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  1. I see you took the correct next step to post a request. There's no guarantees, and Daniel is an exacting worker, so it's quality over quantity if he decides to do it. Because we believe this topic has been answered we have closed it. If you have any more questions feel free to open a new topic.
  2. Please provide your computer specs and whether or not you're using any Orbx scenery in the area as an initial step in troubleshooting. Also, please describe what's "broken" in your sim. For example, it fails to load the selected scenario, looks bad, frame rates way down.
  3. I’d have to vote for 64 bit sims too. OOMs as history (at least for a very long time) is gigantic.
  4. No problem IRL, because in the USA at least, +/- 75 feet is acceptable accuracy for IFR flight.
  5. Walter is correct in referring you to the Download section. The General Discussion section is not the place to ask. I moved this for you to the correct section.
  6. Any questions related specifically to P3D installation, whether or not to do it (now) and how to do it are best asked at LM's P3D dedicated support forum here. Since Mathijs answered the two key questions us P3D users probably have related to products made by Aerosoft, the thread is locked.
  7. Herman


    Because we believe this topic has been answered we have closed it. If you have any more questions feel free to open a new topic.
  8. For any picking up this thread at the end, Maurizio and Otto are working together well to resolve this. Where you see that Maurizio begins his last couple of posts with “resentful” and “very resentful,” it’s because he’s using an Italian-to-English translator app that makes a couple of unfortunate choices. I’m confident the word he means is “respectful” rather than “resentful.” Best wishes to you both on the way to getting Maurizio happily flying in and out of Aerosoft Bergamot.
  9. Moved to the Airbus Pro section of the support forum. There's no support (as stated in the section title) where you first posted.
  10. Moved to the F-14 section of the support forum. After checking for replies, please take a minute or two to look around the support section so you'll know where to post in the future.
  11. Or do you mean you can't move them up and down in the library? If that, it's because they're placed there by .xml files.
  12. Maurice, perhaps you missed the question mark at the end of the of the first sentence in the original post.
  13. Since PBR was introduced only in V4.4, that's a reasonable assumption. From the P3D v4.4 new features page: Prepar3D Client General Platform Updates New Features Updated rendering engine to support Physically Based Rendering (PBR) content.
  14. Please post in .jpg/.jpeg format. The same image is considerably smaller and therefore quicker to load. You can convert them using the Paint app in Windows (usually parked in the Windows Accessories folder off your Start menu) or another their party tool. Thanks in advance.
  15. English in English language forums, bitte. I moved this for you to the German language forum.
  16. A typo crept into Bob's reply. It should read "When you install EDDK, you are asked to install the offline Navdata Pro charts file." When you do, simply take a look at the two APC charts, where you'll find all pax and cargo gates current as of October 11, 2018. The Navdata Pro charts, incidently, are LIDO design charts, the same as published by Lufthansa.
  17. Excellent planning so you can stay up late and play then. Keep the coffee pot going and have a great time!
  18. Because we believe this topic has been answered we have closed it. If you have any more questions feel free to open a new topic.
  19. Moved for you to the dedicated section for the Airbus Pro.
  20. Whatever the issue is it's beyond what I'm able to help you with on AES. One of the more expert guys will have to drop in and see why you're seeing the doubles. One other area to look at: are you using SODE? If so, do these airports show up in your SODE menu when you're there?
  21. Because we believe this topic has been answered we have closed it. If you have any more questions feel free to open a new topic.
  22. You're right in uninstalling the old one first, and of course never just deleting the folder(s). An uninstaller shortcut was placed in the program listing (the one you get to by pressing the Windows button on the lower left of your desktop) in a folder probably called aerosoft Approaching Dortmund. It should delete both the Approaching Dortmund and Dortmund Professional folders for you. Depending on where you installed Dortmund, the uninstaller and a couple of similarly named files (but different extensions) should be in that folder.
  23. More on what Otto explained to you:
  24. Since the product page says there's support for multiple sims, yes, there should be a choice at installation of which sim you want it installed for. Since I don't have the product, I don't know why a P3Dv4 choice isn't shown. So unfortunately, you'll have to wait for someone to see this that knows the answer to your question. As an alternative to this peer-to-peer support forum, using the formal support site is another way to handle this issue. Please open a ticket at https://helpdesk.aerosoft.com/portal/home
  25. Herman


    I've just started on that platform, so I'm not ready yet to take anyone on. But when I do, I'd be interested in a squadron with you. Also, I need to get a lot more familiar with my new Warthog HOTAS and build the muscle memory needed to not have to think of which button does what compared to my old X52 Pro.
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