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  1. Do you have this product for aerosoft airbus? Because I have it just for 777 and the frames drops down very othen.
  2. atesz76


    I will try that. Thanks
  3. atesz76


    Hi , Anyone of you know how can fix the after the replay speed problem? After the landing I like to watch back landing in P3dv4.5. After that going trying to go the gate but the speed in on maximum so I had to break again but the runway is not enough to stop. So any of you experiencing the same issue? Any suggestion ? Thanks Attila B
  4. We cannot specify because is randomly happening usually in the air . for example above Europe .
  5. Thank you for your answer . Are you planning to do NEO version as well? Attila
  6. Is this offically belong to Aerosoft A320? I found them on Tropical Group website. FS2Crew doesnt work with them. Regards, Attila
  7. atesz76


    I got error in p3dv4. what should i do now? Thanks, Attila
  8. Ah ok . I didn’t know about it . Mine was working well until this happened. Do you know just approximately when the update is coming out?
  9. Thank you Please see Installed version:
  10. I have the professional version. Yes I follow the checklist. No message for engine stabilised.
  11. After the engine starts 2 and 1 the check list stop 2 work. Thanks Atti
  12. After the engine starts 2 and 1 the check list stop 2 work. Thanks Atti
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