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  1. Hi! I’m wondering if it’s possible to use a real artificial horizon for MSFS / P3D Say if I get a vacuum pump and an Raspberry pie to drive it or something, could it work? or is this the complete opposite way that artificial horizons actually work?
  2. I have reinstalled MSFS and I have the same issue Its been stuck for like an hour
  3. this has bricked my MSFS install I just uninstalled MSFS and i can no longer get past the initialisation i'll reinstall MSFS and give it that a go
  4. Hi! I just got the CRJ550/700 and I am trying to fly it for the first time. But i cant get past the initial sim loading screen. Ik it said on the installer that it takes longer than 10 min but ive tried to do this & reinstalling it a couple of times and it takes longer than 20 min. I've tried running as administrator on the Sim. On Task Manager, it says "Not Responding"
  5. Hi, I have an issue with Navigraph on the EFB. Whenever I load the aircraft, unless I have logged in to Navigraph on the A3XX configurator, It comes up with NavDataPro rather than Navigraph - I have to re login each time I load the aircraft. Is this issue known? Thanks, Ed
  6. Ah ok thanks! and yeah I get why you cant browse the internet but I was just wondering if that is possible. is there a specific PDF manual for the EFB?
  7. Hi, Is there a way to chane the links on the EFB? For example I would like to change FlightAware to FR24 or at least just add FR24. As well as Vattastic for tracking on VATSIM
  8. Sunclass Airlines A321 (with and without text) COPYRIGHT PROTECTED MATERIAL REMOVED! Please read the first post in this topic!
  9. Hi, I was wondering how I can edit an already existing livery. As I downloaded a Thomas Cook A321 livery and I was hoping i could just erase the "Thomas Cook" text and change the reg to make a Sunclass Airlines livery (True to life as no SunClass A321s jave the "Sunclass" text) and a second, fictional, saying "SunClass". However, when I opened the .dds image in GIMP and paint.net (latter is prefered as I find it easier to do stuff) it looked like this: (see Image) And note that I have the DDS & PSD plugins for paint.net
  10. The aircraft isn't showing up in my sim. It is installed Correctly. How can i fix this?
  11. Amazing! I used this for the FSX version, but please can you convert this to P3Dv4
  12. I would like to request the following A300/A310 Package (Including the A300-600ST Beluga) Airbus A330-700ST (BelugaXL) Airbus A330-800neo/-900neo Airbus A319neo/A320neo/A321neo/A321ACF/A321LR Airbus A220-100/-300 As an update to the existing A320/A321 (32bit & 64bit): A320F/A321F Bombardier CRJ100/200 & CRJ1000 Embraer E-Series E1 & E2
  13. I would like to request that Aerosoft make a Bombardier CRJ100/200 & CRJ1000NextGen aircraft as an expansion package to the existing CRJ700/900X Below are some photos of mine of a Binter Canaries CRJ1000NextJen (EC-LOV) operating for Air Nostrum/Iberia Regional on flight IB8959 from Menorca-Mahon (MAH/LEMH) to Madrid-Barajas (MAD/LEMD).
  14. I would like to request the Embraer E-Series (And maybe the Embraer E-Series E2) for FSX/P3D. I would like this to be Study-level (€50-80) and maybe a lite version (That isn't study-level priced between €30-40). This aircraft is what I want to fly in my commercial aviation career (I am 15 and will start flight training next year for my PPL) and it's a shame that there isn't one available for the FSX/P3D platform (That is decent - Wilko's one is S***e). Thanks TrainNutter
  15. I can't wait until the A330 either. It would also be brilliant to see a decent (payware) A380 available (That isn't Wilco - Wilco publishing and partners are rubbish). I would love to see Aerosoft or someone else make the full A350 series (-800, -900, -1000, -900F & -900ULR).
  16. Dubrovnik is already available by ORBX I would quite like to see EDDM too! It would be a good airport to use the new Aerosoft (DA) CRJ! And the Majestic Flight Q400
  17. Please can you do airseyshalls' for the A320

    1. Antonio Abreu

      Antonio Abreu

      I'm afraid not, I just created the liveries here post and unfortunately have no free time for more painting work.

    2. TrainNutter
  18. Wil there be a sharklet equipped version of this? As Swiss Global Airlines recently took delivery of the airlines 1st sharklet equipped A321-212. Registration: HB-IOO
  19. Version 1.0.0


    This is a modified version of Captain Gunadeep' Indigo A320 Bare Metal livery. Link Here Pieces of liveries used: Captain Gunadeep' Indigo A320 Bare Metal DetCord's Airbus A320 IAE Sharklets British Airways G-EUYX WARNING: THIS DOES NOT USE THE LIVERY MANAGER! Instructions on how to install is located in the READ ME file in the .zip folder
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