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  1. Hi Adrian, Yes please. I dont know what to do.
  2. My problem with elevator came up after i ran GSX updater. The files are in the correct folder. I dont know what to do . Attila
  3. Didn’t help your suggestions. Elevator moving up and down very quickly than the plane crashed . installed, reinstalled 1000 times and the problem is coming back always. no weather addon has been used.
  4. This is a very sarcastic and unacceptable answer. Do you think when I chose your products I assumed this very disrespectful answer. I am very fed up to be polite ! This product just bloody doesn’t work. Cause me more anger than joy. I hope you can change your manner for the future!
  5. Hi , The rudder keep itself on the left side during the taxi and after the landing for A320 and a330 as well. Auto rudder switched on. I hope someone already asked the same but I haven’t seen anywhere. Regards, Attila
  6. Alright I will try it and I will do a test flight without asp3d because that just a beta version
  7. I have tried again but no luck. I was climbing from Budapest to Frankfurt. Everything went well on 35000 feet the plain started to loos speed and altitude as before. Dave I appreciate your answer but this problem not exactly same . Something wrong with the turbulence handle part. But i am just guessing. Thanks your help. Attila
  8. I use asp3d. a320 works but a321 doesn’t. Hi, Let me do couple test than I an getting back to you.
  9. I need to reinstall because the elevator moving up and down by itself on the ground. Can one of the livery cause this? I added couple of new one.
  10. Hello Guys, I have just bought today a320-321 professional from simmarket. I downloaded without antivirus plus added to exception all folders like mine a330. I flue from budapest to gatwick at 34000 feet. I got a heavy turbulence and the plane started to loose the speed and obviously descending. Do you have any solution for this? Thanks your help Attila Barat
  11. Hi, I had to reinstall couple of times A330 because the windows antivirus system removed couple of files. Now all good except when I am doing the turn around section I have realised the checklist doesnt ask me anymore to do the rudder left right check. Do you have any suggestions? And I also realised I have a livery manager app(I have never seen them before). I am not sure about that is it a beta version? I couldn’t manage to use. Attila
  12. atesz76


    So today I am flying from Heathrow with SWISS livery and the checklist is frozen. Yesterday with Lufthansa livery was perfect . I don’t really understand how does it work 🤷‍♀️ Attila Barat
  13. This is my question as well. during taxi the window jumping i. different position and showing which bottom should be switched. co-pilot bottom is off. Any solution?
  14. atesz76


    trying to pull out with right click of the mouse but the knob is not staying in that position. Yes you are right! I did. sorry about that. I have one more question. Should I creat an account with navdata pro?
  15. atesz76


    trying to pull out with right click of the mouse but the knob is not staying in that position.
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