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  1. Please add livery requests at the linked topic here. And do check first to see if it's already been requested. Thanks!
  2. Repaint requests are handled as noted in this post. It's not a good idea to have dozens of default liveries (or more) in the release because it makes the file bigger to download. Better to have the few that are planned with others available on the linked site.
  3. Juan Carlos, simply read the pinned post at the top of the page and you'll see the planned release date is the first week in December. You'll find any updates there as well. This answers your post which is hidden because you used a huge font (maybe from your phone?) and blank space that couldn't be edited out. Don't worry though, no problems.
  4. English in English language forums, bitte. I moved this for you to the German language forums.
  5. A missing entry for NZIR in the FMC database you're using is not an issue with the scenery, it's an omission by the database provider. Any RL airline serving it (and I don't see anything scheduled by a search) would almost certainly have to have a special authorization from their national air safety organization and use special procedures that aren't in the commonly available databases that sim database providers use. Therefore, nothing for NavData Pro or Navigraph to latch onto. For example, there are no charts for it in Navigraph, which you already may have discovered. You'll need to go to the FMC database provider's support website for further assistance with it missing in the database. Because of the unusual nature of the airport, it's likely to be difficult to find someone who knows how to code it in and able to walk you through it, but it's sure worth a try. An alternative is to learn how to enter a lat/lon destination in the FMS and do it that way.
  6. Please try the suggestions in this post and let us know the results. Do read all the way down in the attached post:
  7. Moved out of the Settings MCDU section to the more relevant Navigation \ Autoflight section.
  8. Moved out of the Settings MCDU section to the more appropriate Navigation \ Autoflight section.
  9. Moved out of the Settings MCDU section to the more appropriate Navigation \ Autoflight section.
  10. English in English language forums, bitte. I moved this for you to the German language forums.
  11. See this tread for the same question and the answer. This thread has served its purpose as an announcement of an upcoming product which has now been delivered. Please send tech support issues to this area of the forum. Thank you all for your support of this superb controller!
  12. This looks like it should go in the "regular" MCDU support section (Navigation\Autoflight) rather than the Settings/Options MCDU one, so I moved it. The subheading for the Navigation\Autoflight section reads, "If you want to get some help on navigation and MCDU procedures, here is tyhe [sic] place."
  13. It's already there. If you look at the location, it's now in “Airbus A318/A319/A320/A321 (32 bit, FSX/ P3D V3) > Modeling, animations, sounds" instead of "Airbus A318/A319/A320/A321 (32 bit, FSX/ P3D V3) > General information (no support)".
  14. There’s no support where you first posted, so I moved this for you to a support topic.
  15. No response by OP in over a month, so this will be closed. Because we believe this topic has been answered we have closed it. If you have any more questions feel free to open a new topic.
  16. That must have been a hard decision, considering what you wrote in your initial post. Since you've decided to go the Big B route, here's a link to what's available in the Aerosoft store. I imagine you're considering either the 777 or early/mid/late 747. As you make your choice, be sure to carefully review the system requirements. While most FSX add-ons will work in FSX:SE, a few won't or maybe have to be purchased though the Steam Store. Of course there are other sources besides the Aerosoft store, but I couldn't resist ensuring you know how to find things there 😉 I trust you'll enjoy whatever your choice is. Don't forget to take a look at tutorials in the product you choose and on sources like YouTube. There's plenty of help for those making the switch from Airbus to Boeing (and vice-versa of course, if/when you move to P3D or the new MS Flight Sim).
  17. If all you want to know is what's in the marketplace instead of user recommendations, simply do a Bing/Google search for A350 FSX and you'll find a couple. If you find something you like, then you can check that it will work with FSX Steam Edition.
  18. Riley, welcome to the Aerosoft forums. As a new user, I'll guess you're not aware that this forum is for support of Aerosoft products and not a general interest forum. Aerosoft has no plans to develop an A350 for any sim platform, so no Aerosoft product will match your interest for a long range Airbus for FSX/FSX:SE. There is an A3330 in development, but it is for P3Dv4.5 or later. As such, a better place to find community answers to your question is something like the Avsim forum. This link will take you to what I hope is the best entry point for you in their forums. Best wishes on finding the add-on that fits your interest.
  19. Yes. Please re-read Andreas' message copied below and note the highlights in bold red text I added to show the answer to your question:
  20. Is this the same issue, this time illustrated with screenshots, that you asked about here? If so, we'll close that one since the snippit above captures your hnitial report and continue with this one. If different, we'll keep both open, but then you'll need to supply the requested screenshots for the earlier thread.
  21. Time to get back on topic and close the discussion about piracy protection and sources of pirated software. We all have Mathijs' statement on behalf of Aerosoft on copy protection and there's no need to question/attack/counter-attack/reply on it.
  22. Repaint requests go in this thread, where you can also see if it's been requested yet:
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