same PBR Technik in v4 and also in v5 . Neither QW , FSlabs , PMDG or Feelthere - all this Planes has no Problems . 3. Why you ask me first for my Graphic Settings when the answer you give me has nothing todo with my Graphic Settings ? What u told me is that i and many other customers have to life with this very sad Outside Textures of the A318-A321 Planes till maybe in the future comes an new Sim ?!?! Not really !!! I think the Main Reason is that your Airbus 318-320 Series never ( in v4 and v5 ) use the Technic of PBR . This Planes has no PBR in v4 and now no PBR in v5 and therefore this Textures looks so sad. I really hope that Aerosoft dont let this Plane fly in v5 with this sad Quality Textures . Michael
  8. Hi Mathijs , I updated all Busses to Version to . Here are some more Screenshots and my Graphic Settings . My 747 and 73 from PMDG dont have any issues , also no issues with older Liverys for this Planes . All looks perfect . Only the Aerosoft Busses are affected from this effect . I also postet my Graphic Settings .
  9. I can post the Screenshots from P3Dv5 later , at the Moment im not on the PC. Thanks Michael
  10. Does anyone else have the problem that the Livery textures of the Airbus 318-321 in P3Dv5 HF2 seems so glassy / transparent. and a kind of corrupted ? I alreday cleared the Shadder Cache and try an new Prepar3d.cfg. Even the original liverys have the same problem in P3Dv5. The Aerosoft A330 dont have this Problem with the Textures. All my other Planes ( 747 , 737 from PMDG ) and also the P3Dv5 Stock Planes dont have this behaviour with the Livery Textures. Thanks
  11. Hallo , Habe das Problem das ich seit P3Dv5 beim Airbus A320 gläsern und transparent wirkende Livery Texturen habe bzw. teilweise auch Artefakte in der Livery habe . Sogar die mitgelieferten Texturen weisen das Verhalten auf. Verwende keine 3rd Party Shadders oder ähnliches. P3D Shadder Cache ist gelöscht und neue P3D.cfg wurde erstellt. Habe das ganze mit und auch ohne TrueSky getestet. Meine anderen Flugzeuge wie die 747 und die 737 von PMDG weisen dieses Verhalten nicht auf. Auch die P3D eigenen Flugzeuge haben keine Livery Probleme . Gibts für dieses Verhalten eine Lösung ? Vielen Dank Gruß Michael
  12. Hello , Wow - Thanks for the fast Solution and Support 🙂 I can confirm that now with the Update all works perfect . Michael
  13. Please can u forwarded this to the right people ? Thanks
  14. Hello Oliver , Thanks for the Statement . Now i find out an new behavior . When i move in the Outsight View around my own Plane on Daytime the Runway and Taxiway Lights are Flickering between on and off . Can u please check this too . Thanks . Michael
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