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  1. Hello , Is it possible to config an File that everytime i choose the A320 or A319 the Plane starts with "Cold and Dark" Cockpit ? Thanks Michael
  2. Hello , I bought Mega Airport Zurich at Simmarket . I see that the newest Version was the 1.04 . But when i download Mega Airport Zurich at Simmarket this is only the Version 1.00 . Where i can download the newest Version . By the Way - i found that the Gates in Zurich are for me too empty . Maybe there is an new AFCAD File available ? Only a few of the Gates are busy. Thanks Michael
  3. Hello , When i positioned the Aerosoft A320 on an Medium Gate in the new Mega Airport Prague Scenery the the Sign for Parking Position says "Uknown Type" and no Jetway is moving . Are this SODE or STRG J Jetways in the new Prague Scenery ? Thanks for help. Michael
  4. Hello, When i start Simstarter i become an Message that SODE is already running and now 2 SODE Instances are running. What i do is : Choose in advanced Settings of the Profile , that EXE.xml Config Set1 should use. ( In this Files are SODE Options which will start ) I also have choose that Addon Config Set 1 should use with the Profile . ( There are also SODE Options ) Can it be that Simstarter now wnat to start SODE 2 Times ? On time from Addon Config Set and the Second Time from EXE.xml Entrys ? Thanks for Help .
  5. Hello and much thanks for the work and the Update . I can confirm that now for me the Airport is absolutely perfect usable . Very poor and rare Stutters but an complete difference to before the Update . In bavaria we will say : "Sauguad gmacht Burschen" Thanks onesmore Michael
  6. I bought the Airport over Simmarket , There is already only 1.03 available . ­čś× Michael
  7. So- After somne Weeks and different Settings . With an new Graphic Card . GTX 2080 . The same - also with low settings . Stutters , Stutters , Stutters . It was after an fresh Installation again . The same as above . Like an Rubber Band. When comes an Update for this behavior ? And onesmore . No Problems on other Airports . Michael
  8. Here an Perfomance Benchmark between an normal 250GB SSD SATA and my VNAND PCi 1TB SSD on which my P3Dv4 is installed. Is it normal that the 1TB PCI SSD have the half of the Speed from an normal SATA 250 SSD . Can it be the reason for the Stutters ? Thanks
  9. Hello , After fresh Installation of Windows and P3Dv4 inkl. Cologne Bonn . Here some Screenshots from Disk Usage and CPU Usage while over flying the Airport . My P3Dv4 Installation is on an Samsung MZ-V7P1T0BW 970 PRO Internal SSD 1TB NVMe M.2 . This is an PCi SSD . This SSD is installed dirct on the PCI Port on the Mainboard . On the Screenshots , this is Drive E: Can it be that there is an Problem with this Drive ? Thanks Michael
  10. Hello , My Monitor Frequency is 60Hz . What itry till now is to set via Nvidia Inspector the FPS on 30 , Trippelbuffering On , Vsync On Half refresh rate .
  11. So , After some Test , only with EDDK i observe also Mikrostutters , not so many and not so Long as before but they are there . Here a Screenshot with the Performance Data
  12. At the Moment Windows Installation and the newest Driver Installation is finished . Windows Version : 1809 Build 17763.107 Graf├şk Driver : Nvidia 416.94 No Tweaks No Nvidia Settings . Next Stepp - Default Installation of P3Dv4 Then Installation of only EDDK . Bring the Results soon.
  13. Hello , I decide now to make an fresh install of my Computer . And the First tests then will be the EDDK Scenery . First without any other Addons . Then Step by Step installing the Addons . Here an Screenshot from my actual Performance while Stuttering in EDDK . What i find very strange is that CPU core 1 runs on 100 % all the Time . Michael
  14. Thanks - i read all of your posts. At the moment i think about an completely fresh install of the sim. But in front I want to check out if something can be wrong with my hardware. With which Windows Version and with which Nvidia Driver Aerosoft Test the EDDK Airport? Do you use any tweaking ? Nvidia Settings ? BIOS Settings ? thanks
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