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  1. Hi Mark, Yeah, I have Andrew Thomsen's AoN as well as the LC and mesh for Norway. I disabled Thomsen's ENVA files, and Aerosoft's files are all riding above (higher in the Scenery Library list) any other Norway scenery. Computer is high end at i7 950, 2600K 3.0 GHz, 16 GB RAM, GTX 560 graphics, so that shouldn't be the issue. I saved a default 172 flight at Trondheim and the last few attempted loads from Free Flight had the sim freeze as soon as it started to load the autogen, which I had set to Sparse. The recommended settings for the Aerosoft scenery were set as per the manual. Thanks Mark. Any ideas appreciated Glenn
  2. G'Day, I just picked up Trondheim (ENVA) and am having a crashing problem. I'm mostly able to troubleshoot it myself at this point, so one quick question here: Does Trondheim require FSUIPC to be installed? I did read the manual through and the requirements section on the website and didn't see any reference to it, but sometimes I do miss the obvious. Thanks. If I run out of ideas I'll post back with more details, but I like to at least narrow things down as much as possible first. Glenn Davy
  3. Many thanks for this Jim. Much appreciated! Have a good one
  4. Good Day, I purchased the Beaver and Twin Otter last December (2009) and had an HD failure last week. As such I'm reinstalling everything on a new computer. Anyway, I just checked here about updates and I see there are 2 (2.30 and 2.31) for the Beaver, and 1 (1.11) for the Twin Otter. Since both these planes have been out for a while, I'm trying to tell if I already have the latest version, or if I need to apply the updates. Is there a location in the installed files to find out what versions I have? I did check the aircraft.cfg file and it looks like there is a version (3.1?) for the Beaver or the Otter, but not for the other. Also, if I have the latest versions, did they include the updated sound files as well? Thanks much for the help. Incidentally, nice job on the aircraft. I'm especially particular to the Beaver FHR of White River Air Service. I flew her for a season when I worked there back in the 80's, and just yesterday was talking to a fellow Beaver pilot who helped change a cylinder on it just a couple of weeks or so ago. She's getting a little 'tired' now I'm afraid. The airframe has about 20,000 hours on it now. Anyway, she was/is a super machine and out of the 3 we had at White River then, it was considered our "short field (lake)" machine. I got that thing in and out of lakes that weren't much bigger than a mud puddle some days . Anyway, thanks again. Nice job.
  5. OK, back again. I wasn't previously, so tonight I set up the default flight to load the 172, let it load fully and then changed to the Twin Otter. Unfortunately, there was no change. I tried out all the other aircraft I have (default and add-on) that use thrust reverse and the Twin Otter is the only machine that I have the problem with. Now that said, it's not impossible to work around this. What I finally did was set the throttles with "No Reverse" option in FSUIPC, then programmed one of the buttons below the throttles to the F2 command (reverse). That works well for stopping on landing. Where it doesn't work too well is with the seaplane version when you need to turn in a short radius by using reverse on one engine and forward thrust on the other. However, I can still do it by selecting the engine first, but it is awkward. So, not sure what to do next. If this isn't something others are seeing, then it must be specific to my setup and probably I'll continue to play with it on my end using FSUIPC and see if I can't solve this. If others have seen this, then maybe they have come up with a solution themselves and could post it here. Thanks much for your time. If you have anything I can try then I'd be happy to give it a go.
  6. Good Day, I seem to have a bit of an issue using reverse thrust on the Twin Otter with the CH Throttle Quadrant in FSX. #1 throttle behaves perfectly as it travels aft of the gate to full reverse. As soon as #2 throttle passes the gate, it jumps to full forward thrust. I have been working with this in FSUIPC to try and eliminate that, but it seems a constant issue. It's only the #2 throttle that is affected. The throttle axis on the yoke itself is disabled so as to not conflict with the THQ throttles. I saw a post a while back regarding a similar issue but with no resolution, during my search here prior to posting. However, the symptoms sounded somewhat different so I thought I would try here with this post to see if anyone has any ideas. Thanks in advance. Win XP Pro, FSX Acceleration, CH Yoke, THQ and Rudder Pedals
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