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  1. A very generous gift from Aerosoft and Dave. A finely crafted model that's tremendous fun to fly and just has so much character. Vielen dank! Ade
  2. I had some interest in Flight and applied for the beta programme before it became known it was not a full simulator, but as soon as that news broke I knew Flight wasn't for me. A tiny coverage area, planes without cockpits and arcade gameplay rather than simulation holds no interest at all from my point of view. It shows MS are trying to keep gamers interested with basic addons rather than catering for us, the hardcore simmers. Also, for me, MS Flight Simulator IS the third party developers and the community around them. A flightsim (sorry, flight game) without quality addons seems pointless.
  3. The very talented Mike Allen-Andrews (who created the Auckland city models for Real NZ Supercity) of FS-Creations.org has just started developing a new Auckland scenery which promises photoreal coverage to a greater extent than the Real NZ one, a fully modelled city and, at last, the airports! It's likely to be some time off as it's a massive project but judging by his previous work it'll be well worth the wait. Hope that helps, Ade
  4. Great work Mohammad! FSX so needs a high quality Dubai scenery. I'll be watching this one with great interest. Good luck, Ade
  5. That's excellent Stefan! Many thanks for your work. Ade
  6. Excellent stuff, some great additions there. Thanks again Etienne. Ade
  7. Wow, fantastic! Just what I hoped for - in fact a lot more than what I hoped for. Now we can have that Great Age of Antarctic Exploration flight I suggested in the other thread. Thanks so much Etienne! Brilliant work. Ade
  8. Congratulations on the site, it's superb. Within one day, I'd bookmarked ASN alongside AVSIM and Flightsim.com and now check it daily. It's already pointed me in the direction of resources and information not carried by other sites and shows all the same high standards and dedication we've come to expect of Aerosoft. Well done, very impressive. Regards, Ade
  9. Not just you, Mirko. I had to look the penguin colony up on Google Images and then slew to the co-ordinates given in the photo! I must've flown right over it without noticing when taking off from Neumayer... for some reason, I expected it would be on the coast! Ade
  10. Thanks for another great addon, Etienne. Excellent work! Regards, Ade
  11. Hi Sascha, Thanks for the reply. Keep up the good work! Regards, Ade
  12. Superb work, thanks Stefan. I love the sound effects! Ade
  13. Yes indeed. While we are waiting, thanks for your excellent add ons for it Etienne (and also for The Olgas in Australia). Brilliant work! Ade
  14. To answer Paul's original question, I thought Scott's cairn couldn't ever be relocated after the rescue party had left. Very interesting reading that thread to learn that it was still standing as recently as the 1970s. Thanks for posting that Shaun. There was a brilliant BBC/TVNZ documentary shown a few months ago which spent a lot of time at both Scott and Shackleton's huts. Everything is so well preserved at the sites because of the constant sub-zero temperature, although a six-year project is underway to treat and maintain the items, ensuring their survival for the long term. It was asto
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