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  1. Hello, I got the ''update this plane'' message. A new version is out. Still can't use the updater, yet I read your comment an updater for Aerosoft will become available shortly. I am sorry to say, but I get a bit frustrated that buying via Aerosoft, instead of the ORG means you have to wait much longer. I now can't use the bus due to the message in the screen. Is there a way to disable it so I can use it till an update is shared with you guys? Another thing I need to mention - sorry bit frustrated - is the difference between X-plane and P3D. To me you guys are the n
  2. Hello, I've updated de bus, but when I try to activate it indicates I have no activations. Where do I ask to reset this?
  3. Any news? The guys at FlightFactor keep referring to Aerosoft, shifting the blame, insinuating Aerosoft has received the files and it is up to you now. Leaving us customers in the dark. Now let me point out that Aerosoft has a lot of credit when it comes to customer care, as you are always very upfront when it comes to information, but it is confusing when you hear the two stories. I think there is progress to be made in the communications and dealings between the producer and retailer, because this is annoying. Customers of the org already have their update 24 hours ago. How
  4. I am a bit disappointed about the fact that the org apparently instantly gets the files and updates, whereas we as Aerosoft customers have to wait much longer. I am a loyal Aerosoft client, but opting to purchase from the org in the future
  5. Now he even uses emoticons. Would the Mayans be right, is this the year it all ends??
  6. That is very sad news indeed. My condolances to friends and family.
  7. Hey Zomertijd, haven't heard of any plans sofar.
  8. Hello Sebfsx, Best thing to do is contact aerosoft via email: support@aerosoft.com They'll help you out
  9. Congrats Aerosoft! 20 yrs and still going strong! Here's to another 20 (and then some) *edit lol Mathijs nice photo! You haven't changed a bit! Also cool photo of Nathalie! But I can relate most to Maria, I can remember I had similar style, that unmistaken 80's look!
  10. I was betatester for the AirbusX, Antalya and some other products.
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