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  1. Hello, I got the ''update this plane'' message. A new version is out. Still can't use the updater, yet I read your comment an updater for Aerosoft will become available shortly. I am sorry to say, but I get a bit frustrated that buying via Aerosoft, instead of the ORG means you have to wait much longer. I now can't use the bus due to the message in the screen. Is there a way to disable it so I can use it till an update is shared with you guys? Another thing I need to mention - sorry bit frustrated - is the difference between X-plane and P3D. To me you guys are the nr 1 when it comes to P3D, that is why I initially purchased this via Aerosoft, but it turns out it is more beneficial to go via the ORG. Maybe a point of improvement?
  2. Now he even uses emoticons. Would the Mayans be right, is this the year it all ends??
  3. That is very sad news indeed. My condolances to friends and family.
  4. Hey Zomertijd, haven't heard of any plans sofar.
  5. Hello Sebfsx, Best thing to do is contact aerosoft via email: support@aerosoft.com They'll help you out
  6. Congrats Aerosoft! 20 yrs and still going strong! Here's to another 20 (and then some) *edit lol Mathijs nice photo! You haven't changed a bit! Also cool photo of Nathalie! But I can relate most to Maria, I can remember I had similar style, that unmistaken 80's look!
  7. I was betatester for the AirbusX, Antalya and some other products.
  8. Oh my, can't wait to get this one....! I love to fly in that region. Now I only hope for a good KSEA and KPDX to complement the Alaska Airlines hubs...
  9. Good news! It has been released. Take a look here http://en.shop.aeros...ue1p4sgk16tjis0 Edit: you meant the fs9 version. Sorry, my mistake.... It hasn't been released yet.
  10. Martinair already has been done. Credits to John Glanville: http://www.forum.aer...ds&showfile=442
  11. Hey Troy, Wrong forum, wrong company. Ifly has it's own forum, this one i for aerosoft products only
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