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  1. Hey, did one successful pushback now. It looks like it solved the issued, thank you so much for your support.
  2. Thank you for the quick answer. I am not an expert on Event Viewer but here is a printscreen. Drilled down on Application error in the second image. Please let me know how can I provide further help ...
  3. Hi, I just installed the desktop computer from scratch (see specs below). Heathrow Professional is installed in "P:\Addons\Scenery\Aerosoft\Sim-wings London Heathrow Professional V5" and is number 1 in the scenery list in P3DV5. I am using all OrbX True Earth for Great Britain and SODE jetways (ran the batch file and double-checked files in the Scenery folder and in the SODE folder, all good). I have GSX L2 installed and updated. The issue I am facing is that CTD always happens about 5 seconds after starting pushback at EGLL (usually T5). It happened several times (more than 5)
  4. Hey, althought I am familiar with most of the concepts involved in dispatching like ree routes (Portugal was one of the first countries to adopt it), air spaces, airspace limitations, semi-circular rules, RVSM, etc, I also want to minimise the effort involved to create an OFP because the role I like to play is the pilot, not the refueller, not the dispatcher, etc. Therefore I'm now testing SimBrief hoping that it provides a "leaner" and more effective way to get to the OFP the pilot needs. Honestly I think PFPX is great but it maybe time for a revamp that will remove all those err
  5. I'm using PFPX OFP for FSL and the FP Uplink. Thank you for your clarifications.
  6. The updated OFP is in the post above. The required screen is here ...
  7. Done. For a TOW around 71.6 tonnes PFPX still gives me FL290 as optimal. The real aircraft made the flight this morning at FL370 meaning that there should be no restrictions on airspace above FL290. If I reduce the TOW to just 56.2 tonnes, PFPX still gives me FL290 as optimal. Don't get it ... Thank you EWG2686 EDDS-LGAV (22-Nov-2019) #1.pdf
  8. Hi, thanks for the quick reply. In this particular case the optimum FL given vy FSL A320 is FL330 and PFPX gave me FL290. I had even worse cases int the past with PFPX giving me as low as FL160 on 900 NM flights. It may be related to airways / rules restrictions but since PFPX is not validating those, it is strange ... Thank you EWG2686 EDDS-LGAV (21-Nov-2019) #2.pdf
  9. Dear all, for some time now PFPX has been miscalculating the Flight Levels. For an over 2 hours flight (e.g. EDDS to LGAV) on an A320 with a typical load, it should assign something over FL330. However, it keeps assigning much lower FLs like 270, etc. I did not change anything in the configurations and I suspect it may be related to the lack of flight validations now in place. This miscalculations are a "no go" for the usage of PFPX (I will remember this on the renewal date) . Any clues of what the issue maybe? Thank you
  10. Hi, are there any plans to revamp the "Validate" function to make it work again. I know it is not an impediment to use PFPX but it is annoying and , anyway, a functionality that customers payed for . Thank you!
  11. Version Echo


    Version Echo brings the integration of the much improved instruments panels developed by Emanuel Hagen. Please note that only the main panel texture is integrated in the painting. To fully benefit from Emanuel's excellent work you still need to separately install Emanuel's textures which are available here, These paintings are the result of around 300 work hours. If you like this work and would like to donate a few € or $ it would be much appreciated. Yes, I would like to donate. For installation instructions please see the Readme file below.
  12. On Photoshop is Arial Regular 40 points strong. Sorry for the very, very late reply, have been away from this forum for a long time. Don't really know.
  13. Hi can you do jetblue a321 N962JT


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