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  1. Hello; How about Thai Airline. Thanks; Mark
  2. Hello; I just installed it in V3.1,SODE is running,the version I have from the site,is 1.30,I had to install it as administrator,to get it working,Im using Windows 7. Thanks; Mark
  3. Hello; Have you loaded a flight plan in the FMS,and then try it,I've had the plane for a while now,and haven't had any of these issues.In your images, you don't have autopilot engaged? Mark
  4. Hello; Read through the manual,it tells you how to correct the problem with FS Global ,you have to rename some files,to correct the problem. Mark
  5. Hello; If you update the old airrac cycle,you don't need to keep the old one,at Navigraph,you can get these,but you have to pay.Are you using an Fsx flight plan? Mark
  6. Hello; I try to find a happy medium with the settings,how much do I adjust them,after trial,and error over the years with Fsx. Mark
  7. Hello; After Matt's help,got it installed,it looks some much better in Prepar 3D. Mark
  8. Hello Matt; Thanks,I missed that one,Prepar 3D is so much nicer to use,have not had any problems yet. Mark
  9. Hello Matt; Thanks,but this was the only scenery I forgot to do,before I un-installed Fsx.The rest of the Aerosoft products,go directly to Prepar 3D,making it easy.I really don't want to re-install Fsx,just to do this. Thanks; Mark
  10. Hello; I was wondering if you could make an installer for the Balearic Islands.I had it installed in Fsx,nice scenery. Thanks; Mark
  11. Hello; I was wondering if there was doing to be a P3D version,or will it work like it is. Thank you; Mark
  12. Hello Mathijs; I just tried it again,using the PMDG MD-11,flying,the CPU reading was steady on all the cores,at 25 percent,and the ram was the same,I guess it varies which scenery you are using,and so on. mark
  13. Hello; I made a copy of mine,running Windows 7,64 bit,12 gbits if ram,duel core,I loaded a Fsx Mission,here's the result;This is strange,the only program I had running was Fsx Acc.With nothing running,the Cpu was at 0,and the ram was at 2.54. Mark
  14. Hello; Make sure you have all the updates for the aircraft,and if you have the mission pack,get the updates as well.Its takes a little bit to install all of the updates,but that should correct the problem you are having. Mark
  15. Hello; Go to the update page,and register the product,once you've done that,it should show up in your list of products,to get updates. Mark
  16. Hello; Look at this link,it talks about the issue;http://www.microsoft...eintheRain.aspx Mark
  17. Hello; Do you have any other add-on scenery for the area,also try adjusting your settings,see if this helps,oh yea,it helps if you give some of your computer specs. Mark
  18. Hello; Amazon has it listed on there site. Mark
  19. Hello; Make sure that you have AES,set as the same privilage level as Fsx is,(administrator).And another way to see if AES is communicating with Fsx,go to the Airport you said,minimize the Fsx screen,and open AES Cong,see if the green tab is indicated,or it could be Yellow,or Red,you want green.Eclosed is an image. Mark
  20. Hello Matt; I've tried it again,and the settings were changed again?,I have no idea why this is happening. Mark
  21. Hello; I have a question,when I connect to the Gamespy Server,and go to ANDRAS Field,and then log out,my FSX cfg. file is changed?,is there a limitation of settings,because it makes most of the settings the default ones,and I would like to keep the settings I have. Thank you: Mark
  22. Hello; Thanks for your help Matt,I'm finally getting around,to being adventurous with Fsx,had it for years. Mark
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