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  1. Hello; How about Thai Airline. Thanks; Mark
  2. Hello; I just installed it in V3.1,SODE is running,the version I have from the site,is 1.30,I had to install it as administrator,to get it working,Im using Windows 7. Thanks; Mark
  3. Hello; Have you loaded a flight plan in the FMS,and then try it,I've had the plane for a while now,and haven't had any of these issues.In your images, you don't have autopilot engaged? Mark
  4. Hello; Read through the manual,it tells you how to correct the problem with FS Global ,you have to rename some files,to correct the problem. Mark
  5. Hello; If you update the old airrac cycle,you don't need to keep the old one,at Navigraph,you can get these,but you have to pay.Are you using an Fsx flight plan? Mark
  6. Hello; I try to find a happy medium with the settings,how much do I adjust them,after trial,and error over the years with Fsx. Mark
  7. Hello; After Matt's help,got it installed,it looks some much better in Prepar 3D. Mark
  8. Hello Matt; Thanks,I missed that one,Prepar 3D is so much nicer to use,have not had any problems yet. Mark
  9. Hello Matt; Thanks,but this was the only scenery I forgot to do,before I un-installed Fsx.The rest of the Aerosoft products,go directly to Prepar 3D,making it easy.I really don't want to re-install Fsx,just to do this. Thanks; Mark
  10. Hello; I was wondering if you could make an installer for the Balearic Islands.I had it installed in Fsx,nice scenery. Thanks; Mark
  11. Hello; I was wondering if there was doing to be a P3D version,or will it work like it is. Thank you; Mark
  12. Hello Mathijs; I just tried it again,using the PMDG MD-11,flying,the CPU reading was steady on all the cores,at 25 percent,and the ram was the same,I guess it varies which scenery you are using,and so on. mark
  13. Hello; I made a copy of mine,running Windows 7,64 bit,12 gbits if ram,duel core,I loaded a Fsx Mission,here's the result;This is strange,the only program I had running was Fsx Acc.With nothing running,the Cpu was at 0,and the ram was at 2.54. Mark
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