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  1. Hello Mathijs,


    my name is Jan alias Lotus3xiG3. I'm native german speaker, but I lived in Malaysia for about 5 years and was able to improve my English knowledge a lot! I saw your post in the forum, that you are looking for an English-German translator and thought: Why not? 
    So, here I am: If you want, I can translate English posts and announcements and post them in the German Forum?! Of course I would do that totally volunteer! 
    It would be great, if you could contact me via PN with your, Aerosoft's, decision...


    Looking forward


  2. I got some mixed shots for you (found them on my hard drive...): I hope you like 'em Lotus3xiG3
  3. That's already released! Great liveries Holgi! Keep 'em coming...
  4. Oh yeah, the olympics... Looking forward to them and (of course) more shots from you!
  5. What's about a new Airbus A400M? Because the Wilco, which is also sold in the shop, is in my opinion not the best... And it's not supported by 64-Bit systems!
  6. @DetCord Thanks mate! Although the new theme is airport/ramp/taxi congestion...
  7. Whats about just the airport?! No Airplanes needed, but allowed, focused on the buildings and scenery. - COMPLETED Lotus3xiG3
  8. And again a Lufthansa A320! By the way: How do you get such good uploading resolutions?!
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