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  1. Ah great, thanks for that Shaun. It'd be nice to know if its even possible. By the way, do you know happen to know if the existing Radiostack X work on an Iphone ? Someone told me it does, but I can't see any mention of that in the pdf manual. Sorry, but I am a bit ignorant of ' I-things'.
  2. That's exactly right, Shaun. Instead of running on an Ipad, a version that will run on another PC ( in my case my Toshiba laptop ) and interact with my main FSX desktop PC. I wonder if it could be done...
  3. Nice ! I like the two Air France and the Virgin 747s particularly. Great stuff, Darryl.
  4. James, sorry. but I think you might need to read through my posts again. I haven't got a stand alone program - there isn't one. Thats why I'm asking if Aerosoft would develop a PC version of the Ipad app Radiostack X. Wideclient and FSUIPC will not run a single copy of FSX across two computers, with say the radios showing in the laptop screen and the instrument panel on the main FSX PC's monitor. They will only allow you to link a completely separate stand-alone program or app on one PC to FSX running on another PC - which is why I need that separate program for the radios...such as Radiostack for the PC.
  5. James I have a registered copy of FSUIPC, but as far as I know, Wide Client wont allow you to run different parts of FSX across two networked PCs. It only allows other separate applications, such as Plan G, to communicate with the FSX PC over a network. What I need are the radios as a separate application on the laptop that communicates with FSX on the desktop, pretty much as RadioStack does from an Ipad, No space for an extra monitor, by the way - desktop, laptop and X-52Pro take up all the room.
  6. http://www.aerosoft....i?showd,,D11404 I don't have an Ipad, but I do have a laptop networked to my FSX desktop PC. I have Plan G on the laptop linked to FSX via SimConnect, and it works very well, so I was wondering if Aerosoft would consider a new version of Radiostack ? I would imagine the number of simmers who own two PCs are as numerous as those with PC and Ipad, if not more so. Failing that, is there anything already on the market that I could use ? Thanks for any info / help
  7. Good info, Konrad. If I were to buy P3D, I'd like their MD-11 inside it ( and their recently announced DC-6B ). No doubt Rob will keep his policy under review.
  8. Ah, that explains it...thanks Mathijs! Mathijs, how soon could a Huey installer be released ? The thing is, I have a friend who once flew helicopters and is considering a civil aviation simulator...and he particularly would like a Huey ! Interesting news for sure. I think I might go for the Academic license ( thanks for the heads up on that, Shaun )
  9. Mathijs, thanks for your response, but I don't understand. At their store, the retail license is $199 while the academic license is only $49.95. Yet you say the only difference is that the retail license version has a small logo on the screen. An extra $140 just for a logo ? Surely there must be more to it than that... Can the current FSX installers be pointed to a temporary location and the resulting folders (model, panel, sound etc. ) be renamed before pasting them into P3D ? Or is it not quite so simple as that ? And a new question; I read somewhere that Lockheed Martin had fixed DX10 so that its no longer a 'preview' but is used all the time by DX10-compatible cards...is that true? Many thanks for your help.
  10. Here are my assumptions about P3D. Please correct me if I am wrong, as I really would like to get this all sorted out in my mind. 1) Lockheed Martin bought the rights to FSX from Microsoft. 2) Lockheed Martin is now developing FSX, and have renamed it Prepar3D. 3) P3D is intended as a serious training aid for pilots and student pilots. Questions: Q1 ) What are the licenses ? I see P3D is sold as a complete and rather expensive product, but there are various licenses; developers licence, monthly subscription, and now an academic license, all of which are cheaper. Q2 ) If you choose one of these licenses, do you get all of P3D, the same as if you had bought it outright, or are there features left out of it ? Basically, what are the differences in the product, if any, based on which license you have ? Q3) If P3D is a development of FSX, what FSX add-ons are compatible ? All of them ? Only certain ones ? None of them - they have to be re-coded for P3D ? Any and all information gratefully received. No doubt, there will be further questions...
  11. Hi Shaun, I would very much like to have seen that. I got rid of my TV about 6 years ago, and have never regretted it...except when I hear of documentaries such as the one you mention. I've seen excerpts of Ric Gillespie's expedition videos, and was interested to watch the accompanying archaeologists excavate the supposed camp site. The artefacts found point to the tantalizing possibility that she and Fred Noonan ended their days there. This summer's sonar survey will be a nail biter for sure.
  12. Thanks very much for the news, Jerry. I read Ric Gillespie's book ' Finding Amelia: The True Story of the Earhart Disappearance' last year, and I'm very pleased to see he's raised the money to fund another expedition to Nikumaroro ( Gardner Island as it was known ). Anyone reading this and thinking 'here we go again, another fruitcake who thinks Earhart was abducted by aliens/ was captured and shot by the Japanese for spying/ is still alive and living in Area 51 with Elvis and Glen Miller should not fear. His theories on what happened are very plausible, and the evidence his team has found so far on the atoll is intriguing to say the least. Quite extraordinary really. Here's a link to the book; it comes with a CD of maps, photographs etc.. http://www.amazon.co...32247932&sr=8-1 Here's a link to Gillespie's website...check out the Maid of Harlech, a P-38 found in the sands of a Welsh beach. As far as I know it hasn't yet been rcovered. http://tighar.org/ Thanks again, Jerry.
  13. Shaun is right, its the Plane Design one. Although its for FS9, it functions nicely in FSX, but you need replacement prop textures to help disguise the prop disc/clouds problem. If you look closely, the prop disc is only visible when its in front of the aircraft structure...very faint though. It works very well.
  14. I don't believe a word of it - it looks like beer to me.
  15. The clouds are probably REX2 or Active Sky. I have REX2, here's an example of what you get - similar to those in the Kai Tak landing video
  16. Very well done, Soya. I like the SR-71 , Lufthansa 707 and P-47 ones particularly, but they are all very convincing as 'vintage' photographs . Great stuff !
  17. Yep Matt, and once Flight provides that, it will be interesting to tot up how much money you have to spend to acquire it all. Meanwhile FSX comes with the world and a Baron already, so more money for beer.
  18. They still haven't got the water right, have they. An Atlantic swell in inland rivers and lakes ? Ludicrous. From that height, and in such sheltered shallow waters, you should barely see a ripple on the surface. As for Flight in general, I'm looking to see where the developers go, and will be happy to follow. Flight isn't FS11, so its not the future for the hobby in the form we know it. Nor is it a fork in the road ( i.e. stick with FSX or go with Flight ) That fork in the road still lies in the future, and I believe the choices will be X-Plane, Prepar3d or a new sim altogether such as the one speculated upon by Aerosoft. Even if Flight did become the stock platform for civil aviation sims, nothing I have seen so far entices me to spend money adding to it in the way I have FSX. And if all development of FSX add-ons stopped tomorrow, there is still a hundred and one existing products that await my credit card. Come the day it offers the breadth and scope of FSX, along with significant capabilities and improvements in its coding, well then I might look again at it. For now, however, its just a curiosity. Sorry this post is a bit disjointed; these are random thoughts early in the morning.
  19. Paul K

    Nasa paint

    Jan, just grabbed N524NA, and it looks great. Well done and thanks !
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