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  1. Hello; Do you have My Traffic installed,I had the same problem at several airports,had to disable the afcad file in My Traffic for the airport.
  2. Hello; Go to this link on the ORBX site,it tells you how to correct the issues,it works for FSX,and Prepar 3D V3,not sure about the Professional version. Mark
  3. Hello; This might be a longshot,but is FTX disabled in the Scenery Configuration Tool.I just purchased the Scenery,and have no issues with the Elevation,I have FTX Global,FTX Vector installed,just disabled the scenery in My Traffic. Mark
  4. Hello; How about Thai Airline. Thanks; Mark
  5. Hello; I just installed it in V3.1,SODE is running,the version I have from the site,is 1.30,I had to install it as administrator,to get it working,Im using Windows 7. Thanks; Mark
  6. Hello; Landing at Guam,just flew from NFTF. Mark
  7. Hello; Have you loaded a flight plan in the FMS,and then try it,I've had the plane for a while now,and haven't had any of these issues.In your images, you don't have autopilot engaged? Mark
  8. Hello; Read through the manual,it tells you how to correct the problem with FS Global ,you have to rename some files,to correct the problem. Mark
  9. Hello; If you update the old airrac cycle,you don't need to keep the old one,at Navigraph,you can get these,but you have to pay.Are you using an Fsx flight plan? Mark
  10. Hello; I try to find a happy medium with the settings,how much do I adjust them,after trial,and error over the years with Fsx. Mark
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