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  1. To AlphaMike - No I meant setting aileron trim for when you are airbourne, like in the Mu2. I know you have to use the rudder for control on the takeoff run - but no offence taken. I'll just stick at it and try and get used to the trim.
  2. The aircraft banks left on takeoff which I know is p-factor/torque, but it does seem to take so much trim until I can actually counter this. This seems a little unrealistic to me, especially as the documentation that comes with the aircraft says aileron trim should be neutral for takeoff. Haven't had the aircraft that long so maybe I need to do a little more time in her to become accustomed. Simon
  3. Hi I have just purchased this aircraft from Aerosoft and I have changed over to XP10, it flies okay on the new platform, but it has some trim issues, my question is are the Carenado aircraft going to be patched to work better/take advantage of XP10. This aircraft is advertised as compatible with XP 9.70+, so I would like to think it will be brought to speed with XP10. Many thanks Simon
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