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  1. I would like to request the following A300/A310 Package (Including the A300-600ST Beluga) Airbus A330-700ST (BelugaXL) Airbus A330-800neo/-900neo Airbus A319neo/A320neo/A321neo/A321ACF/A321LR Airbus A220-100/-300 As an update to the existing A320/A321 (32bit & 64bit): A320F/A321F Bombardier CRJ100/200 & CRJ1000 Embraer E-Series E1 & E2
  2. Hi, I have tried to install some liveries (Tried with and without livery manager) and each time it has shown dark textures and I'm unable to see outside of the windshield. By the way, ALL textures are for the 32-bit version as I am using FSX:SE. I tried using the livman before the recent update and I have tried manually after the recent update (Just now) and both have failed. Please note that this has affected the pre-installed default textures Please Help! Thanks, TrainNutter
  3. I would like to request that Aerosoft make a Bombardier CRJ100/200 & CRJ1000NextGen aircraft as an expansion package to the existing CRJ700/900X Below are some photos of mine of a Binter Canaries CRJ1000NextJen (EC-LOV) operating for Air Nostrum/Iberia Regional on flight IB8959 from Menorca-Mahon (MAH/LEMH) to Madrid-Barajas (MAD/LEMD).
  4. I would like to request the Embraer E-Series (And maybe the Embraer E-Series E2) for FSX/P3D. I would like this to be Study-level (€50-80) and maybe a lite version (That isn't study-level priced between €30-40). This aircraft is what I want to fly in my commercial aviation career (I am 15 and will start flight training next year for my PPL) and it's a shame that there isn't one available for the FSX/P3D platform (That is decent - Wilko's one is S***e). Thanks TrainNutter
  5. I also tried this method but that didn't work either
  6. Check that the product is installed under the DLC on your Steam Libary. I have had this problem with other DLC for different games. Just un-tick the box and tick it again. If that doesn't work, re-install FSX.
  7. Right, I tried the method in The forum link below but it didn't work
  8. The blacked out textures has affected the default ones too.
  9. Hi, All the livery on the A320/A321 are blacked out except for the flight deck and wings. I have no idea why this is the case. All of the 20 or so custom (From the official Aerosoft page) liverys (except 4 - 2 from Hangar 226 and 2 from VAMSYS) were installed via the livery manager. Please help! Thanks TrainNutter
  10. I can't wait until the A330 either. It would also be brilliant to see a decent (payware) A380 available (That isn't Wilco - Wilco publishing and partners are rubbish). I would love to see Aerosoft or someone else make the full A350 series (-800, -900, -1000, -900F & -900ULR).
  11. Dubrovnik is already available by ORBX I would quite like to see EDDM too! It would be a good airport to use the new Aerosoft (DA) CRJ! And the Majestic Flight Q400
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